Worn out...even after sleep?

A Cornell Universtiy study says it's no surprise...
You could be the 1 in every 5 Americans who's a super-caring...

"Human Sponge"

Your energy...gone!
From soaking up other people's pains, stresses, and fears into your own nervous system...
Now in the nick of time, discover a new all-natural way to kick your engine back into high gear...
so you finally feel like "you" again...

Who’d have thunk it!

A Wall Street Journal health alert confirms 1 in every 5 Americans can perform a scientifically proven party trick.1

Like a “sponge”... they can soak up other people’s feelings, concerns, and emotions into their own nervous systems.

Gifted with uncommon levels of care and empathy for others…. “sponges” are some of the world’s most creative, admired and inspirational people.

Experts say the “sponge-club” includes Abe Lincoln... Mother Teresa... Gandhi… Eleanor Roosevelt… even Princess Diana.

Sponges Can Be
Shining Stars…
Even Living Saints...
...But There’s A Dark Side!”

Through no fault of their own… millions of “sponges” have seen their blessing become a curse...

An unforgiving world... getting faster and more furious by the minute... can spell serious trouble (...even trauma!) for a sponge.

You fight your own health, work, and relationship battles... and you shoulder everyone else’s burdens too!

“Your Body’s Survival Glands... In Sole Charge Of Keeping You Alive...     Can’t Take The Strain...”

Just a finger’s width from your aorta - your survival glands sputter from overwork… stealing your energy.

However, hope is at hand… as a new and uniquely “sponge-charged!” solution has come to the rescue… 

Ever reversed against traffic to help an injured animal...?

...and 15 more surprising tell-tale signs you might be a super-caring “human sponge”... worn down by an increasingly wicked world…

#1 - Do you find you’re much more aware of other people’s thoughts  and emotions than they are of yours?

#2 - Are you enormously aware of the suffering of others in the world?

#3 - Do you know too many “drama queens” and “chatterboxes” who insist on sharing their life story with you?

#4 - Have you been a “giver” your whole life - to the point where you’ve put your own well-being at risk?

#5 - Is confrontation or rejection almost physically painful for you, so much so, you’ll do almost anything to avoid it?

#6 - Does old family trouble or trauma seem to “live within you” and you can’t seem to shake it?

#7 - Do you have to hold back tears when someone wins Wheel of Fortune®?

#8 - When someone says “there’s good news and bad news” do you only want to hear the bad news?

#9 - Do you have trouble making decisions because you see all sides to things?

#10 - Do you have an artistic side you enjoy expressing?

#11 - Have you faced a mountain of physical or emotional hurdles throughout your life?

#12 - Does someone else’s “bad mood” easily spill over into your mood too?

#13 - Do you turn the channel away from violent movies and tv shows?

#14 - Do you notice and enjoy delicate or fine scents, tastes and sounds?

#15 - Have you always sensed something was different about you… you just couldn’t quite put your finger on what?

If you said, “That’s me!” to many (or even all...) of these tell-tale signs… your “spongy-ness” is assured. Now as you read on… you’ll uncover why your energy-levels feel so low… and how to get them higher!

Do you have to “push through” each day… even when you do get sleep?

If so… a team led by a top Cornell University Neuropsychologist may have finally found out why!

They examined the brain activity of 18 volunteers using a million-dollar fMRI “mind reading” machine.2

Everyone in lab coats eyed each other with amazement.

The proof was in!

Breakthrough Cornell University fMRI imaging study reveals:

The Super-Aware
Sponge Brain”…

NOT Your Average Noggin’!

Overflowing with empathy and caring… in today’s cranky and inconsiderate modern world!

A pioneering research team led by top Cornell University, Neuropsychologist, Dr. Bianca P. Acevedo, set out to see if a “sponge brain” really is as gifted as some say.i

Using a million-dollar fMRI “mind-reading” machine… Dr. Acevedo examined the brain responses of 18 individuals to looking at images of their partners.

“Gray matter with shades of greatness…”

Self-confessed “sponges” showed greater activation in empathy than “non-sponges.” As well as a deeper level of processing and greater responsiveness to stimuli.

In other words…

When a sponge says, “l feel ya!” they really mean it!

A “sponge” feels more emotion… their senses pick up more stimuli... and they feel everything - good or bad! - more deeply than the average person.

Why? Well, Dr. Acevedo found their brain contains a heaping helping of what are called, “mirror neurons.”

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall…
who’s the most frazzled of them all?”

Mirror neurons - almost magically - let you feel what others are feeling. So when another human being (or an animal) is in pain… you feel that pain too!

This makes “sponges” super-caring and helpful people. But it also makes their lives much more stressful than most.

By owning more of these amazing neurons... you’re able to “soak up” all the emotions and feelings of family members, friends, co-workers… even perfect strangers!ii

Naturally… in a world becoming more manicby the minute…

“Imagine all the anger, negativity
and pain being “beamed”
into your brain daily...

...as you just mind your
own bee’s wax!”

How does your body respond to this onslaught of stress?

It forces your exhausted adrenal glands to keep on chuggin’ in constant “fight or flight” survival mode. Even to the point where running a relaxing hot bath might feel like too much work.

That’s where Adrenal Charge™ steps in: the only supplement proudly formulated to help you survive and thrive life as a “sponge.” The proven combination of ingredients within Adrenal Charge™ support healthy adrenal function so you’re able to meet the many challenges of the day with energy to spare.

“A “Sponge” Really Can Soak Up Other People’s Feelings!”

Strange as it sounds… a Wall Street Journal health alert estimates 20%  of Americans own these special powers of perception.

That’s right… 1 in every 5 people really can “read minds”... and if you can relate to what you’ve read so far… maybe you’re the 1!

Recently… world experts even crammed into a top European University for a historic academic conference.3

The hot topic? This amazing, newly discovered “neuro-talent.” Thought to be held by some of the heroes of history...

Was Abraham Lincoln using “spongy” thinking to see both sides of the issue as he brokered an end to bloody Civil War?

Did super-caring “sponge-senses” spur Jane Goodall to protect Africa’s “Gorillas in the Mist?”

What let Mother Teresa gently squeeze the hand of a shunned leper as doctors warned, “Don’t do it!!!”?

Is it simply a “sponge-thang”? Science says, “Maybe so!”

Turns out… if your brain lights up with more active “mirror neurons”... you can pull off a party trick worthy of a Wow! You can step into the shoes of other people and actually feel what they feel - deeply!  

They may be blind as a bat to your cares and concerns… but you soak in theirs whether you want to or not!

Moods, emotions and concerns they think they’re keeping under wraps - you spot in a second...

That quick - there you are… carrying around their concerns too - that they refuse to “talk out” so you can get relief!

If this rings true at all - l’m not telling you anything you don’t know already…

You Feel Everything… Nothing Gets Past You…

The Good… The Bad… And The Really, Really Ugly!

And that’s also why being a “sponge” can be a giant blessing… but an even bigger curse.

Because you’re forced to carry around a “double-load” of stress… yours... and everyone else’s too...

Family members… co-workers… even perfect strangers. You soak it all in!

Worse… your own worries weigh heavy already…

At home, another holiday looms! Will it bring cheer? Only if you make sure everything is tasty, tidy, and tied with a bow. 

At work, tasks no one else wants... or knows how to do right... keep getting dumped on your lap.

As Lee Euler researched the 15 tell-tale “Sponge Signs!” above, he recalls feeling “...almost like staring into a mirror. Right away, I knew we had to put our expertise to work to help.”

Mr. Euler has written about natural health options for more than 20 years. His books and articles have been read by millions. He is the Executive Director of the prestigious Alternative Cancer Research Institute, editor and publisher of two newsletters, Cancer Defeated and Natural Health Insiders, and the author of numerous books and reports including The Missing Ingredient For Good Health, Don’t Touch My Prostate, The Oxygen Miracle, and Breast Cancer Cover-Up. He has contributed to publications of many top doctors including Julian Whitaker, David Williams and William Campbell Douglass, Health Science Institute, and others.

Recently, Mr. Euler has embarked on what he calls “one of the most exciting projects of my life” - bringing little-known or newly discovered healing herbs and plant extracts to the public through a supplement company called Green Valley Natural Solutions.

It can almost feel like you have to think of everything - and if you don’t find the energy from somewhere to do it - it just won’t get done!

Who Wouldn’t Feel Stretched Thin? Even To Breaking Point...

My name is Lee Euler - and l don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon… but wouldn’t it be dandy if life came with a pause button - just so we could get our breath back!

As the President and chief-researcher of a boutique supplement company called Green Valley Natural Solutions... l sometimes find myself secretly praying for that pause button. We just renewed our vow to help a million people lead healthier, happier lives by 2017. So mentally… l need to be sharper than a first grader’s school pencil. And that requires rest!

So come sundown… l’m ready to reflect on the day… count my blessings…. then sink my head into my pillow. When the sun peeks back up over House Mountain here in Lexington, Virginia, l want to rise ‘n’ shine without the need for 3 alarm clocks. But gosh - if only it was that easy...

Maybe it’s the small town boy in me… but once upon a time, wasn’t it easier to “switch off” and just get some peace from everybody and everything?

l mean, before smartphones rang off the hook… or to-do lists became so long it’s painful just to think about them. Let alone start them… 

An unexpected knock
at the door… used to be welcome! Now we’ve got every reason to worry, “Who in the world!?”

For our parents, a knock at the door meant... they had company! Time to cut into the crumb cake held aside for unexpected guests.

Sadly, not today. Doors are double bolted. People socialize more on
social media than in person...

America is on edge!

The daily blitz of depressing news. “Crazies” committing mindless crimes. Fear of another financial meltdown. Harvard Medical School notes an “astounding increase” in prescriptions for antidepressants and antianxiety medications in the last 10 years.

Up by 500%... and there’s no mystery why!iii

Your small, walnut-sized adrenals weren’t built
for this kind of unrelenting daily pressure…

Experts estimate more stress stacks up for us in one single year… than our ancestors dealt with in their entire lifetime.

And get this… new science even says a primitive part of our brain called the limbic system actively seeks out negative news. So even when we try to stay positive - our brain won’t let us.iv    

Experts speculate, to cope with the “bizarro” modern world… our “survival glands” would likely need to evolve to become the size of beach balls!

Try as they might… they’re under siege
from all directions…  and they need your help!

And while we’re on a roll here… How about “The Great American Dumbing Down!”

Is it just me… or is down-to-earth, intelligent conversation harder to come by?

Do you find most everyone is way too happy to stay “stuck on the surface”... unwilling to go deeper and talk about things that actually matter and mean something?

Moreover… do you even get the feeling that some people are just cranky… angry… even flat-out rude... no matter how nice you are?

Even if they bite their tongue - trouble’s brewing... you can sense it! Forcing you to tiptoe around every word in case you unleash their beast...

It makes me sad to say it, but somewhere along the line...

The World Became A Tin Man Who’s Lost His Ticker!

Worse… after 20 years at the forefront of natural health solutions... l’m more convinced than ever that a cold ‘n’ steely… and way too often heartless world... is a hazard to happy living! 

Money worries… health troubles… family demands… relationships on the rocks… bosses “on your back”…

It’s bad enough to just feel the pressure of your own worries bearing down on you… but what happens when you “soak in” everyone else’s too?

“You Feel The Squeeze From Your Head To Your Toes…”

With that much back-breaking weight on their shoulders…

Who wouldn’t start to wake up - painfully slowly! - to a body that simply won’t play ball?

Because at the center of all the struggle - we find simple biology. Because as all this stress mounts up… your body’s “energy boss” is left crying out for help… 

Your Confused “Survival Glands” Get Crushed Under The Pressure…

When it comes to regulating your body’s energy levels... even to saving your life

From their throne atop your kidneys... your “King Of The Castle” Adrenals run the show!

Your “survival glands” say…
getting frisky is way too risky!

Sexual Urges “Turned Off”...
For Your Own Safety?!

No wonder you’re rarely in the mood.

The sky-high wall of emotional stress that stacks up around you can also come between you and your partner.

Chronic levels of low-level stress put your worn out adrenals in constant “survival mode” - like a snarling tiger is always on your tail.

In which case, getting frisky - even with a partner you love to death - can be risky! So in their “confusion” your adrenals are thought to turn off your intimacy hormones like DHEA. 

That’s why Adrenal Charge™ is here to strengthen your relationship by supporting healthy adrenal function and normal production of these essential hormones.

Ever since these amazing walnut-sized glands evolved many moons ago… they’ve been in charge of putting pep in our step. It’s they who deliver the right amount of “energy hormones” we need to meet life’s demands.

And in rare moments of danger - it’s their job to give us the hormonal turbo-charge we need to get the heck outta dodge!

A finger’s width from your body’s main blood supply (your aorta and your vena cava)... they’re smack dab in the middle of things... letting them almost instantly deliver “lightning bolts” of life-saving energy… even momentary super-strength! 

Way back when
They’d work like a charm...

If a snarling sabre tooth tiger was getting snippy with one of our ancestors - the adrenal glands would get the “danger signal” and rush to help them “fight or flight!”

The difference is… back in the day… after the dust settled… our adrenals would get to rest and recuperate until they were needed next time… which might not be for months!

Now - not so much!

Fewer hungry tigers are on the prowl… but what’s in their place is something your adrenals have no clue to how to handle…

Buried Under A “Bazillion” Fears, Worries And Private Stresses…

Getting your child to smile for a photo... a dead phone battery… a forgotten password… a quarrel with a loved one... a baby shower that needed organizing yesterday… an unexpected car repair bill… noisy neighbors… deciding what’s for dinner...

That’s right…

Your adrenals are being harassed all day long by...

...A non-stop onslaught of almost minute-by-minute chronic “low-level” stress…

Troubles… concerns… and so many QUESTIONS!

Will l get that vacation time l put in for?... How will those test results come back?... Will my new doctor think l’m crazy if l bring that up?... Are my feelings still the same for him or her?... Did they just take what l said the wrong way?... And where in the world are my keys!?

You Already Carry Your Own Stress-Load On Your Shoulders…

Now Everyone Else’s Keeps Piling On...

Bonus “Sponge Sign”! Have you scrolled down your Facebook newsfeed… then wished you hadn’t!?

Someone you went to school with is having a health crisis… an animal’s tired eyes tell a story of hurt you wish you could hug away… And that quick, you're paralyzed by pain for them and what they must be going through. Almost like you’re going through it too!

Meanwhile… your adrenals aren’t helping. They’re stuck in the stone age!

Daily... they’re fooled into mistaking “molehills” for “mountains”...

Laundry piles up… it’s your turn to do “snack week” at soccer practice… a receptionist gets huffy with you over nothing…

Can you trace any
of these common
Adrenal “trauma triggers”...
to your own health concerns?

Any of these harrowing events
are hard for anyone - but for
a super-caring “sponge”
they can be devastating...

Difficult Childbirth...  Death Of A Parent, Sibling Or Child...
Accidents...   Serious illness...
Hospitalization….  Divorce...
Victim Of Crime...     Surgery...
Infection...    Workplace Stress...
Mold/Toxic Exposure...
Stressful Family Dynamics...

Sexual Abuse...     Moving Home...
Public Speaking...     House Remodel...
Abusive Relationship...      Tick Bite...
Failed Business...   Caring For Elderly Parent...
Chemical Sensitivities...  Job Relocation...
Financial Crisis...  Unemployment...   Infidelity... 
Panic Attack...     Sudden Death... 
Stressful Pregnancy...

A build up of emotional or physical traumas are thought to trigger the “domino effect” of wearing down your Adrenals through repeated stress…

Worse… a single devastating trauma can be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back”... sending your energy-levels spiraling downwards.

...all your adrenals see is life or death danger!

So they kick in… over and over and over… when they should be kicking back - relaxing!

Instead... they pull “double shifts” with no potty breaks! And eventually… it catches up to them. They can’t go on. The tank’s empty. And they fold to the floor… burned out… 

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Adrenal fatigue” before?... well, it’s the gentle way of really saying…

It’s Not Your Fault… But Your Adrenals Might Be Fried

...And You Could Be Flirting With A Total “Energy-Shutdown!”


Hope’s just around the corner… and in the nick of time. Because feeling like someone’s just kicked your body’s “power cord” out of the wall outlet… can be just the start of worse problems to come…

“...dangerous buildup of
‘bad’ visceral belly fat!”4

“Stopping for a calm,
relaxing bowel movement…
could be deadly!”

“Hungover all day… without
a drop of alcohol!”

“That’s Bad News For Anyone... But For A Super-Caring “Sponge It Really Stings!

That’s Why l’ve Been Hard At Work To Help You Shake Off The Stress… Get Your Energy Back… And Start Living Again!”

You see… when l took a full survey of the cluttered supplement landscape... l found a forgotten field of barren grass. A whopping 1 in 5 Americans are lugging around a heavy extra stress-load... yet no one has seriously set out to help.

So my team and l rolled up our sleeves... ready to put our energies into getting you energy!

We even gladly became “guinea pigs” ourselves to ensure the highest quality standards. The result is the truly one-of-a-kind formulation, we call Adrenal Charge™… and it’s exclusively available only here on this page.

To ensure the highest levels of freshness and potency... we even ship every batch of this proprietary formula from our American FDA-regulated storage facility to our own door… before we ship it to your door.

In fact, my office sits next door to the clean, cool, temperature controlled room where we house this factory fresh “gem” of a supplement until you ask for it. If l crane my neck a little l can even see the exact pair of pristine bottles l’d like to send you to try today, utterly risk-free.

That’s how convinced l am that Adrenal Charge™ will earn its place as the proud centerpiece of your wellness regime.

But first, it’s time to take you inside…    

...the ONLY supplement specifically and scientifically designed to support you in your quest to survive “Sponge Life”... and truly thrive!… Even under all the extra stresses you’re forced to shoulder…

So you can wake up full of life… and finally feel like YOU again!

The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nature’s Biggest Energy-Boosters Together As One…

(...And No Caffeine Or Any Other Artificial Stimulants In Sight!)

As we set out to craft this unique formulation - we found inspiration in ancient Indian folklore. Poets speak of the female warrior Vishpala. She fought bravely but lost a leg in battle. But her friends weren’t about to leave her home alone!

They honored her fighting spirit by casting her a “leg of iron.” Now she could keep pace alongside her fellow warriors.7

And l’d like to think anyone seeking the vim and vigor of Vishpala…  would appreciate the powers of a mysterious tender-leaved plant with the exotic name Ashwagandha...

It’s played a starring role in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for almost 5,000 years. Yet until recently… nobody knew if the stress-busting properties said to live within the slender tube-like roots of this humble herb were romantic fiction or the real deal...

Until researchers from one of India’s most prestigious hospitals rooted around to find out!

Like a flash… 60 individuals suffering with chronic stress shot up their hands to help. In a double-blind study… half the participants were given a placebo -- a sugar pill with no medical effect. However, the lucky ones were treated with a 300 milligram full-spectrum extract of Ashwagandha.The results?

“Energy In Abundance!”

Thrilled participants treated with this ancient herb noticed a marked improvement in how they responded to stress… even an increase in their overall quality of life.

Better yet… blood levels of the “stress-hormone” cortisol were lower in the group treated with Ashwagandha than the placebo group.8

This centuries-old “battlefield rose” didn’t just help them handle the strain of today’s stress-soaked world - it even “toughened up” their blood chemistry too!

Now, experts can’t seem to stop saying, “We concur!” Finding in their own strictly conducted clinical studies that Ashwagandha reduced cortisol levels up to 26%! It even lowered fasting blood sugar levels.9

In a noteworthy double-blind study carried out by top Indian government scientists… participants treated with a standardized extract of Ashwagandha even experienced...

Less Fatigue... Fewer Muscle Aches... And Best Of All…
Less Sleeplessness!10

They’re fueling daring barefoot rescues…
Even hand-to-hand battles with
polar bears! News outlets report...

“Survival Glands
Are Saving Lives!”

Problem is… in today’s exhausting world... they’re “switched on” all day long!

130 lbs dripping wet… high school “Super girl” Charlotte Heffelmire made the daring rescue in her bare feet.

NBC News reports her dad, Eric, was working in the family garage under his GMC pick-up when the jack slipped… pinning him under the truck’s full weight.v

Enter Charlotte… a 19-year old high schooler from Vienna, Virginia, who used momentary hormone-powered “super strength” to promptly pick up the pick-up! Freeing her proud father!

Crazier yet…

A brave 4ft 9 inch Canadian mother,  recently brawled toe-to-toe with an 8ft tall Polar bear… and won!vi

She stumbled upon the bear attacking her human “cubs” in the street… until she pole-axed the giant attacker with a series of well-placed kicks and punches!

The Canadian government even awarded this “tough Mom” an official medal of bravery!vii

You want these life-saving
“strength hormones”
to kick in and save the day…
...but only when the time is right!

Yet today - stress waits for us around every bend - ready to send our Adrenals into overdrive!  

They evolved to keep our ancestors alive ‘n’ well… but they’re stuck in the stone age... dangerously behind the times!

They can’t tell the difference between a true life or death emergency… and minor “niggles” like a DJ talking over our favorite song… Lucky’s water bowl tipping over… or a spouse who leaves for the store without the shopping list we slaved over.

Meaning your survival glands are “switched on” almost all day long - and these continuous little stresses stack up to have a big effect on your health!

You end up asking a higher power for just normal strength and stamina

Enough energy to simply go out with friends and share a few belly laughs… nothing superhuman!

Adrenal Charge™ is formulated to support the healthy adrenal function you need to face all the stresses of life - big and small - with confidence. Whether you’re fighting off Polar bears… or you simply want to stay alert at your desk!

Participants even showed healthy, higher levels of DHEA hormones that put placebo levels to shame.11

We all need these critical “sex hormones” for when the time is right… but weak adrenals struggle to supply them!

But Ashwagandha may have an even bigger reason to take a bow…

Using validated “models” of damaged nerve cells… researchers found Ashwagandha even supports the reconstruction of brain synapses... the critical “meeting points” where nerve cells talk with each other.

Further study is needed... but scientists see a possible “dream scenario” where one day… Alzheimer’s patients can turn to Ashwagandha to rebuild damaged “neural networks” - giving them back a brain that works!12

And when life so often feels like one big blur… who wouldn’t reach out to claim…

...A Clearer, Calmer, More “Connected” Mind!

Are you starting to see why we couldn’t leave the lab without making sure Adrenal Charge™ proudly contained a standardized extract of this extraordinary little herb?
However, we’re not done yet...

The “Energy Secret” Of History’s Most Productive People?

No one in history did more with less… than those energetic early Egyptians! Fired up with passion for life… they didn’t let the primitive tools of their day slow them down. They invented beautiful advanced glasswork... modern day “rudder-steered” ships… irrigation... exquisite stools… tables…

...even comfy beds to ensure a full night’s sleep. Farming was a big part of the “early bird” Egyptian economy and they had to be up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.13

So it might be telling that early Egyptians are said to have loved themselves some licorice. Even using it in tea as a “cure-all” concoction. The jury is still out on exactly if and how licorice helped them achieve so much in their time under the Sahara sun. But it looks like it didn’t hurt their knack for making every second count!

And just as licorice was found among the fabulous treasures of King Tut - you’ll also find a standardized extract of the herb inside Adrenal Charge™

Better yet… modern day masters of traditional Chinese medicine sing the praises of licorice as The Great Harmonizer”... that brings distinct herbal elements together as one.

And that’s perfectly aligned with our wish for Adrenal Charge™… to support you as justice is served: Your stolen energy is returned to you, so...

“Mind, Body & Spirit - Can Again Become One!”

Now… is that really possible in our toxic world?

Not if your adrenals lack protection from free radicals and antioxidants.

And that’s where Vitamin C enters the picture…

Our bodies can’t convert blood glucose into Vitamin C like most mammals. So we need it from an outside source. In times of high stress, however… even fruits and vegetables may not be enough.

“Because when the adrenals get to work -
they secrete Vitamin C like it’s going out of style...

And they soak it up too -
...like -- you guessed it --- a Sponge!”

Thankfully… this famous antioxidant “protector” is thought to guard the adrenals from damage.
Better still, Vitamin C is yet another friend in the daily fight to wake up active and alert - and stay that way!

Hand in hand with exercise… 4 male and 16 female obese adults in a double-blind study reported that after taking 500mg of Vitamin C daily for 4 weeks… they experienced less fatigue.14

And on the topic of essential Vitamins…

Did you know that daily stress rapidly depletes your body's stores of essential B vitamins?
Worse… a survey of 11,658 adults found 7 out of 10 men... and 9 out of 10 women... were deficient in vitamin B-6!15 Not good! 

The United States government requires the enrichment of foods made from grains with almost every other critical vitamin and mineral... but B-6!

A real worry - because these B-vitamins play a major role in manufacturing adrenal hormones. That’s why we made sure Adrenal Charge™ gives you the recommended ratio of both Vitamin B-6... and “antioxidant” Vitamin C... to ensure you've got healthy levels no matter what.

But there’s other reasons why your soaring energy levels should make you very happy, very soon...

We’ve all heard of good fats and bad fats… but it’s a crime that more seekers of natural solutions don’t know about a remarkable so-called “smart” fat…

Brain Fog… Bulldozed Away!”

Adrenal Charge™ also contains phosphatidylserine (or PS for short.)

This beneficial natural fat is found in cell membranes… and it acts like a two-way street. The lane going into cells serves as an entrance for the delivery of critical nutrients. But the exit lane is for waste products and toxins to be bulldozed out!

As a result, PS helps your cells function at peak performance—and clinical studies show that means YOU do too!

This “smart fat” won’t go to your waistline - but it may do wonders for your mental sharpness… and your stamina!

A double-blind crossover study with 18 participants set out to find if PS could help increase mental alertness prior to exercise. And did it ever! Researchers gave participants 400 mg of PS in protein energy bars. While a placebo group got energy bars with no PS.

Then they gave both groups the same quick quiz, and my gosh...

PS increased the speed of calculations by 20%... improved correct answers by 13%... and cut down on errors by a whopping 39%!16

l shouldn’t be surprised though… l’ve certainly felt much more “on my game” since starting PS... and this certainly tells me why.

A Japanese study even asked if PS could boost memory...

78 older adults with memory complaints were treated with 300 mg of PS for 6+ months. And yes! Their memory scores on rating scales for cognitive decline and dementia noticeably improved. Seemingly thanks to this remarkable natural compound.17 

But PS has another secret up its sleeve. Let me ask you… how much of life would just fall effortlessly into place if you could just…

Wired… when you want
to be wiped out?

Everyone else is checking their eyelids for holes. But you’re stuck staring up at the ceiling asking, “What gives?”

“Welcome to America’s
workaholic work week… where
rest is a dirty word!”

More and more, American business is asking everyone to promise, “l’ll sleep when l’m dead!”... despite sleep being proven to boost your productivityviii - even your beauty (see below!)

“Sleepless zombies…
lined up in the Starbucks®
drive-thru lane…”

Yet the work week keeps getting stretched out like mozzarella. With more work dumped on the plates of fewer and fewer people. And thanks to smartphones, now you can be buzzed, beeped and bothered 24/7!

The hamster wheel simply never stops spinning!

A serious situation for a caring, conscientious, even slightly perfectionist “sponge” who wants to make sure everything is done right the first time! 

Add in the weight of family duties and responsibilities… and the thankless task of trying to slap a smile on people who are never happy, and... 

“...Rachael Ray couldn’t
bake a better recipe
for burnout!”

The upshot? Your overworked Adrenals are beggin’ for a break that never comes! Outta whack… they deliver “energy hormones” like Cortisol at the very time you need to shut things down for the night. 

So too often for your liking… your mind stays “lit” when the lights go out. Giving your body little chance to restore itself before it’s time to rock ‘n’ roll all over again.

“You feel spent
and now, science says…
it shows!”

A British study of 30 women just showed “beauty sleep” is no old wives tale.

Scientists photographed and analyzed the skin of these women after 8 hours of sleep… and then after 5 nights in a row of just 6 hours sleep.

Noticeable redness soared by 8%... blemishes by 13%... and...

“Fine lines and wrinkles
rocketed up 45%!ix

In other words, if you’re short on shut eye… there’s no hiding it!

Moreover… losing just an hour of sleep per week, can put you at higher risk of heart attack.x A hard pill to swallow if people rely on you to always be there.

That’s why Adrenal Charge™has been uniquely formulated to support healthy adrenal function. Because we can all agree there’s simply no more beautiful feeling than waking up feeling like you actually slept. 

“Do More… Without Feeling Beat?

Well, PS may make that possible!

A double-blind study of 14 males aged 18 to 29 found 750 mg of PS for 10 days was able to improve the stamina of cyclists without increasing cortisol levels. Did they tire eventually? Heck yes! But with PS at work for them… it took them longer to reach exhaustion.

All signs point to this safe and well-tolerated substance - in a dose dependent manner - increasing capacity... boosting performance… and giving more energy.18

That’s why after another day of getting things done - without needing to “push through”... l wouldn’t blame you if you’re tempted to whisper…

“P.S. l Love You!”

Have l saved the best for last? Because the final ingredient in this proprietary energy-boosting formulation is only possible because of a boy raised in the shadows of the Swiss Alps.

Shy yet clever, he loved music. Only for Typhoid fever to rob him of much of his hearing. But he didn’t die with his music inside him. He turned to science to create a “symphony” that still gets a standing-O today.

Because when Friedrich Miescher discovered “DNA” within nucleic acids in 1869… the world awoke to a wonderful new reality

The complex human body is actually built upon simple building blocks... 

Miescher Discovered The Master Code… 

Studies show nucleic acids RNA and DNA help play an important role in protein synthesis, cellular renewal, and healthy cell division.

Now - inside Adrenal Charge™ - you can put these essential building blocks of life to work for you - with the clear goal of supporting the growth and development of healthy new adrenal cells

Safely and widely used for decades… the nucleic “building blocks” in Adrenal Charge™ are delivered within the raw, natural concentrates of porcine adrenal glands.  

Who knew... but porcine DNA is 98% the same as human DNA! Which makes it the perfect way to complete the superior formulation of Adrenal Charge™. Other well-intentioned supplement makers use bovine extracts for this purpose... but bovine “building blocks” are only 80% comparable with human DNA.

Plus… porcine tissue has given the gift of new life to tens of thousands of people across the world. Celebrated for its unique “mirroring” of the human body… porcine tissue is the go-to replacement valve of choice for heart surgeons from New York to New Delhi. 

NOTE: These crushed glandular extracts are NOT a form of hormone replacement. Hormones are removed before the extract is skillfully freeze-dried to preserve enzyme activity. So there’s no danger of a hormonal overdose. That said… they may well be chock-full of “goodness” in the form of fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, neurotransmitters and a heaping of other welcome nutrients!

Naturally - it remains a practical impossibility to verify any of these exciting attempts at adrenal cell rejuvenation in a lab. Simply because current science can’t isolate one element of the glandular extract at a time and record its impact. But is it definitely a worthy effort given its decades-long safe track record? If it can provide the building blocks to rebuild you healthy adrenal cells... absolutely!

Other formulas on the market rely on SYNTHETIC adrenal
concentrates. Yet what they don’t tell you is that over time, synthetic concentrates are thought to suppress healthy adrenal function
- not support it!

Whereas Adrenal Charge™ proudly contains
only 100% ALL-NATURAL adrenal concentrates.

Frankly… faced with a choice between…

Man-Made… Or... Mother Nature? It’s A “No Brainer!”

We like to imagine Mother Nature tends to her garden with a clear purpose to every creation.

In this case, to get you feeling like YOU again!

And that’s why l want to make it far easier than you might expect to give Adrenal Charge™ a try today…

You’ve Got Enough On Your Shoulders Already... So l’m Putting All The Risk On Mine!

You’re fully protected by my “100% Ironclad Guarantee”...

Simply try Adrenal Charge™ today... Decide if you like it later!

Yes! I'm so sure Adrenal Charge™ will make life easier for you - l want you to try it for 30 days risk-free – and only pay for it later if you’re completely satisfied.

You don’t have to pay anything today except $9.95 shipping and handling.

That means l’m sending you not just one… but two bottles of Adrenal Charge™ – a real-world $79.90 value – with only $9.95 due today. 

I demand Adrenal Charge™ “does the trick” for you… or l insist you let us know...

Yes… l politely insist you feel like your old energy has come bursting back... and in as little as just 4 weeks from now… Or... l ask you to promptly call or email us, then send back the unused portion—and we will never charge your card another cent.

To be clear: the only way your card will be charged will be if you’re our next happy customer… and you decide to keep your two bottles of Adrenal Charge™ beyond this generous 30-day trial window.

This way you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain...

I really am going to send you two bottles of Adrenal Charge™ now... for nothing but our most basic shipping and handling costs. So you can decide for yourself if this unique formulation is the true “difference maker” l know it will be. With absolutely no risk or strings attached!

However, l do feel the need to warn you...

This generous offer to try it now and pay later offer can’t last forever. I can only guarantee this special introductory offer until our current inventory of Adrenal Charge™ runs out – so don’t delay! Or you could come back to find this generous offer gone for good.

To make sure you secure the absolute best value possible – and a chance to experience the amazing benefits of this proprietary formulation today - while paying nothing today except low cost shipping and handling…

Click here to go straight to the secure checkout page and claim your risk-free trial of Adrenal Charge™ right now.

When you do, you’ll notice this seal on the page, that tells you no matter what, your discounted orderis 100% safe and guaranteed.

For even further peace of mind, we also protect your credit card and your privacy from start to finish with the same online security system used by trusted companies like Amazon.com.

Once again, I can’t emphasize enough that you must act right now, today, to claim this risk-free trial offer.

After all, let’s face it…

“Today… New Stress Hides Around Every Corner... Ready To Put The Squeeze To You!”

Naturally, you can try and do your adrenals a favor by cutting back your work schedule. If you can afford to… and if they’ll let you...

You can ask family members if they’re willing to “chip in” more around the house… but maybe they’re doing their best already.

You can even try as hard as you can to avoid “soaking in” so much of other people’s stress… even though you may just be “wired” that way...

What’s for sure is… it’s all so much easier said than done!

Which is why l’m so excited to be able to offer you this chance to try Adrenal Charge™. Because it’s such a simple, quick and easy way to do something positive and helpful for you… and those who rely on you... with no risk whatsoever.

Imagine Gently Opening Your Eyes To A Brand New Day… Rested… StrongReady To Give The Very Best Of You!

“Now, Cares And Burdens Slide Down Off Your Shoulders And Slip Away…”

“...With Adrenal Charge™ By Your Side... Now You Really Can Be There For The People Who Need You The Most!”

Let's get you feeling back to yourself again.

l’ve made it totally risk-free.

Click here now... l’m thankful you read this far… and l’ll see you on the next page.

Lee Euler

President, Green Valley Natural Solutions

P.S. Want to wake up ready to take on the world? Give Adrenal Charge™ a try today — you won't be sorry. I guarantee it! And if you don’t agree, you don’t pay! It’s that simple.

The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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