What Will You Accomplish with Your Sharper, Faster, Smarter Brain?

It Produced These Startling Results
in Medical Studies on Seniors:




Dear Reader Who Wants a Smarter, Healthier Brain for Life:

Researchers have just created the most amazing “smart pill” for senior brains that the world has ever seen…

…and I’m inviting you to try it absolutely risk-free so you can experience the marvelous improvements it can make on your memory … on your ability to concentrate and focus … on your I.Q … and on the health of your brain!

This is an honest-to-goodness game-changer for mature adults who don’t want to get left behind because their brains can’t keep up with the mental challenges and demands of these rapidly changing times!

Hello, my name is Dr. Russ Canfield…


Dr. Russ Canfield, MD

As a fully-licensed M.D., board-certified in Family Medicine and specializing in holistic health, I'm deeply concerned about the huge number of seniors struggling with memory problems and cognitive slow-down these days.

You see, one of my special interests is “brain nutrients” – so I became very excited when I was asked to assist in the creation of a new smart pill for the mature brain called Advanced Brain Power.

My excitement began when I saw that Advanced Brain Power contains 7 of the most important brain-enhancing nutrients ever studied in clinical research.

Each of these all-natural ingredients produces such profound benefits in the aging brain that I call them “the magnificent 7” for brain health – and in a moment, I’ll explain why neuroscientists and brain researchers are so impressed by them.

The Real Reason Senior Brains Slow Down:

Most seniors believe it’s entirely natural and inevitable for the mature brain to slow down with age. As a result, they believe they have no choice but to “put up with” these common symptoms:

But here’s a surprise…
These Common Brain Problems Are NOT Caused by Aging!

More often, these “brain slowdown” symptoms are because your brain is running low on vitally important brain chemicals and nutrients that fuel these mental functions.

Medical studies show that when you restore your brain’s levels of these chemicals, the symptoms improve – and your brain begins to function like it used to again…

…with results that can sharpen your memory recall … improve your brain’s processing speed for clearer thinking … increase your IQ because of better recall and faster processing … and preserve the health of your brain cells so they function better – and for longer!

That’s why Advanced Brain Power is so important for the senior brain...

…because it provides your brain with the vital chemicals and nutrients that can boost its health and functions.

“It’s like shifting your brain into a higher gear
that you didn’t think it had any longer!”

Advanced Brain Power is the first and only “smart pill for senior brains” that combines 7 of the most effective brain-improving substances ever studied. (I’ll tell you more about each of these impressive ingredients in a moment – and give you an opportunity to TRY Advanced Brain Power on a risk-free trial for up to 30 days.)

As a respected nutritional researcher and a natural-oriented M.D., I’m very familiar with each of these outstanding ingredients, but I’ve never seen them combined into one “super supplement” – until Advanced Brain Power.

And from the research I’ve examined, Advanced Brain Power is able to get senior brains functioning at peak efficiency again – almost immediately! This means…

No More “Senior Slow-Downs” for You!

Instead, imagine yourself conversing with friends and business associates confidently … remembering names and important facts effortlessly … focusing your attention with laser-like concentration … and sticking to mental tasks with tireless stamina.

And these sharper brain functions could be your ticket to…

More money. While friends and colleagues your age are running down and burning out, your reinvigorated brain can get you a new promotion at work … a big raise … a golden reputation around the office or in your industry … and better profits because you’re making smarter investments.

More respect. Your conversations will sparkle as you connect the dots in current events and reveal deep insights. With a firmer grasp of the facts, your opinions will swing clout. Friends and co-workers will seek your opinions. You’ll remember famous quotes and scriptural passages with ease and accuracy. Strangers will be attracted to you like moths to candles because of your quick and agile mind.

More joy and satisfaction.  Besides becoming a more interesting person, you’ll become more “interested” too. Your brain will seek to uncover answers … gain knowledge … and acquire real wisdom that will satisfy your spirited curiosity to learn and to continue growing. Perhaps you’ll even pen your memoirs – or create your masterpiece!

With Advanced Brain Power, the sky’s the limit because…

Everything Depends on How Well Your Brain Functions!

So how does Advanced Brain Power work its magic to improve your brain’s performance and health?

As you’re about to see, its ingredients have been scientifically tested on actual seniors – with results that conclusively demonstrate their ability to…

Medical Studies Confirm Improvements in Each of These Vital Areas!


Aren’t these the improvements you want for your brain?  Of course they are!

And now it’s as easy as swallowing one or two capsules of Advanced Brain Power daily.

That’s all it takes to re-supply your brain with the critical neuro-chemicals and nutrients that can have your brain operating at peak performance in no time again!

Here’s how Advanced Brain Power accomplishes this…

Acetylcholine: Your Brain’s Most Precious Neuro-Chemical

When you’re trying to remember something, the information you’re searching for is relayed between brain cells by chemicals called neurotransmitters until it reaches your awareness.

The most important neurotransmitter in your brain’s “memory center” is acetylcholine – and when its levels are low, your brain has big trouble remembering words … faces … or directions to your destination (even if it’s to your own home!).

What we call “senior moments” are really caused by low acetylcholine – and this is happening to so many of us these days.

But now you can replace your lost acetylcholine – with this surprising result: 

A Much Better Memory – In Just Days!


Advanced Brain Power contains two powerful ingredients that HALT the loss of acetylcholine in your brain – and actually INCREASE your levels.
These ingredients produce faster and more accurate recall of words, memories, facts, faces – anything you want to remember.  And you’ll experience these improvements in just a matter of days! The first of these amazing ingredients is…

Sage Leaf Extract. Consumed as a tea for centuries, the sage plant has a long history of being an outstanding memory-preserver and brain-enhancer. (That’s why a wise person is referred to as a “sage”.)  So when researchers created a highly-concentrated extract of sage leaves, they hoped to see better results than the tea produced.

But they weren’t prepared for what actually happened!

In a clinical study of healthy adults with average memory impairment, the sage extract INCREASED the levels of acetylcholine in their brains…

which resulted in an IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT in their ability to remember, as determined by one of the toughest memory tests that researchers use.

In fact, the researchers saw improvements within JUST TWO HOURS after taking the sage extract, on average!And after just three weeks of daily sage treatment…

The Participants Began to Remember
As Well As They Did
When They Were 50 Years Younger!

Wouldn’t you love to experience such a profound improvement in your ability to remember facts, names, dates, faces and directions – almost immediately?

Just imagine the many advantages you’d gain in life with a near-photographic memory!

The researchers had never seen such dramatic results – or anywhere near this fast. But that was nothing compared to the memory improvements that the second ingredient in Advanced Brain Power produced.  Its name is…

Brain Factor-7 (Silk Fibroin). This is a rare compound produced by the Korean silkworm (Bombyx mori) called Brain Factor-7 (BF-7) which increases the amount of acetylcholine in the human brain. Clinical studies show this has AN IMMEDIATE POSITIVE BENEFIT on memory and cognition. Take a look…

In a 2004 study, researchers gave a group of 60-plus seniors with mild cognitive decline a twice-daily dose of 200 mg of BF-7 (the same amount found in Advanced Brain Power). A second group received a placebo.

After 21 days, the BF-7 had increased the levels of memory-boosting acetylcholine by a whopping 45%! 13

And when they administered a test to evaluate their memory, attention, concentration, calculation, language ability, and spatial organization (directions), the researchers found that…

The BF-7 Had Improved
Their Symptoms of Cognitive Decline
by As Much As 31%, on Average!

The researchers concluded: “These results strongly show that the BF-7 plays an effectively positive role in the improvement of brain function, including learning and memory … and (it) is useful for protecting the nervous system and improving brain function.”2

What’s more, the researchers discovered that BF-7 actually protected the group members against amyloid beta protein – the brain-cell-killing toxin that causes those nasty, memory-destroying brain plaques!15

That’s pretty remarkable, isn’t it? But those aren’t the only feats BF-7 is able to accomplish. Check this out…

BF-7 Also INCREASED Their IQ Scores
by an Eye-Popping 33%!

In another experiment, a group of healthy adults with memory problems received either 200 mg of BF-7, 400 mg of BF-7, or a placebo for 21 days. Their recall ability was then tested on a very challenging memory and IQ test.

BF-7 Increased Their Mental Quotient (MQ)

Source: Korean J Physiol and Pharmacol 8:307-312, 2004

In the 200 mg group, memory recall increased from 31% to 59% – and the IQ score rose from 53% to 79%. (See chart at right.) By increasing the dose to 400 mg daily, the improvement in memory recall was nearly DOUBLED! (SH Lee, 2004)

This represents A TRULY REMARKABLE INCREASE in their ability to think and to remember after just 21 days of taking the same dose of BF-7 contained in Advanced Brain Power!

Why did their I.Q. increase? It’s really no surprise when you consider how important memory is to intelligence. People who remember better are “smarter!”

Wouldn’t you love to experience a rapid, positive improvement like this in your ability to think and remember?

Of course you would! That’s why I’m hoping you’ll try Advanced Brain Power right away – because here’s another reason you may need it…

Prescription Drugs That Destroy Your Acetylcholine:

Do you take allergy medications or antihistamines … cold medicines … tranquilizers … blood pressure drugs … prescription sleeping pills … antidepressants … or bladder medicine?

All these drugs belong to a class called anticholinergics (this literally means “destroys choline”). Studies show they block and destroy acetylcholine in your brain, thereby accelerating the destruction of your memory. (This was recently reported by Harvard Medical School and the Journal of the American Medical Association).i

So, if you take any of these medications, you definitely need to protect and increase the production of acetylcholine in your brain. And this is exactly what these two key ingredients in Advanced Brain Power are able to accomplish!

This Doctor’s Advice: 1. Ask your doctor if any of your current medications are anticholinergics – and if they are, request replacements or substitutions. 2. Start taking Advanced Brain Power right away to make more acetylcholine available to your brain.

But, as you’ll see below, the “brain benefits” of Advanced Brain Power don’t stop there…

It Snuffs Out Inflammation In Your Brain

You already know how inflammation in your joints can slow down your movement and limit your mobility. Well, inflammation also can slow down your brain function, including your memory and cognitive ability.

In fact, new studies find that prolonged inflammation in your brain (called neuroinflammation) ACTUALLY KILLS BRAIN CELLS and leads to cognitive impairment—and you definitely DON'T want that to happen to you!

So what causes this deadly “fire” in your brain – and why is there so much of it these days? Take a look at this list of the biggest offenders and you’ll understand…


You can also add “aging” to this list because older brains have more difficulty turning off this inflammation.

Any one of these common offenders could be inflaming your brain. So here’s how to tell – and what you can do about it…

How to Tell If Your Brain Is Inflamed:


Symptoms of neuroinflammation include problems with memory and thinking (because inflammation slows down brain cells’ activity).

According to Dr. Datis Kharrazian, clinical professor at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and author of Why Isn’t My Brain Working?: “Inflammation slows down brain function and creates symptoms of brain fog … slower mental reaction … slower recall … and slower reflexes.”

In this state, brain endurance plummets. Result? You tire quickly using your brain and have a hard time concentrating on driving, reading, conversations, even watching TV.5

But There’s an Even Bigger Problem…


SHOWN HERE: A healthy, non-inflamed microglia cell doing its job to remove dead neurons and beta amyloid plaques before they can damage the brain.

Neuroinflammation also occurs in a type of brain cell called microglia. These cells are the policemen of the brain’s immune system and its main defense against infection.

They also have the job of removing debris from your brain, such as dead brain cells and sticky protein deposits called beta amyloid plaques. Beta amyloid is toxic to brain cells and has been linked to severe cognitive decline.

So here’s the problem…

When microglial cells are in a constantly inflamed state, they can’t remove these plaques. As a result, the plaques grow into larger tangles, which block nutrition to brain cells, so they eventually starve to death.

When this happens on a larger scale, entire regions of the brain can die – which has a devastating effect on memory and cognition.

“Brain Antioxidants” to the Rescue!

As you may know, certain nutrients called antioxidants are able to shut down inflammation and keep it under control. This is why so many doctors tell you to take your vitamins and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

That’s good advice, but here’s a surprise: Very few antioxidants are able to enter your brain because of a protective “wall” called the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

The BBB is a membrane that blocks out viruses and bacteria, neurotoxins and larger molecules that could muck-up the delicate circulation in your brain.

Fortunately, there are a few important antioxidants that CAN pass through the BBB to calm neuroinflammation and overactive microglial cells. The best known of these are…

The “Fabulous Flavonoids”:
Luteolin … Resveratrol … and Baicalin


SHOWN HERE: Beta amyloid plaques are toxic to brain cells and have been linked to memory loss and serious cognitive problems. The antioxidants in Advanced Brain Power help clear away these nasty plaques before they can cause real trouble.

Keeping your brain – especially the hippocampus (its memory center) — free of beta amyloid plaques and other cellular debris is essential for protecting its health and for improving your cognitive performance.

That’s why we’ve included the very same doses of these three important flavonoids (luteolin, resveratrol and baicalin) that were used in these studies in Advanced Brain Power.

Why all three? Because experience and preclinical studies found that a combination of flavonoids (like those in Advanced Brain Power) works far better than single ingredients.5

The Scientific Proof Is Convincing…

Long-term human studies show that consumption of these flavonoids actually improves memory, learning and cognitive function.6

That’s really important because it’s almost impossible to get a protective dose of these “brain antioxidants” from your foods – even if your diet is extraordinarily healthful.

For example, luteolin is contained in celery, green peppers, green chilies, parsley, and thyme – but to get the amount of luteolin in a daily dose of Advanced Brain Power (50 mg)…

…you’d have to eat 1 pound of broccoli or 1 pound of celery every day!7

Now, I love my veggies as much as anyone – but eating as many as this every day is, well … ridiculous!

This Doctor’s Advice: (1) Cut back the amounts of sugar, gluten, and alcohol that you consume. (2) Practice some type of relaxation regularly — such as yoga, meditation, or even a daily 10-minute “power nap” – to reduce your stress level. (3) Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. (4) Begin taking Advanced Brain Power daily to better protect your brain from inflammation.

With Advanced Brain Power, You’re Covered!


The amazing "memory aid" that boosted recall ability in just two hours, according to human clinical studies. Now you can try it ABSOLUTELY RISK–FREE!

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That means no more worries about overactive, out-of-control microglial cells inflaming your brain and gumming it up with nasty beta amyloid plaques.

And you’ll actually feel these positive effects IN A MATTER OF DAYS — as your memory becomes sharper and faster … your thinking becomes clearer … and your mood becomes brighter and lighter.

That’s not just a promise, either, it’s a GUARANTEE:

If Advanced Brain Power doesn’t work for you right away during your no-risk free trial, you won’t pay a penny for it! (More about this absolutely risk-free guarantee a little later.)

But now, let’s look at another important way Advanced Brain Power protects and improves your precious memory and cognitive abilities…

Too Much Sugar on Your Brain?


At this very moment, millions of human brains are suffering from a serious “energy crisis” that is robbing them of their ability to remember accurately … to think clearly … to focus and concentrate … to stay alert … and to feel happy and optimistic about life.

Could you be one of them?

EVEN WORSE: This energy crisis is literally starving brain cells to death, with entire regions of peoples’ brains blacking out like a city without electricity at night!

If you’re becoming more forgetful these days, chances are your brain cells aren’t getting enough fuel to function properly. Here’s how this can happen…

Today’s Secret Epidemic: “Sugar-Overload in the Brain”

Here’s a problem you’re not hearing much about, but it is so widespread that tens of millions of adults are affected: High levels of blood sugar could be choking your brain!

Let me explain how this happens so you can see if it’s happening to you…

Your brain cells are fueled by the sugar in your bloodstream (called blood sugar or glucose). And to get this blood sugar into your brain cells, the hormone insulin is required. Here’s why…

Insulin, you see, acts like a “key” that unlocks and opens your brain cells so blood sugar can enter. But when there’s too much sugar in your bloodstream day after day (because you consume too many sweets, sodas, junky snacks, and refined carbs), your brain cells can become resistant to insulin’s actions.

This is definitely NOT GOOD for your brain, for at least two reasons:

1. Elevated blood sugar. If glucose can’t enter your brain cells, it remains circulating in your bloodstream, where it “gunks up” blood vessels and can cause serious medical problems.5

2. Dying brain cells. When your insulin isn’t working, your brain cells aren’t getting sufficient fuel (glucose). Result? They begin to falter and die. As they start to die, you become forgetful. Your thinking is “fuzzy”. It’s hard to concentrate. You feel sleepy and “spacey” a lot. And it’s easy to feel depressed, angry or grouchy.9


If this sounds like you lately, you’re definitely not alone. A shocking 35% of US adults have out-of-control blood sugar levels!

In fact, there’s currently a SILENT EPIDEMIC of “blood sugar overload” in the brain that’s being overlooked or misdiagnosed by doctors.

Instead, patients are told these symptoms are “just a normal part of the aging process.”

But this is a big mistake! Blood sugar overload in the brain is the real problem.

How Lowering Your Blood Sugar
Can Help Improve Your Memory!

Advanced Brain Power was created to “cover all the bases” by addressing all 5 of the major reasons your memory may be failing – and to dramatically improve your memory in a matter of days.

Three of its key ingredients help insulin work better, so your brain cells receive the fuel they need for optimal function and memory recall.

At the same time, these ingredients also help manage your blood sugar (keeping it lower) so it doesn’t become dangerous to your blood vessels, eyes and other vital organs. They are…


1. Chromium picolinate. This important trace mineral improves your brain cells’ sensitivity to insulin. This means they lower the need for insulin – and can even reverse insulin resistance. Unfortunately, 90% of American diets are low in chromium,10 largely because chromium is stripped away when foods are processed.

But by increasing your intake of chromium, you can actually lower your body’s need for insulin by up to 25% (because it improves the insulin sensitivity of your brain cells).11


Egg yolks are the main dietary source of biotin, but many people are avoiding eggs these days. As a result, they're not getting enough biotin.


Grapes, grape juice, and red wine are the primary sources of resveratrol. However, these dietary sources do not provide nearly enough of it to significantly improve insulin sensitivity.

2. Biotin. Also known as vitamin H, biotin helps insulin work better in people with chronically high blood sugar levels.14 And by pairing biotin with chromium, as Advanced Brain Power does, this produces an even greater benefit.15

In addition, Advanced Brain Power also contains…

3. Resveratrol. Found in the skin of red grapes, resveratrol possesses strong antioxidant properties. Well-known for its reported anti-aging benefits, it really shines in its ability to help your cells use insulin more effectively. Just look…
►An important study found that 10 mg of resveratrol (the same amount in a daily dose of Advanced Brain Power) significantly improved insulin sensitivity in a group of adult males with chronically high blood sugar.16

Please Make Sure Your Brain Cells Get the Fuel They Need for Peak Performance!

Your brain demands more energy than any other organ in your body…
…and your brain cells require huge quantities of glucose to function properly. Any interruption in the supply of glucose or oxygen to your brain cells will cause them to stop functioning properly – and they will begin to die.

Don’t let this happen to your brain!

This Doctor’s Advice: (1) Reduce the amount of sugar and sweets you consume (including sodas and fruit juices). (2) Even if you don’t have a “sweet tooth”, you could be sugar-loading your brain by eating too many processed carbohydrates (including bread, breakfast cereals, pasta, and white rice). These quickly digest into blood sugar. (3) Losing a few pounds also will help your body process glucose more efficiently. (4) Add Advanced Brain Power to your daily supplement program because…

Your Brain Cells Will Receive
a Better Fuel Supply to Function Better!

The ingredients in Advanced Brain Power coax your brain cells to “open wide” so more glucose can get inside and energize them to the max.

In addition, these ingredients help to lower your blood sugar levels, which is good for your entire body!

But Advanced Brain Power doesn’t stop there. It improves your memory and cognitive powers in another important way. Look at this…

Is Your Brain Getting Enough Oxygen and Blood Flow?


Here’s an amazing fact: Your brain uses 300% more oxygen than the muscles of your body!

But, by your 60th birthday, the blood flow to your brain decreases by 20%.17

Yikes! That’s bad news for important brain functions such as memory and cognition — because your brain cells depend on the nutrients, antioxidants, hormones, neurotransmitters, and (especially!) the oxygen that your blood is continually delivering. Here’s proof…

Research shows that brains deprived of a full oxygen supply do MUCH WORSE on memory tests and other mental tasks.18

MORE IMPORTANT: Even the slightest decrease in oxygen levels can cause gradual and severe damage to brain cells.

In fact, low blood flow to the brain is one of the ways doctors can accurately predict who will develop severe cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.19

Of course, I’m not saying Advanced Brain Power will prevent dementia – more studies are needed to prove something like this — but it’s a proven fact that it DOES increase blood flow to your brain, which is really good for it.

And Here’s More Good News…

Increasing the blood flow to your brain can begin to improve your memory and the health of your brain cells almost immediately!

That’s why brain specialists recommend you get as much aerobic exercise as possible — especially in your senior years – so you can keep fresh blood and oxygen pumping to your brain.

Of course, that’s not always possible as you get older. Certain medical conditions — such as arthritis, heart disease, neuropathy, and obesity (to name a few) can make physical exercise difficult, painful and even dangerous.

So you’ll be happy to know that one of the superstar ingredients in Advanced Brain Power actually improves the circulation to your brain, while increasing the delivery of oxygen — even if you can’t exercise at all!

It Pumps More Oxygen-Rich Blood to Your Brain Cells!

Research studies show that the BF-7 in Advanced Brain Power increases blood flow to critical areas of the brain involved in memory and learning. Result?Significantly improved performance! Here’s the proof…

In an animal study using PET scans, the researchers found that blood flow was, in fact, increased in the two areas of the brain which govern memory and learning.

BF-7 defended brain cells and tissue from damage that was happening because of lack of oxygen and poor blood flow.

Did this extra blood and oxygen result in an improved memory? Absolutely!
When the researchers administered a sophisticated memory and learning test to the animal subjects who had their blood flow blocked, the scores were SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER in those who had the BF-7 treatment.20

But, the group not given BF-7 didn’t fare so well. They suffered irreparable brain damage because of poor blood flow.21


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More Oxygen Produces
a Better, Healthier Brain

One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your brain’s functioning (including your memory) is to give it more oxygen and blood flow.

This is so important, because oxygen is absolutely vital to the continuous healing and repair of your brain.

This Doctor’s Advice (1) Get more aerobic exercise by jogging, cycling, swimming – or even walking every day. This will improve the circulation and oxygenation to your brain. (2) Start taking Advanced Brain Power right away.

Even if you can’t exercise the way you’d like, you can give your brain cells the “oxygen boost” they need by adding Advanced Brain Power to the healthy things you already do to protect and improve your cognitive powers.

P.S. You’ll also be guarding your precious “grey matter” from another nasty brain enemy…

The Secret Link Between Iron and Memory Loss


We usually think of iron as a good thing – especially concerning our red blood cells.

But new research reveals that iron can actually damage your memory and brain functioning so severely that you could lose your ability to take care of yourself.

Why Iron Is Toxic to Brain Cells:

Iron deposits gradually accumulate in brain cells as you age — and they can inflict widespread damage (through oxidation) to healthy brain tissue.24

While iron accumulation is a normal consequence of aging, certain environmental factors accelerate the build-up, including…

The people most susceptible to iron toxicity seem to be men – especially those exposed to high levels of iron through their food, water or occupations. Other evidence reveals that iron overload is common in African-Americans.

But Most Doctors Remain in the Dark


Though iron toxicity is an inevitable consequence of aging, it remains widely overlooked by doctors (most don’t even test for it). Sadly, few physicians and patients are aware of the significant dangers posed by excess iron in the brain.

Symptoms of iron toxicity include: unexplained joint pain … amenorrhea (the absence of menstruation in pre-menopausal women) … the sudden onset of shortness of breath … and hemochromatosis (a genetic condition). A serum ferritin test can confirm a diagnosis or detect iron toxicity.

But even if you pass the blood test, small deposits of iron still can affect your memory and cognition. The UCLA researchers found that healthy older adults with the HIGHEST accumulations of iron in their brains performed POOREST on memory and information-processing tests.25

So what can you do about the iron your brain may have already absorbed — and which may be hampering your memory and cognitive abilities?

Advanced Brain Power Contains the Solution!

Studies show that the BF-7 in Advanced Brain Power successfully suppresses the damaging oxidation caused by accumulated iron in the brain.

…the brain cell damage was suppressed by an astounding 90%!

In other words, the harm done by the iron deposits was almost COMPLETELY ELIMINATED — and the brain cells remained at a near normal condition.26

This Doctor’s Advice: (1) Purchase a good-quality water filter to remove any iron deposits in your drinking water. (2) Check your multivitamin to be sure it doesn’t contain iron – if it does, stop taking it immediately. (3) Reduce your intake of red meat, if possible. (4) Ask your doctor to test you for iron toxicity. (5) Begin taking Advanced Brain Power as soon as possible to start reducing the iron deposits in your brain.

This amazing protection is in addition to the other outstanding “brain benefits” that the BF-7 in Advanced Brain Power provides, including…

The 7 Remarkable Brain Benefits
of These “Magnificent 7” Ingredients:

Here are the main benefits you can expect from taking Advanced Brain Power

1. Memory Improvement within Hours! Human studies show it starts working within hours to improve short-term memory (sage extract) — and dramatic improvements in memory can be measured at 3 weeks (BF-7).

2. Faster Word Recall and Fewer “Senior Moments”. By increasing acetylcholine (your brain’s most important neurotransmitter), BF-7 improves memory for words/vocabulary — and for spatial memory organization (remembering misplaced objects and spatial directions). It also improves learning and cognitive function (thinking).


3. Reverses the Cognitive Impairment of Normal Aging. Each daily dose of Advanced Brain Power contains a sage leaf extract that can actually TURN BACK the age of your brain by up to 50 years!

4. Relieves/Prevents Brain Inflammation. Laboratory studies confirm that the antioxidant LUTEOLIN in Advanced Brain Power is able to TURN OFF up to 90% of the inflammation caused by over-activated microglial cells. And another targeted antioxidant in Advanced Brain Power, BAICALIN, clears away beta amyloid plaques, which are linked to severe memory loss and serious cognitive impairment.

5. Gets More Fuel to Your Brain Cells. Advanced Brain Power improves memory and overall brain function by increasing cell sensitivity to glucose (chromium, biotin, resveratrol) — and regulating your blood sugar (keeps it lower) so it doesn’t harm your memory or brain power.

6. Improves Brain Circulation, Blood Flow and Oxygenation. More oxygen makes for a better, healthier brain — and this is exactly what Advanced Brain Power can deliver. Studies show that BF-7 (at 200 mg) improves blood flow and memory by 35% in just three weeks. And doubling the daily dose nearly DOUBLED THE IMPROVEMENT.27 It also protected against damage to brain cells when blood flow was poor (as with people who are physically inactive).

7. Protects Your Brain from Iron Toxicity. Iron deposits in brain tissue can cause severe memory loss and cognitive impairment. Studies show that BF-7 successfully suppresses the harmful oxidation generated by iron toxicity by an astounding 90%!

In addition, Advanced Brain Power is absolutely safe to use. Every ingredient is triple-tested to make sure it’s of the highest strength and purity. And each one is included at the exact same dosages proven to work in human clinical trials.

A Sharper Memory, Better Brain Function and Healthier Brain Cells At Any Age – You Deserve All Three!

Your brain is the most important organ in your body – without a doubt!

So it makes sense that your future happiness, your independence and your security depend on the health and vitality of your brain and its important functions.

Please don’t leave your brain’s health to chance. Make sure you “feed” it all 7 of the most important nutrients it needs to stay sharp and healthy for the rest of your life – by adding Advanced Brain Power to your daily vitamin and supplement regimen.

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Day by day, you’ll be correcting the underlying brain changes that are weakening your memory and threatening your cognitive function.


You’ll actually be supplying your brain with the important nutrients it needs for peak performance.

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