Flip Your Body's Energy Switch to "ON"

Without Caffeine, Sugar, Herbal Stimulants or that Tropical Vacation You Can't Afford...

At last a PROVEN NATURAL SOLUTION that takes care of all your energy problem so you...

Support balanced blood sugar and blood pressure... maintain a slim waistline... reignite your sex drive... and feel happier and healthier than you have in decades!

Dear “Tired-All-The-Time” Reader,

If you’re feeling tired and sluggish too often ... if you lack your old pep and enthusiasm ... and if you rely on caffeine, energy drinks or sugary snacks to make it through the day…

There are two simple medical reasons why...

They’re your adrenal glands – and, if you’re like an estimated four out of five Americans, they’re both “burned out.”

More and more people are
Experiencing these symptoms...

They can’t seem to get going in the morning without coffee or a strong energy drink.

They sputter out mid-morning – yawning, tired, and unable to concentrate.

They spend the day guzzling colas … coffee … or more energy drinks.

And when they get home, they collapse on the couch – (going to the gym is out of the question). All they want to do is snack on crackers or chips and “take it easy.”

Yet, at night they toss and turn – and simply can’t fall into a deep, restful sleep.

Does this sound like you?

If this sounds like your life lately, please keep reading…

…because I want to tell you about a remarkable new way to "recharge" your body and feel so rejuvenated it’s like you’ve just returned from a long vacation.

It works better than anything you’ve tried before because unlike coffee, energy drinks, herbs like ginseng, and even prescription drugs, this new solution doesn’t act as a stimulant in your system.

Instead, it fixes the hidden cause of low energy that’s plaguing millions of Americans… “adrenal fatigue!”

In just a matter of days, this new solution to fatigue can solve all your energy problems and have you feeling more vibrant and alive than you have in decades.

Even more exciting, it can transform your whole life… support healthy blood pressure and blood sugar... reignite your sex drive... balance your mood... bolster your immune system… even help you maintain a slim waistline.

Your “tiredness” is an urgent

My name is Lee Euler, president of Green Valley Natural Solutions—a natural supplement company that specializes in uncovering new ways to stop and reverse today’s most deadly and feared health problems...

Recently, my team of researchers alerted me to an important medical truth that you’re not hearing about from your doctor…

Chronic low-energy and fatigue don’t happen because you’ve been working too hard or not sleeping well. Fatigue is your body’s warning signal—a flashing red light signaling trouble in your adrenal glands.

These tiny glands located over your kidneys weigh less than a grape – yet they’re your body’s heavyweights. That’s because they’re responsible for some of your body’s most critical jobs. They…

In fact, numerous medical studies on the adrenal glands confirm…

…you can’t survive even ONE day
without them!

Yet the latest research also shows eight out of every ten Americans suffer from poor adrenal gland function!1

This silent epidemic is growing larger by the day and it’s ruining our health…

Adrenal “burn out” is the hidden reason why so many of us feel bone-tired every day, yet can’t sleep through the night… diet but can’t lose weight… watch our blood pressure and blood sugar drift higher every year… lose our sex drive and feel moody and grouchy so much of the time.

Even the Mayo Clinic recently reported that poor adrenal gland function can result in all of these health problems plus altered immune response and poor sleep, too.2

This leaves thousands of people trying one thing after another to feel more clear-headed and energetic – and yet nothing helps. Meanwhile, their health is slipping through their fingers like sand.

Unfortunately, most doctors still don’t
recognize the warning signs

But there’s good news in the research, too…

Revitalizing tired adrenal glands is not only possible, the latest medical science shows it’s easy – with the right nutrition.

Nutritional science has revealed a unique combination of nutrients that both recharge and protect precious adrenal glands. But here’s the thing…

You can’t get these special nutrients in your daily diet in the scientifically researched ratio and amount necessary to reinvigorate tired adrenal glands. That’s why my team at Green Valley Natural Solutions combined them all in scientifically researched amounts into one natural formula called Adrenal Charge™.

Adrenal Charge™ provides critical nutrients not found in ordinary vitamin formulas to nourish weak adrenals back to good health. As a result, you can turn your energy switch to “on” and…

Best of all, when your adrenal glands are working in tip-top shape, it’s easier to maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels… sustain a slim and trim waistline…  improve your sex drive and physical strength…  enjoy a happier, well-rounded mood and good health – free from illness and discomfort.

That’s a far cry from those stimulant energy drinks and formulas you’ve tried to fight fatigue!

I’m proud of the fact that Adrenal Charge™ contains no caffeine or any other kind of stimulant. It’s formulated using only healthful ingredients documented in scientific research – including human clinical trials – to increase energy and your overall good health by boosting adrenal gland function.

Stimulants on the other hand, do the exact opposite…

Why I have big problems
with energy drinks and stimulant herbs

If you find yourself reaching for extra coffee, energy drinks, or herbal stimulants during the day like I used to, then you know the artificial energy boost they provide doesn't last. Even worse: It's usually followed by an energy "crash" that leaves you feeling even more worn out.

Here’s why this occurs...

Taking stimulants regularly – even natural ones – places additional stress on your already tired adrenals. As a result, they have to work even harder. It's like giving a car too much gas and flooding the engine. Please don't make this mistake because it will only make you feel worse.

You need healthy energy. The kind that follows a rejuvenating two-week tropical vacation, but save your money! Adrenal Charge™ can help you…

Feel like you’re coming back from
vacation every day!

You know the feeling of returning from a week relaxing on the beach or skiing in the mountains.  You’re calm, well-rested and rejuvenated. And there’s a medical reason why…

A relaxing vacation allows your adrenal glands to recharge by minimizing your stress level. Adrenal Charge™ does the exact same thing! To understand how, you need to know what stress does to your body…

Every time you experience stress, your adrenal glands kick into overdrive. They release a “stress hormone” called cortisol to help you cope. This emergency response is supposed to happen just once in a while.

But these days, our adrenal glands spend more time “on” than they do off, because let’s face it, stress is everywhere…

Think about it. From the moment you wake up you're experiencing physical, mental or emotional stress — from a crabby boss or spouse … money worries … job insecurity … challenges with your children… and so much more.

What’s worse, as our stress level builds up slowly over the years, we don’t even recognize it. The higher level of stress becomes the “new normal.” 

Are you living — and dying
— like a laboratory frog?

Consider the laboratory frog that’s being boiled alive by the professor who’s slowly turning up the temperature. The frog never notices the heat because it’s rising so gradually. The same thing is happening to us with our stress level.

When your stress response is being constantly triggered, the cortisol flow is steady. After years of being "on" all the time, your adrenal glands are exhausted and burned out. Your energy fizzles like a match in the rain.

Not only that, but Harvard doctors now report that high cortisol levels can cause high blood pressure, high blood sugar, weight gain, memory problems, mood swings, poor sleep and poor immune function. It’s not pretty.

Although many of us realize that stress is a problem in our lives, few understand the damage that stress is doing to the entire body– or more importantly, what to do about it.

But the latest research is clear, if you want to restore your energy, and maintain excellent health and vitality for years to come — you've got to recharge your adrenal glands and protect them against the effects of stress. Adrenal Charge™ makes it easy…  

Besides providing a precise combination of nutrients to nourish your adrenal glands, Adrenal Charge™ is scientifically designed to support your adrenal glands against the harmful effects of stress.

Studies show the active ingredients in Adrenal Charge™ can reduce levels of your stress hormone cortisol and improve adrenal gland function in five critical ways:

1. Neutralizes Stress

When you're overwhelmed by physical or emotional stress, Adrenal Charge™ protects your adrenal glands with a standardized extract of ashwagandha root.

This Indian root has been used safely for thousands of years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.  It can help you …

Feel "Strong as A Horse"

In fact, “strong as a horse” is what ashwagandha means literally in the Indian language of Hindi. They gave it that name for good reason.

Ashwagandha is an “adaptogen.”  Adaptogens help the cells and systems of your body “adapt” to or resist stress, anxiety and fatigue.  

Scientists have been studying adaptogens since the 1940s, when they set out to determine why people in Siberia lived healthy and long lives—well past a hundred years, in many cases.

Some 3,000 studies involving more than 500,000 people led researchers to the adaptogenic herbs that people in Siberia, India and other cultures have used for five thousand years.

More Energy, Better Sleep—No Side Effects!

Clinical studies show ashwagandha root gives your body surprising physical strength and resilience by shielding your cells and specifically the adrenal glands against stress.

In one of the most convincing human clinical trials to date, a standardized extract of ashwagandha root safely reduced the levels of the stress hormone cortisol up to 26%. And the results were wonderful…

Despite being placed under stress, patients in the study reported increased energy, reduced fatigue, better sleep, and an enhanced sense of well-being. 3  They didn’t experience any worrisome side effects.

Adrenal Charge™ gives you a standardized extract of ashwagandha root documented safe and effective in scientific study. So let me ask you…

When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go? Well, now it's your turn!

2. Fortifies Your
Adrenal Cells Naturally!

Helps Make it Easier To Get Up In The Morning

After decades of enduring around-the-clock stress, your adrenal glands don’t just need protection, they need revitalization. One of the best ways to recharge your adrenal glands is by supporting the growth and development of healthy new adrenal cells with nucleic acids.

Nucleic acids are the building blocks of healthy cells. Studies show nucleic acids RNA and DNA help play an important role in protein synthesis, cellular renewal and healthy cell division.

As a result, nucleic acids help new adrenal cells develop and strengthen existing adrenal cells by actually "charging" them up. As cells recharge and recover, they can once again produce the energizing hormones your body needs for peak performance from the morning until night...

Medical research positively confirms this and has done so for more than four decades!4 

In fact, the late Benjamin S. Frank, M.D., believed that as the body ages we lose energy and suffer poor health due to the loss of nucleic acids RNA and DNA. He championed nucleic acid therapy for everyone in his best-selling book, No-Aging Diet.

While you can get nucleic acids in foods such as salmon and green leafy vegetables, studies show that a far superior way to deliver RNA and DNA to fortify adrenal glands is with natural adrenal concentrates.5

That's why Adrenal Charge™ contains only100% ALL-NATURAL adrenal concentrates.

This is a big advantage over other adrenal formulas available today. They rely on SYNTHETIC adrenal concentrates. What they don’t tell you is that over time, synthetic adrenal concentrates actually suppress adrenal gland function—the very problem you’re trying to solve!

The Results of this
NATURAL Approach
Are Remarkable!

Those who once had difficulty getting out of bed now awaken with fresh energy. Stress levels that used to exhaust them are now taken in stride.

Thanks to Adrenal Charge™, they feel calm, energetic and eager to get on with the day. Imagine feeling this energetic and relaxed no matter what your day brings! You absolutely can when you begin supporting your adrenal glands every day with Adrenal Charge™.

And this is only the beginning of the remarkable calm and endurance that you'll feel!


3. Relieves Mental Stress
and Anxiety

A difficult, mentally challenging day can leave you feeling even more exhausted than physical work. That's why Adrenal Charge™ contains phosphatidylserine or PS.

What is PS? It's a beneficial natural fat found in cell membranes. This fat acts like a two-way street. The lane going into cells delivers critical nutrients. The lane coming out carries damaging waste products and toxins. As a result, PS helps your cells function at peak performance—and that means you do, too!

Numerous clinical studies confirm that PS sharpens your thinking, stabilizes your mood and helps you maintain emotional balance in the face of mental stress. One of the most impressive clinical studies was performed on golfers.

Golfers Taking PS Performed
Better Under Pressure!

Researchers measured perceived stress, heart rate and the quality of the ball flight before and after taking PS.

After taking PS, the golfers’ perceived stress and heart rate was lower. They even reported feeling more relaxed. Even better, the golfers teed off 21% more successfully with PS supplementation.6

Wouldn't you love to have a secret mental "edge" like this? Well now you can, thanks to Adrenal Charge™!

4. Encourages Natural
Hormone Production

"Improved Sexual Satisfaction!"

Most adrenal supplement products are only able to nourish your adrenal glands. That’s another way Adrenal Charge™ is different. This formulation supports your natural hormone production.

And that's great news because...

Your adrenal glands also produce hormones essential to your heart, fat-burning ability and sexual response. Unfortunately, when your adrenal glands are overworked, they can't produce these hormones, either.

It’s no wonder that stress sends your blood pressure through the roof, kills your sex drive and makes it harder to lose weight. But Adrenal Charge™ gives you a standardized extract of the herb licorice to help you avoid all three conditions!

The Secret of Licorice? Yes!

The herb licorice is the single most used herb in Chinese Medicine today. Scientific experiments show that it has cortisone-like properties which closely match your body's natural hormone composition. 

"Licorice is known to stimulate the production of the adrenal cortex hormone called cortin which is essential for helping your body cope with mental and emotional stress," reports the health journal, Today's Herbs.7

Adrenal Charge™ gives your stressed-out adrenal glands a rejuvenating kick start— just like charging your car's dead battery. Suddenly your body is flooded with a fresh supply of energizing hormones. Don't be surprised if you suddenly feel (and look) years younger!

5. Replenishes Essential
"Anti-Stress Nutrients"

Daily stress rapidly depletes your body's stores of essential B vitamins.8

In fact, a survey of 11,658 adults found seven out of ten men and nine out of ten of women were deficient in vitamin B-6!9

And this is very worrisome because these B-vitamins play a major role in manufacturing adrenal hormones. No wonder the B-vitamins are called the "anti-stress nutrients."

Adrenal Charge™ gives you the recommended ratio of vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-5 to ensure you've got healthy levels no matter what physical or mental stress your day brings.

So Now it’s Your Turn to
Transform Your Life!

Each capsule of Adrenal Charge™ contains the natural adrenal support shown in scientific research to support healthy adrenal function and counteract stress. It’s like taking your adrenal glands on a long, rejuvenating vacation every single day.

Together, these "adrenal rechargers" restore your adrenal glands to unleash “last-all-day” energy so you can…

Plus, when your adrenal glands are functioning at their peak, they can do the important work of helping you:

People all over the country have already relied on Adrenal Charge™ to defeat stress’s harmful effects and help them look and feel better than they have in years. Now you can, too. If you would love to say goodbye to fatigue ... weariness ... and that "burned out" feeling...

I'm so sure that Adrenal Charge™ can help you feel better every day that I want you to try it for 30 days risk-free – and pay for it later! All you pay today is $9.95 shipping and handling and we’ll send you a 60-day supply of Adrenal Charge™.

That’s two bottles of Adrenal Charge™ – a $79.90 value – with only $9.95 due today.  If you don't experience a welcome renewal of your energy and stamina…

If you don’t feel relaxed and rejuvenated even during your most stressful moments…. 

If you don’t see an improvement in your overall health by day 30, just call or email us, then send back the unused portion—and we will never charge your card another cent. Your card will only be charged if you decide to keep your two bottles in 30 days.

This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose.

That’s right, I’ll send you two bottles of Adrenal Charge™ now for nothing but shipping and handling. I’m taking all of the risk because I’m confident that you’ll see and feel such a difference in your energy level, you’ll wish you’d tried Adrenal Charge™ years ago. And it’s very important that you don’t delay any longer.

The research reported in leading medical journals is clear:  poor adrenal gland function is the biggest threat not only to your energy level, but also to your overall good health. Thankfully, Adrenal Charge™ is here to recharge your adrenal glands and reduce the effects of daily stress on your body.

Click here to go straight to the secure checkout page and claim your risk-free trial of Adrenal Charge™ right now.

Please don't let poor adrenal gland function steal your joy or the many pleasures that this wonderful life has to offer. 

Give Adrenal Charge™ a try today — you won't be sorry. I guarantee it! And if you don’t agree, you don’t pay!

Here’s to recharging your adrenal glands and your active lifestyle,

Lee Euler

President, Green Valley Natural Solutions


The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

I’m so sure Adrenal Charge™ will energize your body and your good health while fighting daily stress, I want you to try it for 30 days risk-free!

Here’s my “no strings attached” offer to you…

Try Adrenal Charge™ for 30 days risk-free. Just pay $9.95 shipping and handling today and we’ll send you a 60-day supply of Adrenal Charge™. If you’re not utterly delighted with your results by day 30, just call or email us, then send back the unused portion — and we will never charge your card another cent. Your card will only be charged if you decide to keep your two bottles in 30 days.

This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose.

I’ll send you two bottles of Adrenal Charge™ now for nothing but shipping and handling. I’m taking all of the risk because I’m confident that you’ll see and feel such a difference in your energy level that you’ll wish you’d tried Adrenal Charge™ sooner.

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