Pain Sufferers Rejoice at This Discovery!

Native Americans Found a Secret to Conquering Chronic Pain Long Before Anyone Else

This plant contains a newly discovered compound that can quiet pain anywhere in your body from head to toe!

See how this discovery can help you take a giant step towards wiping out long-term, chronic pain and inflammation...and reduct swelling and stiffness for good!

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you ... today ...

Can you get quickly in and out of your car?

Can you squat down without pain?

Can you sit and rest comfortably?

Can you sleep well all night?

Are you free of headaches?

Can you move comfortably up or down a flight of stairs?

If you or a loved one suffers from daily, long-term, chronic pain so bad you can’t go through a day – or a night – without suffering, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I know what it’s like from my own experience ... when you’re in pain almost all the time, LIFE hurts! And maybe chronic pain is not life-threatening, but it still makes everyday life miserable.

By the way – don’t be too sure it’s NOT life-threatening. I’ll explain what I mean in a minute.

This is personal for me. I used to suffer from chronic pain in my back and shoulders, and I had frequent headaches. On bad days, it was hard to sleep, drive a car, exercise or even take a walk. Sometimes I could hardly move, and the pain was so bad I would pray for it to stop.

Now, at 63, I’m in less pain than when I was 40 – and most of my days are “good days”!

I found my way out of the life-wrecking dead end of chronic pain. It took me a long time to solve the problem – I tried lots of things. Now you can profit from what I learned and save yourself a ton of trouble, wasted time, and wasted money.

You can avoid the trial and error of trying things that just plain don’t work – and go straight to a solution that WILL help you.

Are you ready to finally get better? Then the first thing I have to say is...

Chronic pain isn’t “normal”

If you have swollen, painful joints ... frequent headaches ... chest or stomach pains ... muscle or tendon pains that keep coming back ...then you need help. And quickly ... before it gets worse, and before the list of things you can’t do gets even longer.

As you’ll discover in this Special Report, if you suffer from long-term chronic pain – even a bad knee, a “little stiffness” – it’s a sign that something more serious is wrong.

If you think the chronic pain is bad, just wait till the really big problems start!

But I’ve got some good news for you: Right now – for free – I’m going to share one of the secrets that has helped me the most. It’s a Native American tradition now proven by modern science.

There’s a widely-used test that measures inflammation – it’s called the C-reactive protein or CRP test – and the fruit of this plant reduced patients’ inflammation markers in that test by an average of 23 percent in a clinical study – compared to a control group of people who received a placebo.1

Pain = Inflammation =
High CRP Number

And inflammation is not only connected to pain – it can be a sign of life-threatening conditions like unhealthy heart and arteries – and even worse.

In the same study, patients saw steep reductions in other molecules associated with inflammation – 8-isoprostanes down 38 percent, MCP-1 down 29 percent. The decline in these molecules means pain is going away.

And like some kind of free bonus, the patients in this study also saw their “bad” LDL cholesterol slashed by 29%, too! Many authorities believe high LDL cholesterol is the result of chronic inflammation.

I’m not done yet. This gets even better. The blood pressure of these people ALSO went down. More study is needed – we can’t be sure this Native American super-food caused all these amazing results. But it fits in with everything else we know, based on a whole series of impressive studies.

The way the FDA looks at things, there’s not enough proof. But in MY opinion there sure is a pile of amazing coincidences!

I didn’t wait. I’ve been taking this remedy, and I can tell you it really is possible to get...

Blessed Relief from a Food

Maybe you’ve never heard of CRP or the other inflammatory molecules I mentioned – but those remarkable results in the studies mean this superfood could be your ticket to pain relief.  If I can get a 23 percent drop in my CRP score by consuming a food, I’m going to go for it!

So please keep reading and let me give you the facts about this revolutionary, clinically-proven, all-natural fruit extract. I truly believe it can help end your painful days and sleepless nights – and save your body from permanent damage.

I’m not talking about some kind of magic bullet cure-all. I’m talking about a wild berry that helps your body put itself right so it stops attacking itself. (As you’ll see in the next couple of minutes, that’s what chronic pain is – the body attacking itself.)

Your path out of this dead end started hundreds of years ago, before white men came to America...

Native Americans knew about
a life-giving food
that’s been forgotten...

Native Americans thrived in North America for thousands of years before modern medicine came along. There were no scientists, no drug companies, no white-coated doctors...

Yet they knew how to survive in hostile environments, and how to live off the land they depended on for food and medicinal healing.

As you can imagine, just like many people today in America, they suffered aches and pains from their muscles, tendons, chest, head and joints as well.

In fact, considering that they lived a rough lifestyle, without all our modern comforts, maybe they knew even more than we do about the ravages of chronic pain.

Luckily for them, like so many indigenous populations around the world, they could take advantage of a vast resource of natural remedies for many of their aches, pains and illnesses.

They truly knew about and had full access to Mother Nature’s abundant medicine cabinet!

And when it came to chronic pain,
they could turn to wild chokeberries
for fast, significant relief ...

Now that name “chokeberry” might give you a start.  Do people choke on this fruit?

Not at all. The name comes from the fact that chokeberries are extremely tart. They make you pucker up! Frankly, they don’t make for very good eating. Even if you pile on the sugar, they don’t taste very good.

That’s probably why they never became popular with white settlers, like another native American fruit, the blueberry.

And that’s a shame, because they’re totally safe to eat. And they’re remarkably good for you.

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, chokeberries have the highest level of antioxidants out of 276 foods tested!

But here’s a surprise: The incredible level of antioxidants is NOT what makes chokeberries such an exciting health discovery. It’s this...

They are richer than any other fruit – four times as rich as blueberries – in a specific nutrient that can work wonders for your health.

The “Secret Ingredient”

The black chokeberry, or Aronia, is a shrub common to Eastern North America. It’s prized by landscapers for its blossoms of creamy, white flowers at the end of spring.

In the fall, the Aronia bush yields pea-sized, violet-black berries. The berries have a natural dark color, with a dry, strong, sour taste...

...a fruit that happens to have strong healing properties – even if it doesn’t taste very good!

Today’s science has confirmed...

Aronia or chokeberry is a powerful pain killer
with anti-inflammatory properties ...
It has chemical properties much like
modern-day pain killers – but without side effects!

It’s all because Aronia berries are packed with sky-high amounts of a special family of antioxidants that is especially useful for chronic pain sufferers.

This special family of antioxidants is called Anthocyanins or ACNs, and it’s the ACNs in the Aronia berry that produce its dark, purple color. In fact, Aronia berries have...

The highest level of anthocyanin
antioxidants out of 100 foods tested!

You may have heard of Anthocyanins (ACNs) before. These valuable nutrients are present in many of the best, most nutritious fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, cherries, raspberries, and strawberries.

The ACNs give all these fruits their beautiful colors.

One of the best pieces of health advice on earth is “Eat colorful foods” – because the compounds that give these foods their colors are ALSO priceless, life-giving, life-saving nutrients – especially ACNs.

For example, studies have shown a diet rich in ACNs can enhance memory and help prevent age-related declines in mental functioning. The researchers believe ACNs do this by reducing inflammation that damages our brains and deletes our memories.

There’s more. Researchers have found that consuming anthocyanin-rich strawberries and blueberries just once a week was associated with a significant reduction in death from heart and artery disease.

Now, the folks at the FDA will tell you that this is not enough “proof”. You can wait for more, if you want. I didn’t, and I’m sure glad I didn’t.

Considering that almost 70,000 men and women participated in this health study, I have a lot of confidence in the results!

If eating strawberries and blueberries only once a week can do that – imagine the benefits of eating them several times a week – or even daily!

But hold on to your hat, because this is about to get really good...

Aronia Berries
are the Richest
Known Source of ACNs

It just so happens Aronia berries are the richest source of ACNs discovered so far! No wonder Aronia berries are dark purple.

That deep color means you’re biting into a treasure house of ACNs!

In clinical research conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture, 100 foods were screened for ACNs, and only 24 were found to include this unique antioxidant! The other 76 foods had no ACNs at all.

More impressive ... The study discovered that Aronia berries are packed with 2,147 mg of ACN per serving, which is almost four times more than any other food the scientists screened!

When it comes to ACNs for pain relief, as you may know, curcumin is very popular these days. However, curcumin contains so little pain-helping anthocyanin or ACN that it’s not even on the charts. Aronia is FAR superior!

Curcumin gets most of its pain-killing power from a different type of chemical compound. I recommend you do what I do and take both, because clinical research shows ACNs and curcumin complement one another in a wonderful way. They come at the pain problem from two different directions.

Aronia berries really are amazing! Deeper research showed that the compounds in the Aronia berry can help support and protect your body in countless ways.

And that might explain why some people
now call Aronia “The Ultimate Super Fruit”

Nutrition-wise, Aronia berries truly are a super fruit. Besides being packed with ACNs, they also have additional antioxidants, such as Vitamin E and C. All these powerful nutrients combine together to help protect your body’s cells from the damaging effects of oxidation that can age you and cause pain in almost any part of your body, from head to toe.

You often hear about super fruits in the media these days.  Leading doctors sing their praises because they have so much more nutritional value than the average fruit.

As these doctors will tell you, what makes a super fruit better than an average fruit is the high level of antioxidants and other priceless nutrients – super fruits are so packed with nutrition you could say they’re a medical wonder!

Aronia berries have about four times the antioxidant levels of blueberries, strawberries, or pomegranates, to name just a few. And Aronia berries not only have the highest anthocyanin levels of all fruits tested by the USDA, they also have the highest total level of antioxidants.

The strongest evidence, as proven by scientific research, lies in Aronia’s ability to help you and
millions of other chronic pain sufferers feel better!

It’s true that Aronia berries can benefit your body in many different ways, but research has focused mostly on their remarkable ability to relieve pain.

Amazingly, and LUCKILY, the anthocyanins in Aronia function much the same way as man-made pain killers, which many pain victims take to get relief.

Chemical pain killers AND the anthocyanins found in the Aronia berry BOTH work by inhibiting chemical messengers like the enzymes COX-2, and IL-6.1,2

As you may know, these natural body chemicals are a major cause of pain. If you do any reading to find out what’s causing your pain, the word “COX” comes up a lot.

By knocking out the COX enzymes and IL-6, the ACNs in Aronia berries go to work inside the body to ward off pain and swelling much the same way as pain-killing drugs do...

...but without the nasty drug side effects, like damaging your liver or causing intestinal upset. If you wanted to, you could eat Aronia berries by the bucket just the way Native Americans used to – and the only thing you’d feel is better!

That’s right, these natural ACN antioxidants do the beneficial work of binding with and neutralizing the enzymes and free radicals that can cause cell damage and pain.

So just imagine NOT having to turn to manufactured pain-killers with all their many harmful side effects. Instead, you can take a daily dose of 100% safe, all natural Aronia berry – now available in capsules as a concentrate – and enjoy the same soothing effect!

This is a major breakthrough, considering
the known
damage man-made pain killers
cause when
people take them for
weeks, months or even years

The ACNs in Aronia berries are micro-nutrients with proven antioxidant activity that are known, among other things, to decrease the activity of pain-causing molecules.

That’s all fine, but what probably matters most to you is this:

Aronia berries may be the key to helping you wake up every day
without the nagging pain that hangs over your life like a dark cloud,
and prevents you from enjoying your favorite activities.

If you can get rid of your pain, everything you love to do is possible again!

This may sound like a big promise, but scientific research backs it up...

Remember, much like chemical pain killers, ACNs have been found to inhibit COX-2 and IL-6 enzymes, which are notorious for causing pain. Numerous studies suggest that ACNs exert effects on the body that make them useful in fighting pain.

This is important because many cases of pain don’t stem from actual damage like bone-on-bone friction in a joint – instead they’re caused by inflammation. While the body sets off inflammation as a natural defense mechanism to help you heal when you’re sick or injured, the whole process can also go haywire and cause pain for years on end...

...for the rest of your life, if you don’t do something about it.

Yes, much of the pain you experience is actually from your body trying to protect you.

Inflammation is supposed to be a short term immune-system response to an injury or an infection. When the wound or infection is healed, the inflammation should go away.

But when inflammation becomes chronic, it’s because the immune system has run amok, doing enormous damage to your body – and causing you untold pain.

Chronic pain – including “normal” joint pain – is your body’s way of telling you something is out of balance. Your body’s natural defense – releasing COX and IL-6 enzymes – turns into an attack on itself.

This natural immune system response results in more pain – the constant, long-term inflammation, swelling, and stiffness that are so common for many people today, especially after age 45.

So we should be grateful for inflammation, because it’s really a miraculous function of our body to help fight injuries or infections! But when it gets out of control, we have to tame it – and the anthocyanins or ACNs in Aronia berries possess a unique power to do exactly that and solve the root cause of our distress.

Why you need to understand that long-term,
chronic pain and swelling can be dangerous

Long-term pain and swelling are not good for your health in any part of your body, including your joints. This is because your inflamed state can lead to tissue damage and give rise to numerous other illnesses that can attack almost any part of your body... your lungs, joints, back, heart, blood vessels, and even your digestive system.

This long-term, out-of-control immune system response does your body permanent harm. You shouldn’t accept it as “normal aging”. Don’t learn to live with it. Get rid of it.

If you don’t find a way to neutralize those COX enzymes and other immune-system molecules, your pain and swelling will only become worse.

In the case of a knee, hip or elbow joint, inflammation can cause enough damage inside the joint to break it down even further. What’s worse, scientists have even discovered that the pain can spread from one joint to other parts of your body.

Of course, all this is simple body mechanics and function that your doctor can explain to you. It can happen to anyone. But...

What he may not tell you is that there are better options to help you deal with long-term pain than drugs or surgery.

The good news is, Aronia berries have strong,
clinically-supported pain-killing qualities
that can help you live easier and with
less – or even no – pain or stiffness!

Aronia has been studied in labs around the world for the last 15 years.  However, it’s only in recent years that Aronia has been acclaimed as the ultimate super fruit. Now we know what it can do to help people live a healthy life.

If you’re looking for clinically-backed testing, there’s impressive evidence that anthocyanins in general – and especially those in Aronia berries – will do their job to reduce pain and swelling.
Just look...

Aronia extract suppressed LPS-induced iNOS and COX-2 protein expressions in cells. The results suggested that it has an anti-inflammatory effect that is due to the direct blocking of these enzymes.3

In this same Japanese study, the anti-inflammatory effect on these animals of 100mg of Aronia extract was as strong as 10 mg of the popular anti-inflammatory drug, prednisolone.3

When I learned about these exciting results, the first thing I did was try Aronia berry juice. It tasted terrible, and I couldn’t stick with it.

Then I tried Aronia extract, and I was delighted!

As I said at the beginning of this Special Report, I’ve had a life-long problem with chronic pain, and natural pain-killers like curcumin and fish oil have made a huge difference in my life. But they didn’t give me complete relief.

But anthocyanins (ACNs) are among the most powerful of all natural pain-killers – and Aronia berries are the richest source of anthocyanins. I’m sold on them – and I want you to experience what they’ve done for me. That’s why I decided to create this supplement.

I developed Antho-Soothe, a new supplement that harnesses the power of the ACNs that flourish in the Aronia berry, and that help the body drastically reduce pain, as indicated by the studies I’ve cited.

This is great news for all the good people who suffer with daily pain, swelling and stiffness, and can link their suffering to nasty inflammation.

If you hope to ever change the course of daily pain in your life, you should look at the root cause – those nasty COX and IL-6 immune system molecules – and then use Antho-Soothe – the extract of the Aronia berry – to neutralize them naturally!

As you can see ... both traditional medicine
AND modern science show that
Antho-Soothe can bring you relief!

Antho-Soothe is truly a one-of-a-kind, all-encompassing pain formula that offers help for people who are suffering! This Aronia extract supplement contains one of Mother Nature’s most powerful pain-soothing nutrients that science has discovered yet – anthocyanins, or ACNs for short.

Even if you have pain in many different places, the powerful ACNs in Antho-Soothe will make their way to every one of them to help you get relief! It supports health throughout your body. And it will do this for you without a single side effect!

Of course, I know there are hundreds of formulas available with many different, “super star” ingredients such as curcumin. BUT almost NONE of these formulas have the important new discovery – anthocyanins (ACNs).

If you don’t take Antho-Soothe, you’re probably missing this powerful ingredient that can help you conquer pain!

I speak from experience. I take several natural anti-inflammatories every day including Aronia, fish oil, and curcumin. Each one of them contains a different ingredient that can calm down chronic pain – and provide multiple other benefits as well!

I used to be nearly crippled with constant pain – and now I have hardly any pain at all!

And out of the natural substances I just mentioned, Aronia is probably the one that’s least known and hardest to get in the purity and potency you need. It’s the new kid on the block – an important pain breakthrough you don’t want to miss – but you probably will unless you take advantage of this offer.

The fact is, you need powerful pain-killing at the cellular level to help you. And you will NOT find Aronia extract in other formulas, or at the precise, standardized, scientifically-documented dosage I insisted on having in Antho-Soothe. It’s a rarity.

And for joint pain... If you already take a chondroitin/glucosamine or hyaluronic acid formula to help, those are NOT pain killers that can help you feel better fast. They can take months before you feel any different.

But with such powerful anti-pain power, Aronia can help NOW – to calm and relieve the places in your body that hurt the most.  Aronia extract has already brought relief to tens of thousands of people!

You will feel better – I’m so confident, I’ve arranged for you to try it now and pay for it later.  You don’t have to pay for it until 30 days from now – and only if you find it’s everything I’ve said it is.

Antho-Soothe was created specifically to help you address long-term, chronic pain, swelling and stiffness – using exciting new discoveries about anthocyanins (ACNs) that few people are taking advantage of. Antho-Soothe is your next giant step toward getting rid of the problem all together.

Don’t wait any longer... Set yourself free
from pain, swelling and stiffness!

You won’t get the extract of the Aronia berry in this kind of potency from any other source. I personally made sure the dose is strong enough to do the job – the kind of dose that produced results in the best clinical studies.

When you start taking Antho-Soothe, you’ll KNOW you’re not only getting the quick relief you need now, you’re also helping your overall health improve in a fundamental way!

Make Every Day
a “Good Day”

YOU are a perfect candidate for Antho-Soothe if:

If you know this situation all too well, like I once did, I encourage you to try the remarkable relief that comes from Antho-Soothe!

And don’t forget this...It works fast!

Antho-Soothe will go to work in as fast as 45–60 minutes to begin bringing your painful joints and tissues back down to normal size and help relieve you from your pain, swelling and stiffness.

It will help remove the direct cause of tender, aching, inflexible muscles and joints, allowing you to:

... Increase your joint flexibility

... Stop suffering from painful muscle and joint swelling

... Reduce stiffness and fatigue

... Experience freedom to move easily and enjoy your favorite activities again.

Antho-Soothe with Aronia is
different from
other pain relief
remedies you’ve ever tried ...

In my opinion, Antho-Soothe is one of the most important natural joint relief alternatives ever discovered.

Remember, the natural Aronia berry extract in Antho-Soothe neutralizes specific molecules known to cause inflammation and pain, like COX and IL-6. It will boost your body’s natural ability to control these molecules.

So if you’re in constant need of pain relief in any form ... drugstore products can become a "thing of the past" once you start Antho-Soothe.

Once you try it, I truly believe you’ll experience soothing relief from pain just about anywhere you’ve got it.

Antho-Soothe with Aronia is a 100% all-natural, and 100% safe product with NO side effects or harmful ingredients. So I guarantee you one thing for sure...

With Antho-Soothe you
won’t see the many
dangerous and
negative effects common to
pain products

No more worries about ulcers, bleeding, or damage to the heart, liver, and other organs. You can rest assured you’re taking the purest, safest, and most highly recognized Aronia pain remedy available anywhere!

Because I’m so sure that Antho-Soothe will help you... and because I want to make this natural breakthrough affordable to anyone who needs it... .

I’m making you a “no-strings-attached” offer...

Right now, from this page only, you can try ANTHO-SOOTHE for a full 30 days with ZERO RISK! Just pay $9.95 to cover shipping and handling and I’ll rush you a full 60-day supply with no obligation whatsoever.

Our Ironclad, No-Excuses Guarantee

You’ll get two bottles (a 60-day supply) of ANTHO-SOOTHE – a $79.90 value – with only $9.95 due today for shipping and handling. If for any reason – or no reason at all – you’re not absolutely thrilled with your results by day 30…

This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose.

I have enough confidence in Antho-Soothe to take a chance and send you a 60-day supply now for nothing except shipping and handling.

I realize I’m taking a chance here – yet once you try Antho-Soothe for yourself…

I Know You’ll Understand Exactly
Why I’m so Confident

The amazing, strong, pain-killing discovery in Antho-Soothe makes other relief formulas look like they’re “a few cards short of a full deck” as a friend of mine used to say.

If the powerful ACNs in Antho-Soothe aren’t part of your plan to get pain out of your life, you’re missing a vital ingredient.

Hundreds of products come on the market every year and promise you the world, but usually deliver nothing but disappointment. This one will give you what you need.

Just fair warning, though: I can only guarantee you access to this special introductory offer until our current inventory of Antho-Soothe™ runs out – and when that happens, this extremely generous offer to try it now and pay later may disappear without notice.

So to guarantee you receive the absolute best value – and a chance to experience the amazing benefits of pure, pain-clobbering Aronia berry extract while paying nothing today except the low cost of shipping and handling…

Click here to go straight to the secure checkout page and claim your risk-free trial of Antho-Soothe right now.

Don’t worry – your order information is safe and secure because we protect your credit card and your privacy from start to finish with the same online security system used by trusted companies like
Once again, I can’t emphasize enough that you must act right now, today, to claim this risk-free trial offer.

Then you’ll discover what thousands already know. . .

Antho-Soothe’s twice-a-day, easy-to-swallow capsules are rapidly absorbed and speed throughout your system to bring you fast relief.

In short order, you’ll join the thousands of EX-pain sufferers across the USA who now enjoy a strong, flexible, pain-free body.

Just as the Native Americans knew hundreds of years ago, Aronia berries are a genuine miracle of nature!  If you battle daily pain, I don’t know of a natural, do-it-yourself solution better than Antho-Soothe to help you move easier, laugh more, sleep better and get more out of life.

Of course, you could round up your own supply of fresh chokeberries and eat hundreds of them to experience the same benefits.  (As I said earlier, they don’t taste very good. . .) 

Or you can do it the easy way – the smart way.  You can simply reply now for Antho-Soothe and get the pain-killing power of a potent serving of Aronia berries concentrated into each capsule.

As a daily user of Antho-Soothe to calm my own pain, I give you my personal guarantee that you will be delighted with your results -- or your card won’t be charged as long as you let us know within 30 days.

You, too, can enjoy all the benefits of Antho-Soothe with complete confidence, no matter what your age, and no matter what other pain relief remedies you may be taking.  Antho-Soothe can help you quickly feel better than you have in years.

Don’t wait!  Click here now to get your own supply of Antho-Soothe — 100% Risk Free!

Yours for Great Health,

Lee Euler
Green Valley Natural Solutions

P.S.Let all natural Antho-Soothe give you the pain relief you need!  Click now if you’re in pain! You’ll get completely natural, real relief from discomfort.  All-natural Antho-Soothe is effective and COMPLETELY SAFE.  Remember, it’s been shown to have the same kind of COX-fighting-action as pain drugs, without the side effects!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Right now, from this page only, you can try ANTHO-SOOTHE for a full 30 days with ZERO RISK! Just pay $9.95 to cover shipping and handling and I’ll rush you a full 60-day supply with no obligation whatsoever.

Our Ironclad, No-Excuses Guarantee

You’ll get two bottles (a 60-day supply) of ANTHO-SOOTHE – a $79.90 value – with only $9.95 due today for shipping and handling. If for any reason – or no reason at all – you’re not absolutely thrilled with your results by day 30…

This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose.



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