The Nearly Forgotten Mineral Secret

Used by Teddy Roosevelt, Mark, Twain, and the Vanderbilts to BOOST Their Brain Power

READ ON to discover the surprising, turn-of-the-century fad that can work wonders to "de-age" your brain - so you can remember better, think faster, improve your moods - and protect your brain from the ravages of time...

Mark Twain knew this secret.

So did Theodore Roosevelt… Presidents Cleveland, Taft, and McKinley… and the Vanderbilt family.

That’s why they all visited the Sweetwater Park Hotel in Lithia Springs, GA.

Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, this 300-room resort over-delivered on luxury and comfort. Guests slept on comfortable, custom-made mattresses… drank fine European wines… and enjoyed electricity, indoor plumbing, and private baths (which were rare and expensive in those days).

But the secret had nothing to do with top-notch accommodations… excellent food… and impeccable service. In fact, it had little to do with the resort at all.

The truth is… Mark, Teddy, and thousands of others came to the Sweetwater Park Hotel to “take the waters” at the natural lithia water springs that lay about one mile away. They knew something special in the water could give them relief for their health problems.

The amazing thing is… as they drank and bathed in the water of Lithia Springs, their minds also felt refreshed… their moods brighter… and their memories sharper.

Researchers are now saying…

If this “secret” brain-booster is NOT found in your drinking water, your memory could be in BIG trouble

When scientists ran tests on the water at Lithia Springs, they discovered it contains a powerful, natural mineral that’s been proven to enhance and protect your brain function, so you can…

What’s more… this same brain-boosting mineral exists naturally (in varying quantities) in the drinking water throughout the world. And it does much more than just help you remember the items on your shopping list.

In a study conducted in Texas, researchers found that the counties with the leastamount of this “secret” mineral in their drinking water had dramatically greaternumbers of suicides, homicides, and rapes.1

How “dramatic” was the difference? Well, counties with the highest amounts of this mineral in their water supplies had nearly 40% fewer suicides than those with the lowest!

It’s clear this mineral makes people happier and healthier. But you haven’t seen anything yet…

This “smart” mineral literally changes
how your brain ages – so you can stay
as sharp-as-a-tack for decades to come

This is important, because, let’s face it…

The older you get, the more things seem to short-circuit in the ole “gray matter”…

That’s why “senior moments” are the subject of so many jokes. They seem to happen to all of us… eventually.

The mineral powerhouse that I’m about to reveal to you changes all that. It protects against two major causes of brain “failure,” which can help you keep a sharp, clear mind as you age. Plus, it even helps you grow new brain cells – something doctors used to think was impossible.

What is it? Let me give you a hint…

Mega doses of this mineral
have been used successfully for decades
to treat folks with serious mental illness

Since the 1970s, doctors have been prescribing this natural mind-saving wonder in HIGH doses to treat mental conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression.

Think you know what it is now?

If you guessed lithium, you’re right!

But let me clear something up right way. Contrary to popular belief, lithium is NOT a drug. It’s actually a natural mineral salt – like potassium is. 

And it’s been working like gangbusters to help people with severe brain disorders get their lives back.

But here’s what’s really interesting to me…

Despite the fact that doctors have seen lithium’s brain-boosting abilities with their own eyes, there’s still something most of them don’t know…

Tiny doses of this mineral breakthrough
help protect your brain and preserve
your memory as you age

It’s kind of ironic.

For nearly 50 years, one of the most powerful weapons for fighting memory loss and cognitive decline has been under the noses of our best brain experts – and they didn’t see it.

Granted, serious mental illness and age-related memory loss are two entirely different problems. But scientists are finally starting to realize that low doses of lithium – available without a prescription – help you…

Even the New York Times has jumped on the lithium bandwagon. In an article published in 2014, it said low doses of this overlooked mineral have the ability to protect and even enhance the growth of your neurons2 – and that helps keep your mind in top form as you age.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? There’s just one problem…

Studies have found that most drinking water does not contain enough lithium to give you these brain-boosting benefits. That’s why I take a small dose of this all-natural mineral every day. And I have to tell you…

Lithium has worked like gangbusters to
keep my mind young – and my memory razor-sharp

My name is Lee Euler. For more than 20 years now, I’ve been involved with natural health and healing as a writer, publisher, and advocate for health freedoms.

When I lost my mother Florence to severe, irreversible memory loss, I vowed to do everything in my power to protect and support my own memory and brain function – and help others (like you) to do the same.

That’s when I discovered studies on the neuroprotective abilities of low-dose lithium orotate. You’ll see some of them in a few moments, and you’ll be just as amazed as I was at how this powerful mineral works to boost and safeguard your brain as you age.

But here’s what really shocked me…

Despite its brain-saving abilities, hardly anyone was talking about lithium. Most health stores don’t even carry it! I knew something had to be done – and fast.

So I partnered with Green Valley Natural Solutions to bring Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate directly to you. And you may need its memory- and cognition-boosting powers more than you know, because…

Your “senior moments” are a sign
of how desperately your brain needs
lithium to function properly

Just think about it…

Since the moment you were born, billions of nerve cells in your brain have been sending messages throughout your body to control every breath… every heartbeat… every movement… every thought… and even every one of your moods.

Your brain never stops. It never takes a break. And those decades of ceaseless activity – along with the never-ending assault of free radicals and toxins – eventually take their toll on your gray matter. For example…

In fact, if you’re misplacing your keys… blanking out on people’s names… and forgetting important dates, those are signs you’re already feeling the effects of this natural “wear and tear” on your brain.

The good news is… you can say goodbye to embarrassing senior moments – and defend against independence-robbing memory loss.

Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate works in 4 powerful ways to protect and improve your brain health – so you can stay sharp and focused as you age…

Lithium Boosts Brain Function
for Improved Memory and Concentration

That’s right. Lithium helps your brain function better – by giving your neurons the amino acid they need to keep firing on all cylinders.

I’m talking about N-Acetyl-L-aspartate (NAA), which is found in your nerve cells. Your levels of this essential amino acid decrease as you age3 – and that makes it harder for your neurons to send and receive information.4

And when communication gets bogged down in your brain, fuzzy thinking… memory breakdowns… and lack of concentration are sure to follow.

The good news is… lithium boosts your levels of NAA. In a study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, researchers found that 3 out of 4 volunteers who took lithium for 4 weeks had a significant increase of NAA in their neurons.5

This helps keep your nerve cells functioning in top form – so you can think fast on your feet and recall facts quickly and easily. But, this is not the only way lithium helps improve your brain function. It’s also been proven in studies to:

With Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate, your overall brain communication improves – so your mind works better! And that’s just for starters. Check this out…

Lithium Prevents Your Brain from SHRINKING
by Helping It Grow NEW Gray Matter

Yes, I know it sounds fantastic, but your brain shrinks about 5% per decade after you turn 40 – and declines even more rapidly once you hit 70.10

In other words, you can lose 15% or more of your brain mass!

Unfortunately, most of these changes occur in your prefrontal cortex and hippocampus – two areas that are vital for learning, planning, and remembering things.

The problem is… brain shrinkage has been linked to cognitive decline… severe memory disorders… impaired motor function… and stroke – and increases your risk of experiencing major depression by an astounding 181%.11

Even worse, a shrinking brain sharply increases the risk of early death by as much as 70%!12

Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate helps put a stop to this brain erosion by protecting and renewing your gray matter – while generating healthy new brain cells.13 Just check out these study results…

So you can see… Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate helps you grow healthy, new brain cells – so you can keep your mind young and strong. But, it doesn’t stop there…

Lithium Blocks the Plaques and Tangles that
Steal Your Memory – and Lead to Brain “Failure”

You’ve probably heard of beta-amyloid plaques and tangles. In a study reported in the journal Annals of Neurology, autopsies of people with Alzheimer’s found that 9 out of 10 brains were damaged by these ruthless memory-robbers.17

These highly toxic proteins target the “memory saving” areas of your brain… clog up and “short circuit” your neurons… and trigger brain shrinkage and nerve cell death. They work overtime to steal away your memory – and dash any hopes you have of independence in your golden years.

That’s why lithium is such a godsend. Studies have found it has a neuroprotective effect that helps block both the beta-amyloid plaque and the mind-robbing tangles from forming.18

Plus, if you already have some of this toxic plaque in your brain, lithium helps protect your neurons from damage – and keeps your memory intact.

According to some amazing studies on lithium and brain health…

So, you can see how lithium is one of the most powerful ways to protect brain tissue against the worst kind of memory loss – and preserve your independence as you grow older. But we’re not done yet…

Lithium Protects Your Delicate Brain Cells from Damage

 You know those neuro-protective abilities of lithium I mentioned? Well, they don’t just defend against memory-stealing plaques and tangles. They also empower Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate to act like a cerebral “bodyguard” – protecting your brain cells from a non-stop bombardment of toxic substances.

Yes, unbeknownst to you, your brain cells are taking a continual beating from…

The end result is damage to your neurons… erosion of your gray matter… and even brain cell death. And that wreaks havoc with your ability to remember your granddaughter’s ballet recital… find those reading glasses… and learn how to send a text with your phone.

But take a look at what happens when you add lithium to the mix…

In a test tube study, Dr. De-Ma Chuang, a biologist at the National Institute of Mental Health, treated nerve cells with glutamate (a brain chemical that’s lethal in large doses) – and, unsurprisingly, all of the cells were destroyed.

But, when he added lithium to the cell culture before the glutamate, the neurons were almost completely protected from harm.

These lab culture results need to be confirmed in human studies. But, you can see how Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate helps safeguard your brain from being hammered by toxic substances and everyday “wear and tear” – so you can enjoy a strong, active mind and sharp memory as you age.

When you consider this powerful evidence – along with the results from other studies documenting lithium’s ability to boost memory and cognition… grow new, healthy brain cells… and protect against independence-robbing memory loss – you can see why I believe…

Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate
helps keep your brain YOUNG
for as long as possible

 You and I both know it’s not about impressing your friends at parties with how well you remember the details of your first prom.

Sure, that kind of thing is nice. But important? Not so much.

What IS important is the day-to-day stuff. How can you keep doctor appointments – or celebrate special events, like your anniversary – without a reliable memory?

How can you pay your bills… master your smartphone… and figure out the new coffeemaker without a sharp, focused mind?

And how can you expect to enjoy an active, independent life for as long as possible – if your brain doesn’t stay on top of its game?

With Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate, you protect your brain cells… improve your brain function… and grow new gray matter. And that helps you to stay mentally “young” and sharp for years longer than your peers.

I’ve been using low doses of lithium myself for more than 10 years, and I can confirm what the studies have found. I truly do feel the difference it’s made in my mental sharpness. But, before you try it for yourself, there’s something you should know…

To supercharge your memory
and grow new brain cells,
you must use the RIGHT form of lithium

Not all lithium is alike.

Take the lithium carbonate, for instance, that’s used to treat patients with serious brain disorders. The carbonate ion has trouble crossing the blood-brain barrier and reaching the brain. That’s why such large amounts of lithium carbonate are prescribed in order for patients to see benefits.

In contrast, Dr. Hans Nieper, German orthomolecular physician, said, “Lithium Orotate is better and much more effective, because this form is easily transported inside brain cells.”

You see… lithium orotate is more bioavailable than its carbonate cousin. That allows it to cross your blood-brain barrier with ease – and quickly deliver its mind-boosting, memory-protecting powers directly to your brain cells.

And, because it works better, all you need is a tiny dose of lithium orotate to boost your memory and protect your brain as you age. Even better…

Lithium Orotate is SO safe
– you can take it every day!

In low doses – like the tiny amount you get in Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate – lithium has been proven in studies to be perfectly safe.

So you can take it every day without worry or risks.

In fact, famous alternative doctor and best-selling author Jonathan Wright, M.D., says, “After decades of clinical research and laboratory testing of the compound on my patients, I’ve discovered that administering lithium orotate [in low doses] per day to be completely safe (without negative side effects or toxicity) and absolutely effective in the control of numerous mental, neurological and physical conditions.”

You can see why I’m so impressed with lithium orotate. The studies prove it’s a safe and effective way to support your memory… sharpen your focus… and keep your brain healthy as you age. And now…

You can try BEFORE you buy!
Just pay Shipping & Handling today
And you can try Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate
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You may already be experiencing the effects of aging and “wear and tear” on your brain. Car keys are misplaced. Names of people you’ve met are forgotten. And you can’t figure out how to post to Facebook on your new cell phone.

With Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate, you have the power to protect and “de-age” your brain – so you can boost your memory… stay mentally sharp… and enjoy an active, independent life for decades to come.

That’s why I feel it’s important to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to give lithium a try. So I’ve made special arrangements with Green Valley Natural Solutions to give you a unique, “Try Now – Pay Later” opportunity…

You just pay $7.95 Shipping & Handling up front – and we will send you one bottle of Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate (a two-month supply valued at $39.95).

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With the 100% risk-free guarantee – and the free 30-day trial period – there was never a better time to give Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate a try.

Even better…

If you place your order today…
I’ll send you a valuable Bonus Gift
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Of all the things I’ve discussed here today, brain shrinkage seems to worry people the most.

After all, the death of your brain cells and the erosion of your brain mass is more than just creepy. It sets you up for memory loss and other cognitive problems.

That’s why I want to give you a FREE Special Report called 7 Ways to Keep Your Brain from Shrinking.

You see… lithium isn’t the only substance that helps keep your brain in top shape. In this exclusive report, you’ll discover other nutrients – along with brain-protecting superfoods and simple lifestyle changes – that work together to…

This valuable report is yours for FREE – when you go to the secure checkout page and claim your risk-free trial of Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate today.

But, the decision is up to you. You can ignore the tell-tale signs of memory decline – the forgetfulness… the brain fog… and the confusion. And you can just hope for the best.


You can take powerful steps to boost your memory
and your brain health today

You’ve seen the facts.

You know the toll toxins and just plain “wear and tear” take on your brain cells. You’ve become aware of how just the simple act of aging can cause your neurons to die – and your brain to shrink. And you realize how these things can wreak havoc on your memory and cognition – and even boost your risk of severe memory problems that can cause you to lose pretty much everything.

But, you’ve also been given a ray of hope. Study after study shows how powerfully the natural mineral lithium orotate can protect your brain from damage and shrinkage – and boost your memory.

The problem is… unlike Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt, and the others who visited Lithia Springs, you cannot be certain lithium is in your water supply. Scientists have found that most drinking water does not contain enough lithium to make a positive impact on your brain health.

Today, I’m giving you a powerful, proven way to help protect your brain cells from harm… ward off the dreaded brain shrinkage that comes with aging… and boost your ability to remember, concentrate, and learn new things…

…And it’s absolutely 100% risk-free.

Just click here to complete your secure order on the next page – and try Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate for 30 days on us…

…And use the nearly-forgotten secret of Lithia Springs to stay sharp, active, and independent for decades to come.

Yours for better health,

Lee Euler,

Publisher, Author, and Health Freedom Advocate

P.S. Remember… You can try Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate for a full 30 days – and pay nothing today except for shipping and handling. And, if you aren’t over-the-moon happy with how great you feel, just let us know within 30 days, and your card will not be charged another cent. It’s 100% risk-free! So go ahead… give it a try today.

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The statements on this web page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

I’m so sure Brain Essentials: Lithium Orotate will protect your brain and give your memory a boost, I want you to give it a test run for a full 30 days – on us!

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This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose.

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