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The real reason Dracula stays young forever

Volume 1: Issue #32 Can "Vampire Therapy" Turn Back The Aging Process? It's the latest rage in plastic surgery. Extracting platelet-rich plasma from the patient's own blood and injecting it back in the face or breasts. This stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin for a face or breast lift. But while these cosmetic procedures [...]

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This Sweet Treat is Loaded with Nutrients

Volume 1: Issue #31 This Sweet Treat is Loaded with Nutrients During the holidays some of us may indulge in pancakes or French toast for breakfast, especially if we have houseguests and want to do something special. I imagine Christmas morning sees a stack of pancakes on the table at more than a few homes. [...]

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Your body’s master defender
against disease and aging

Volume 1: Issue #30 Your Body's Master Defender Against Disease and Aging Inside your cells this nutrient is without equal as an antioxidant -- for its ability to neutralize toxins, boost immunity, fight disease and hold back the aging process. So why have so few people heard of it? Because the body makes its own [...]

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My Favorite Health Food: Eat and Enjoy!

Volume 1: Issue #29 My Favorite Health Food: Eat and Enjoy! (You Might Live to be 117) In case you haven’t heard the news, eggs aren’t bad for you anymore. Of course, they never were. The whole cholesterol scare -- which began in the 1960s and saturated the public with misinformation – was always based [...]

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