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One easy test predicts memory loss 10 years from now with 96% accuracy...


how to revitalize your memory for 47% SHARPER thinking!

Dear Friend,

Is your memory cloudier than it used to be? Are you writing down dates you used to keep in your head? Are names and numbers on the tip of your tongue but you can’t recall them quickly anymore?

Then I’ve got urgent medical news about how to find out if your memory lapses will continue, or if they’ll grow even worse…

This is life-changing information for you and your family.

Especially if you’ve seen severe memory loss steal precious years of life from someone you know or love…

The slide into mental decline is a terrible thing to witness. I understand that feeling of hopelessness.

I watched my own mother fight to hold onto her independence as her mind grew cloudy and she could no longer recognize those she loved most.

Ever since she passed away, I’ve been wondering about my chances of being diagnosed with severe memory loss someday and if there was anything I could do about it today. You might be wondering the same thing.

Are you at risk for
severe memory loss?

Doctors know there’s a genetic link to developing memory loss. Recently the Mayo Clinic reported on several genes that, when triggered, can cause severe memory loss and dementia. The most common is a gene called apolipoprotein E.1

They also suspect environmental factors such as diet and lifestyle can trigger severe memory loss. But let’s face it, some people do everything right and yet they still become forgetful and confused by age 65. While others smoke, drink and live to be 105 – and remain sharp-as-a-tack!

So all we really know is that it’s a crap-shoot then…. or is it?

Imagine one easy test that could predict your chances of suffering severe memory loss over the next decade with an accuracy of 96%.

Leading memory experts from the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research have been testing numerous “biomarkers” of memory loss in the largest study of its kind to date.2

They’ve discovered that one test is the VERY BEST predictor of your memory function 10 years from now.

Take this test and your results can predict with 96% accuracy whether or not you’re on the road to severe memory loss or if you’re already there!

This is no blood test… no imaging test… no scan… no ultrasound… no spinal tap. Thankfully, this test is far easier, more comfortable and affordable.

It’s called the Delayed Word Recall test.3

It involves hearing a list of 10 words and then, a few minutes later, being asked to recall the words on the list. That’s all there is to it, but don’t be fooled by how simple it is. This may be the most important test you’ll ever take

When researchers gave this test to people with normal memories and followed up ten years later, it was the ONLY test that accurately predicted a failing memory—and it was 96% accurate!

If you’re worried about your memory, you’ll want to take this test right away. You can ask your doctor, or…

I’ll show you how to take
the test at home – FREE
– at the end of this letter

Remember, the Delayed Word Recall Test is…


I took mine and it looks like I’m in the clear. But that’s not stopping me from doing everything I can to help my aging brain.
What I’ve discovered can help you sharpen your memory today—no matter what your test results-- and keep your memory strong tomorrow.

The world’s foremost memory experts have discovered how to improve your Delayed Word Recall by 47%—and recharge your memory—even if you’re already suffering chronic forgetfulness and foggy thinking!

My name is Lee Euler. I’m Editor-in-Chief of Natural Health Insiders, the newsletter that’s on a mission to uncover today’s most powerful natural solutions for common health worries so my readers can look and feel their best.

My team and I have spent the last 5 years reading all the science we could on how to prevent, stop and – yes – even reverse the effects of aging on your memory.

Improve your memory 47%?
Yes… you CAN!

Until now, you could take steps to help protect your brain against aging, but nothing could dramatically improve your memory, sharpen your thinking, even increase your intelligence for results that you can see and feel in a matter of weeks.

That’s why I’m so excited to share the news of a brand-new discovery from Asia.

It’s a critical “brain factor” that revitalizes areas of the brain you need to remember words, names, faces, dates and everything that’s precious to you.

Double-blind placebo-controlled studies at prestigious medical centers across the world document the amazing improvements in memory and learning that people experience when they start taking this brain factor.  Imagine if you could reap benefits like these:

No drug, no antioxidant, no omega-3 fatty acid, no “brain” herb like ginkgo can achieve results like this.

That’s because none of them come close to this brain factor when it comes to solving the most common cause of sluggish thinking and memory loss.

Let me ask you this. . .

Do you ever feel like your memory is
slowly being erased?

Some people say a forgetful memory is like a chalkboard that’s slowly being wiped clean. Believe it or not, that’s very close to what’s actually happening inside your brain!

The brain relies on a “memory chemical” called acetylcholine to learn and recall information. Unfortunately, acetylcholine is lost as we get older. It’s not surprising we’re unable to use our minds as nimbly as we once did!

In fact, studies published in the prestigious medical journals Lancet and the New York Academy of Sciences show the more severe your memory loss, the more severe your loss of acetylcholine!8,9

Memory experts agree that a healthy, quick-thinking brain is bathed in acetylcholine, yet…

You won’t hear this critical
at your annual physical!

Let’s face it, doctors offer almost no help when it comes to keeping your memory healthy.

If you go to a doctor with concerns about fuzzy thinking, poor memory and mental tiredness you’ll probably hear “It’s just aging, there’s nothing you can do.” 

In the words of one leading expert on memory, doctors treat the body from the neck down. They ignore the brain until it has failed – and then it’s too late.10

Now the world’s top brain health researchers have revealed what’s causing your acetylcholine to disappear… and best of all, how to stop it in a matter of weeks!

How to STOP acetylcholine loss
to enjoy clear thinking and a sharp memory
in just weeks!

If you’ve ever wondered why it becomes harder to recall names, dates and figures with every passing year, here’s your answer:

A nasty enzyme called acetylcholinerase, or AC-erase, is “erasing” your brain’s precious stores of acetylcholine.

One world-renowned expert on aging now reports that AC-erase can drop acetylcholine levels by an astonishing 80-90% in areas of your brain that drive memory, such as the hippocampus.11

Besides leaving you with too many annoying “tip of the tongue” moments today, AC-erase can also gut your memory tomorrow. That’s because AC-erase opens the door for amyloid beta protein, the hard, waxy substance that chokes the life out of healthy brain cells! 

Researchers agree, you’ve got to reduce AC-erase, increase acetylcholine and protect against amyloid beta to ensure clear thinking and memory for years to come.

That’s why I’m so excited about this brand-new brain factor discovery…

It may be the biggest breakthrough in memory science in recent history, because it fights the cause of memory loss and improves your Delayed Word Recall score in just three weeks!

This NEW brain factor naturally boosts acetylcholine levels to fire up your thinking and ensure you’re mentally quick today and for years to come.

And now you can see for yourself how much sharper your mind can get when you try Advanced Brain Power.

Advanced Brain Power is a capsule that’s the best natural solution to an aging brain. That’s because it combines the only two natural memory discoveries proven in studies to boost acetylcholine, wipe out AC-erase and fight damaging amyloid beta.

As a result, you can shave years off your brain age in just three weeks. Here’s how. . .

Memory Boosting Natural Discovery #1

Secret “brain factor” restores ability to remember, nearly doubling Delayed Word Recall in three weeks—and it’s found in silk!

A single strand of silk can be woven into soft, beautiful clothing and textiles. But recently, leading memory experts discovered that silk holds another secret, one that can revitalize your memory…

Now, maybe you’re asking yourself. . .

What could silk possibly have to do with
improving my memory?

Silk is made of an insoluble protein called silk fibroin. This fibroin is at the center of the raw silk strand that tiny silk worms use to build their cocoons.

Scientists found that silk fibroin contains a “brain factor” with a remarkable ability to solve the leading cause of memory loss and promote healthy brain function.

They named it Brain-Factor 7.

This brain factor’s memory-saving effects are confirmed by science to improve Delayed Word Recall by:

In a landmark, double-blind, placebo-controlled study16, memory researchers looked at 98 people aged 19 to 64, some complaining of forgetfulness.

For three weeks, half of these people took 200 mg of the silk fibroin extract called “Brain-Factor 7” every day while the other half took a placebo. When researchers compared the two groups, they saw remarkable results… 

Delayed Word Recall
for everyone in the Brain-Factor 7 group,
while the other group’s recall remained nearly the same…

That’s right -- these memory researchers evaluated participants based on the Delayed Word Recall test. It’s the #1 test documented in clinical study to predict memory loss. They found Brain-Factor 7…

Improved Delayed Word Recall by 47% in only THREE WEEKS!

Plus, the people taking the silk extract Brain-Factor 7 had:

Even more exciting, people taking Brain-Factor 7 actually raised their IQ and concentration test scores by a whopping 33%!

As for the placebo group? They experienced no real memory improvement at all…

The people in this group still had trouble remembering words, facts and figures that they’d heard just a short while ago. 

This is why Advanced Brain Power is the best natural help for your aging brain. It delivers Brain-Factor 7 silk fibroin, in the exact 200 mg dosage used in the published clinical research!

But Advanced Brain Power doesn’t stop there. It gives you another clinically documented natural discovery shown to fight your brain’s worst enemies. This one is so powerful that you can feel results almost immediately

Memory Boosting Natural Discovery #2

Europe’s brain health miracle
boosts your memory
in as little as ONE HOUR!

When you’re feeling forgetful, foggy-headed or, dare I say “old,” you need mental clarity right away. Who wants to wait weeks or, God forbid, months in hopes of a tiny improvement?

That’s why it’s critical for you to know about another recent “Must Have” brain health discovery in Advanced Brain Power


That’s right, sage isn’t just a spice for food. Even though that’s how we think of sage here in America, in other parts of the world sage is also a medicine, especially for the brain.

It’s no coincidence that the name sage refers to a wise teacher or intelligent thinker.  

Recently, a researcher from the Brain Sciences Institute discovered sage has the remarkable ability to trim years off your brain age in record time. In fact, one clinical study shows it can…

Improve your
delayed word recall
in just ONE HOUR!

If you ask me, that’s an incredible finding.  Here’s the proof.

At the Brain Sciences Institute, two of the world’s leading experts in memory science conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of sage in people aged 65 to 90 years.17

Half the participants took an extract of sage while the other half took a placebo every day for five days. The results were nothing short of incredible…

All in as little as ONE HOUR!

How can one discovery work so fast?

Like Brain-Factor 7, sage has the amazing ability to block AC-erase, the enzyme I told you about that erases your memory chemical acetylcholine and causes amyloid beta protein to build up in your brain. But sage works even faster…

Researchers found that for the people in this study it cut AC-erase in half (by 53%), with results in as little as one hour.17 But that’s not all…

Researchers report that sage acts “on hippocampal structures underpinning secondary memory processing.”

That’s a mouthful, but this is huge news, so let me explain. . .

 Secondary memory processing is how your brain moves information from your short term memory to your long term memory, so you can remember it weeks, months or even years from now.

When sage improves the function of your brain’s hippocampus during secondary memory processing, your memory and recollection also improves! In fact, researchers compared it to…

“Rolling back” your memory odometer
“50 years”!

And I quote…

“The benefits seen in the present study thus reflect a SUBSTANTIAL REVERSAL of the deterioration which typically occurs over approximately five decades (50 years) of normal aging.” 18 

How can researchers measure such a thing? Studies confirm that the difference between an 18-year-old memory and a memory over 60 is a decline of about 43.2 memory units from a top score of 100 – the marker of a youthful memory.

The study showed sage restored 30 memory units out of the 43.2 that were lost. That means …

These people restored 70%
of the memory loss
they’d suffered due to aging!

Imagine feeling your memory grow stronger…

Imagine your thinking becoming sharper and clearer…

Just picture what it will be like to remember names, dates, even the grocery list easily again. But all these benefits are only the beginning…

You may find you’re quicker in conversation, more accurate at word games or crossword puzzles, even able to remember passages from your favorite books!

But you won’t get results like this from eating extra sage in your food—you’d need to eat handfuls every day. Nor can you enjoy these benefits from using ordinary sage extracts, since many are formulated from sage oil and lack potency. 

That’s why we looked the world over for a company that could make this extract to our specifications and match those in the clinical study.

Advanced Brain Power gives you a super concentrated 10:1 extract of sage in the 333 mg dose – the very same dosage that gave the best memory scores in clinical study.

But Advanced Brain Power doesn’t stop with that!  It also helps end brain fog by giving you the BEST natural discovery to fight inflammation—and I’m not talking about omega-3 fatty acids…

Taking the best omega-3 supplements or even anti-inflammatory medication is great for your joints and your heart, but there’s a BETTER WAY to fight inflammation that can cloud your thinking.

Memory Boosting Natural Discovery #3

Flavonoid “brain blend” turns down inflammation to cut through brain fog 

Feeling spacey? Having trouble focusing? New research from the National Institutes of Health shows that inflammation might be to blame.

The study reveals that inflammation damages the brain’s microglial cells. 20

Microglial cells are critical for brain cell signaling, brain cell regeneration, and even for guarding a sharp memory as you age.

That’s because these special cells are your brain’s “trash men” who clear out those beta-amyloid proteins that can clog brain cells.

It’s no wonder numerous studies now link microglial inflammation to brain fog, slow thinking, severe memory loss and confusion.21 In other words…

Fight MICROGLIAL inflammation…
or risk losing your memory!

Unfortunately, you won’t hear about how to get rid of microglial inflammation from your doctor, or even from your favorite natural health newsletter…

That’s because the most popular natural remedies for inflammation do nothing for this type of inflammation.

When it comes to fighting microglial inflammation, the answer is not omega-3 fatty acids, it’s not enzymes, and it’s not herbs like ginkgo or even traditional antioxidants, no…

Flavonoids are the secret!

Flavonoids are special types of antioxidant nutrients found in fruits, vegetables and tea. Over the last several years, research into flavonoids and brain inflammation has exploded.

One ten-year study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that people over the age of 65 with a diet high in certain flavonoids enjoy improved cognitive function.22 

Most recently, two leading experts on brain health made another startling discovery:  They announced the THREE BEST flavonoids for fighting inflammation and improving your memory

Each one is documented in dozens of animal studies to reduce microglial inflammation like no other nutrients can:

Most exciting of all? These THREE flavonoids are sparking amazing changes in concentration, learning and memory in the early research.

I say “early” because microglial inflammation can only be measured with certainty after death, during a brain autopsy. So, human clinical studies isolating these flavonoids have not yet been performed. But take a look at the results in laboratory mice:

Animal studies aren’t the last word.  We need human studies to be absolutely sure.

But I don’t advise waiting for that when the potential benefits are so huge and the evidence I just described is so impressive.

There’s no question in my mind that these three flavonoids hold the key to feeling clear-headed today and holding onto a sharp, clear memory for decades to come.

Many top neurologists agree. In fact, a couple of top doctors were the ones who inspired us to include luteolin, baicalin and resveratrol in the Advanced Brain Power formula.

You see, it’s just about impossible to eat enough of these nutrients in your daily diet.

Take luteolin. You’d have to eat nearly a pound of broccoli every day to reach a therapeutic dose.

That’s why I’ve made sure Advanced Brain Power gives you these THREE flavonoids in a proprietary brain blend pioneered by the two leading experts on the cutting edge of this kind of research, neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter and functional medicine expert Datis Kharrazian.

But that’s not all. Advanced Brain Power does even more to solve another leading cause of poor concentration and brain fog that most doctors overlook…

Memory Boosting Natural Discovery #4

Overlooked nutrient duo
helps refuel your “starving” brain
so you can think clearly again

Your car can’t run when your gas gauge reads empty. Neither can your brain. A healthy brain is one that receives a steady supply of glucose to fuel its cells.

Unfortunately, our Western diet is high in processed foods, carbohydrates and sugar. The result is blood glucose levels that go up and down like a roller coaster throughout the day, leaving you feeling spacey, lightheaded and mentally tired.

Even if you eat the perfect diet, you’re still not immune to blood sugar imbalances. That’s because aging reduces the efficiency of glucose transport into your cells.

Here are THREE medical facts
you need to know…

Medical Fact #1:  Blood sugar swings are a leading cause of brain fog. Foggy thinking occurs far more often in people who suffer blood sugar swings than in those whose sugar remains stable.

Medical Fact #2: A small drop in blood sugar from missing just one meal can cloud your thinking. Even a meal that’s an hour or two late can cause a blood sugar drop. Poor focus and mental fatigue are often caused by a small drop in blood sugar that starves brain cells of the fuel they need to function.

Medical Fact #3: High blood sugar triggers beta-amyloid plaque and severe memory loss. Science shows there is 20% MORE beta-amyloid in brains exposed to the highest blood sugar levels.23

Yet few doctors consider
blood sugar imbalances when it comes to improving memory lapses!

That’s why Advanced Brain Power helps you maintain healthy blood sugar in two important ways…

First, Advanced Brain Power gives you biotin in the clinically proven dosage. This water-soluble vitamin is critical for processing any carbohydrates or sugars in your diet to help keep your blood sugar in perfect, “Goldilocks” balance.


Biotin regulates your cell’s ability to use insulin, the natural hormone that keeps blood sugar in check. Plus, biotin improves the function of your pancreas, which produces insulin in response to your body’s needs.24

In fact, biotin is so important to healthy blood sugar that research shows people with the worst blood sugar levels generally don’t get enough biotin.25

Besides that, they’re also lacking a second nutrient… the mineral chromium.

This is the reason why Advanced Brain Power also gives you 200 mcg of chromium. That’s the amount documented in clinical study to maintain a sustained drop in blood sugar. Doctors measured this drop using the A1C test, the marker that provides the most accurate picture of average blood sugar over a two to three month period.26

Advanced Brain Power helps you end the ups and downs in blood sugar and gives your brain the balanced blood sugar it needs – so you can enjoy steady concentration, mental focus and energy.

Then, Advanced Brain Power goes even further and gives your brain cells yet another edge so your memory can stay in tip-top shape for life...

Memory Boosting Natural Discovery #5

Powerful mineral helps brain cells
work more efficiently

Aging saps your brain cells’ communication systems.

Poor communication between brain cells is one of your biggest enemies if you want to maintain a strong memory for life. That’s because when brain cell communication goes awry, so does your thinking.

Think of your brain as a “super” computer…

If you save a file to your computer and the file doesn’t save correctly, you won’t be able to open it again. Your brain is the same way.

Studies show that the way your brain encodes information changes as you age, mainly because of poor brain cell communication. When the brain can’t easily encode information it has trouble retrieving it.

A good example is the way people who suffer from severe memory problems can recall memories from childhood vividly, but can’t remember what they ate for breakfast.  The old information was encoded fine but the newer information wasn’t.

That’s another bone I have to pick with
ordinary “memory” formulas

Most memory formulas focus on improving the communication between brain cells. This is vital, but it’s only one link in the communication chain. You also have to improve communication within brain cells.

You see, if a brain cell’s communication grows so poor that its own function suffers, how well do you think it can communicate with other brain cells? Not very well!

Taking many herbal memory formulas that are on the market makes about as much sense as continuing to pour water into a pitcher with a hole in the bottom!

Now you know why so many people taking ordinary brain formulas still suffer slow thinking, poor mental clarity and forgetfulness.

It’s another reason Advanced Brain Power
is so new and different

Advanced Brain Power’s clinical dosage of chromium does double duty for your memory…

Besides helping keep blood sugar in balance, chromium is also the only mineral shown in research to dramatically improve your cells’ internal communication centers.27 As a result, each brain cell grows healthier and more efficient, and can function better in virtually every way.

Even better, Advanced Brain Power is formulated with chromium picolinate, the most absorbable form of chromium. Taking the most bioavailable form is critical because you lose your ability to absorb chromium from your diet as you age.

The latest dietary estimates show that as many as 90% of American diets are deficient in chromium!

With the unique, proprietary blend of nutrients at work together in Advanced Brain Power, you can finally see and feel a real difference in your mental recall and focus right away.

And because this formula is grounded in the best memory science available, you can rest easy that your memory will be secure for years to come!

One person out of every three over the age of 70 suffers from memory loss. Don’t become one of them.
Take action now to help make sure you remain
clear-headed and independent!
Advanced Brain Power solves the 5 LEADING CAUSES of forgetfulness, foggy thinking and memory loss so it…

So you can FINALLY say goodbye
to the #1 memory complaint…

… forgetting a name. We’ve all been there. You see a familiar face approaching—but what is his name? You feel embarrassed not introducing him to your spouse, but for the life of you, you can’t remember his name.

As he gives you a knowing glance and introduces himself, you feel your face reddening with embarrassment…

More than 54% of adults admit to having regular trouble remembering names, making this the most common memory complaint today.28

But that doesn't have to be you anymore...

You can turn the clock back
on your aging brain!

If you want to feel confident in your memory again, then solve the root causes of forgetfulness and memory loss by taking Advanced Brain Power— the brain health formula that gives you the only natural memory discoveries clinically documented to dramatically improve mental recall of names, dates, facts and figures within three weeks or less.

You’ll LOVE your new mental clarity—
and the joy that goes with it!

Forgetfulness, foggy thinking and memory loss due to aging can steal the fun and spontaneity from your life.

But once you start to experience the mental revitalization of Advanced Brain Power, you’ll notice life grows easier and more enjoyable again as you…

Out of all of the wonderful improvements you’ll experience daily as you increase your mental clarity, alertness, memory and recall with Advanced Brain Power, one of the most exciting is watching others marvel at your youthful mental prowess and sharpened wit. Don’t be surprised if more family and friends seek you out for advice, wisdom or simply to enjoy your conversation.

Please, don’t wait for memory lapses
to grow more frequent and get worse…

Decades of research into memory loss and aging has led top anti-aging experts to conclude this inescapable medical fact:

Forgetfulness almost ALWAYS gets worse as you get older.

And for some folks, mild memory loss turns into a catastrophe. I know from personal experience how severe memory loss can steal your quality of life and your independence. That’s why peace of mind may be the biggest benefit of Advanced Brain Power

You can reap that wonderful benefit because Advanced Brain Power is formulated to improve your Delayed Word Recall, the strongest indicator of a healthy memory now and in the future. It works because it’s based on the latest clinical research available on the causes of brain aging and how to stop, and yes, even reverse them naturally.

You CAN enjoy clear thinking and
a sharp memory for years to come….

The natural memory discoveries in
Advanced Brain Power
reverse the memory-erasing
threats of aging…

So you can…

RESTORE the ability
to remember names, faces and dates…

WIPE AWAY brain fog
and regain crystal clear thinking…

SHARPEN your mental edge for a faster,
more youthful memory…

I’m making this special “no strings attached” offer because I’m so sure that Advanced Brain Power will sharpen your memory and wipe away brain fog that you can try it for 30 days risk-free. Just pay $9.95 shipping and handling and we’ll send you a 60-day supply of Advanced Brain Power.

That’s two bottles of Advanced Brain Power – a $79.90 value – with only $9.95 due today.  If you don't feel a difference in your thinking and memory…

If you don’t notice you’re thinking faster on your feet whether you’re recalling a name or engaged in lively conversation over dinner... 

If you don’t see an improvement in your memory and mental focus by day 30, just call or email us—and we will never charge you another cent. You will only be charged if you decide to keep your two bottles in 30 days.

This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose.

That’s right, I’ll send you two bottles of Advanced Brain Power now for nothing but shipping and handling.

I’m taking all the risk because I’m confident that you’ll see and feel such a difference in your memory and concentration that you’ll wish you’d known about Advanced Brain Power years ago.  And it’s very important that you don’t delay any longer.

Experts in anti-aging and memory health agree that forgetfulness and memory loss get worse over time, slowly shrinking your world. Thankfully, there's Advanced Brain Power to help address ALL of aging’s threats to your memory and revitalize your thinking in a matter of weeks.

Click here to go straight to the secure checkout page and claim your risk-free trial of Advanced Brain Power right now.

You’ll also receive modern medicine’s #1 memory test in print as a FREE Special Gift…

Delayed Word Recall Test:
The Only Test that Predicts Future
Memory Function with 96% Accuracy!

You get the Delayed Word Recall Test: The Only Test that Predicts Future Memory Function with 96% Accuracy, in print to test your memory at home or to share with family and friends.

The Delayed Word Recall Test was declared “one of the strongest predictors that a person is on the road to [severe memory loss] or is already there,” based on clinical study by international scientific leaders at the world-renowned Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in New York.31

You’ll get the full story in this Special Report, including instructions on giving, taking and scoring the test. Get yours today – CLICK HERE.

Take advantage of this special offer now…

You pay nothing but shipping & handling now.
If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and you’ll never be charged another cent!

You’re going to love your younger,
sharper memory

When cloudy thinking and forgetfulness are wiped away, you’ll be able to experience all of the joy life has to offer. In fact, you’ll find your world growing bigger and brighter than ever before.

You’ll take new pleasure in dinners and events, because you’ll be more fun and interesting to talk to, and your memory will never miss a beat…

You’ll find new opportunities for your renewed creativity and mental sharpness whether it’s spending time on the computer, joining a book club, or learning a new hobby with friends…

You’ll enjoy your days without worrying that you forgot to take care of something important…

So give Advanced Brain Power ™ a try today completely RISK FREE — you won't be sorry. I guarantee it!

Here’s to revitalizing your memory,

Lee Euler

President, Green Valley Natural Solutions


The statements in this web page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.


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