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It’s Not All in Your Head

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Volume 1: Issue #14 It's Not All in Your Head The Most Common Yet Unrecognized Health Concern in America Today Many of us have been down this road: You’ve got a health problem. You’re shunted from immunologist to rheumatologist to gastroenterologist to neurologist. You take one test after another. Each specialist offers their own pet [...]

Add Years to Your Life and Support Your Memory, Too

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Volume 1: Issue #13 Add Years to Your Life and Support Your Memory, Too Taken by bodybuilders as a way to sculpt the perfect body and by dieters as an easy method to lose weight, there’s actually scant proof that this supplement can do either one. But while the research evidence for these claims may [...]

Startling New Study Shows Niacin “Megadose Therapy” is Dangerous

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  Volume 1: Issue #12 Startling New Study Shows Niacin "Megadose Therapy" is Dangerous For decades, conventional doctors have been dishing out megadoses of a vitamin that, while important for well-being in small doses, is risky to take in large amounts. Big doses of this nutrient have an unjustified reputation for preventing heart disease. But [...]

The Truth about Salt

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Volume 1: Issue #11 The Truth about Salt The stories that I read about the supposed dangers of salt confirm what I’ve always suspected about the diet advice we see on the Internet and hear on TV – you can’t believe much of it. Despite all the scientific research that has thoroughly debunked the notion [...]