Dear Reader Desperate to Poop Normally Again,

This is your lucky day, dear reader…

…because soon after reading this, your frustrating battles with constipation will be over. For good.

This means no more camping out on the john and scrolling through your emails while you wait for your unreliable bowels to move…

And no more pushing, straining and grunting to make them move, only to be disappointed by a few rock-hard pellets.

Instead, you’ll enjoy a satisfying “smooth move.”
Every day. Every time. I promise!

From now on, you’re going to start your day right – just the way you did in your youth. Remember that?

Almost as soon as you sat down on the toilet, a long, thick, soft “log” (or two) would slide out with ease. You were done in less than 2 minutes, from start to finish. And when you got up, you felt completely relieved… fully “emptied”… leaner and lighter on your feet… and ready for the day ahead.

Now, that was a perfect poop!

So, what’s it going to take to bring back those good ole poops? More fiber? More exercise? Prune juice every morning? A laxative? An enema? A deep, cleansing colonic?

Surprise… none of the above!

The real secret of a perfect poop is something so teensy-tiny, that it’s invisible to the naked eye. In fact, it takes a powerful electron microscope to spot it.

This secret is a tiny bacterium that scientists have named Bifidobacterium longum BB536 (a.k.a “The Poopmaker”). It thrived in your large intestine (colon) when you were younger – but now no longer does because of aging and several destructive factors in our modern diet and environment.

That’s the reason you’re not pooping like you used to. Because your intestines don’t have enough of this all-important Poopmaker bacterium anymore – especially when you hit middle age.

And that’s what’s causing all your pushing, grunting and straining as try to pass those dry, rock-hard stools.

But this all changes for you, starting today!

Why The Poopmaker is

These days, the average adult colon doesn’t contain enough of The Poopmaker bacterium to produce normal, healthy bowel movements day after day. This is why so many folks suffer from constipation and other digestive-related problems.

In fact, scientists have found that the stools of constipated people contain far less of this important bacteriumand often none at all!

You see, Bifidobacterium longum BB536 doesn’t just help you poop…

…it is your poop! Let me explain…

Most people believe they are pooping out digested food. But the truth is, there’s actually very little food or fiber in your poop.

Instead, a healthy poop is mostly water – about 75% of the total volume. The solid part of your stool is made up of the bacteria which have thoroughly digested your food.

These masses of bacterial cells are what really gives bulk to your stool, not the fiber in your diet.

And since these bacteria trap and hold water, they also determine how soft or hard your poop will be. 

So, if you don’t have enough of The Poopmaker bacterium in your bowels, your poop will be dry, rock-hard and difficult to pass.

In other words, you’ll be constipated.

But you might say: “I take a probiotic supplement, but I’m still constipated.  What gives?” There’s a simple, yet surprising explanation for this…

Believe it or not, 99% of all probiotic products sold in the U.S. today do not contain The Poopmaker bacterium!

That’s why these products can’t relieve your constipation… or, soften-up your hardened stools… or, keep you as regular as you were in your youth. (Dimidi, 2014)

In fact, only one probiotic product currently available in the U.S. contains enough of this all-important bacterium to conquer constipation. Only one! (I’ll tell you more about it in a moment.)

How Japanese scientists re-created
Mother Nature’s original
“super-pooper” probiotic!

The science of probiotics is still in its infancy here in the U.S., but Japanese scientists have been studying it for decades – and their knowledge is light-years ahead of ours. For example…

Back in the 1960s, they discovered that The Poopmaker bacterium was the reason breast-fed infants have such superior immunity to infections and other diseases. (The infants’ intestines and digestive tracts are populated almost entirely – a whopping 99%! – by the super-beneficial Poopmaker bacterium.) (Yoshioka et al, 1991)

But as the breast-fed infant is weaned, the numbers of these protective bacteria begin to decrease to a scant 12% by age 24 (see chart at right) – and this reduction continues through old age, as pathogenic bacteria (the nasty, disease-causing kind) take their place. (This also is a big reason our health declines as we age… but more about this later.)

More Poopmaker bacteria
means better health!

When Chinese doctors examined the healthiest members of their population, they found that the healthiest people of all had the highest concentrations of The Poopmaker bacterium in their intestines. To their surprise, they discovered that healthy 90-year-olds had the same concentrations of The Poopmaker as healthy 30-year-olds!

Japanese scientists have long believed if they could restore the dominance of The Poopmaker bacterium in adults, they could not only end the scourge of constipation and other digestive problems…

…but this would also improve the overall health and natural immunity throughout adulthood!

After years of trial-and-error and more than 10,000 experiments, Japanese scientists were able to develop a super-hardy strain of The Poopmaker bacterium that can survive in adults, while restoring many of the health benefits we enjoyed in our formative years.1 Over 110 studies have documented its unique health-bestowing abilities – and it soon became…

The #1 best-selling probiotic supplement in Japan!

One of the most immediate benefits is how quickly The Poopmaker conquers chronic constipation. Six clinical studies confirmed that when researchers gave a supplement of The Poopmaker bacterium to constipated patients, it completely eliminated all 3 of their most vexing symptoms, including…

1. Hard, dry stools. Passing these are painful because you must push and strain – which puts dangerous pressure on your heart, arteries and brain.

2. Erratic, irregular bowel movements. Some people miss having a bowel movement for several days.  This is unhealthy and keeps toxic wastes “backed up” in your intestine, which can leak into your bloodstream.

3. Overgrowth of disease-causing “bad” bacteria and yeast in your bowels. These nasty microbes destroy your beneficial “good guy” bacteria, setting you up for inflammation, infections, disease and numerous health problems.

Yet, after only a few treatments with The Poopmaker bacterium, all of these symptoms completely vanished! Patients were able to poop normally and regularly again – just like they did in their youth.

Finally, The Poopmaker has made it to America!

So far, only one cutting-edge US company has recognized the tremendous importance of The Poopmaker bacterium and has created a vastly superior probiotic supplement that contains it…

Of course, I’m talking about the “smart nutrition” folks at Green Valley Natural Solutions.

Green Valley’s ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula is the first and only probiotic supplement available in the US that combines The Poopmaker BB-536 bacterium with 6 other strains of highly-beneficial bacteria.

The result is a “super-probiotic blend” that has been clinically-documented to eliminate constipation… improve your digestion… strengthen your immunity to illness and disease… and give you a comfortable, regular and fully-emptying bowel movement every time you go.

This is, without a doubt, the finest probiotic product available in the world!

Why probiotics are so important to your health:

It may surprise you to learn there are trillions of bacteria (more than 400 different species!) inhabiting your digestive tract at this very moment. Doctors refer to them as your “intestinal flora” or your microbiome.

Some of these bacteria are pathogenic and can cause disease, while many others are friendly (called probiotics; literally “supporting life”).

Probiotic bacteria are the good guys that help digest your food… strengthen your immunity to infections and disease… manufacture vitamins… reduce your levels of cholesterol and triglycerides… protect against diabetes, heart disease and hypertension… help with weight loss… improve your memory… brighten your moods2… and thanks to the Poopmaker, keep your bowels healthy and regular.

The bad guy bacteria can cause a variety of diseases and health problems, including food poisoning… parasites… yeast infections (Candida)… immune disorders...widespread inflammation… sore, aching joints… blood contamination… acne and complexion problems… depression and mood disorders… memory loss and Alzheimer’s3… even tumors.4

Now, here’s the thing: these good and bad bacteria are in a constant battle for dominance in your digestive tract.

If the probiotic good guys win, the results will be good health… problem-free digestion… regular bowel movements… clear skin… happy moods… and a stronger immune system.

But if the bad bacteria dominate, you’re not going to be a very happy (or a very healthy) camper.

So, who’s winning the battle for your gut?

Here’s a recent example of how important – and how powerful! – probiotic bacteria are...

Clostridium difficile (C. diff.) is a pathogenic (disease-causing) bacterium that lives in your colon. It doesn’t make you sick because its numbers are kept in check by your beneficial bacteria. But if this natural balance is upset, say by a course of antibiotics that wipes out your good guys, a deadly gut infection can occur.

In fact, C. diff. infections are nearly impossible to treat because the bacterium quickly becomes resistant to all antibiotic treatments. Patients develop badly inflamed intestines which constantly produce watery diarrhea that’s impossible to stop. Most patients usually die from extreme dehydration and malnutrition.

Doctors were literally out of effective treatments until a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that transplanting healthy gut bacteria into their colons from healthy donors halted the infections. The cure rate has been an astonishing 97%. (About 89% are cured after just one treatment.)

Now, doctors are experimenting with this “recolonizing” technique in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBS). Early results show improvement of symptoms in 100% of the patients receiving the transplants.5

Top 20 Health Benefits of Probiotics

Scientists are continually making new discoveries about the benefits of taking probiotics. Here are their most significant findings to date:

1. Protect against antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains (“supergerms”).

2. Help prevent and fight yeast infections (candidiasis).

3. Manufacture B vitamins and vitamin K.

4. Produce lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk.

5. Suppress bacteria that convert nitrates into carcinogenic nitrites.

6. Inhibit bacteria that secrete toxins and carcinogens

7. Function as natural antibiotics against pathogenic bacteria, viruses and yeasts.

8. Enhance regular bowel function.

9. Prevent and reverse constipation.

10. Reverse diarrhea conditions.

11. Relieve bloating, gas and abdominal cramps.

12. Improve skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

13. Protect against radiation and pollutants.

14. Reduce levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

15. Relieve food cravings to aid weight-loss.

16. Eliminate bad breath.

17. Optimize sex hormone levels.

18. Prevent osteoporosis.

19. Improve the digestibility of “problem” foods.

20. Beneficial in the treatment of numerous digestive medical conditions.

When your “good guy” bacteria need extra help:

Modern life is filled with numerous “probiotic inhibitors” which reduce your population of good guy bacteria, thus giving the edge to the bad guys and the health problems they can create.

Some of these inhibitors include: sugar… refined carbohydrates… caffeine… alcohol… chlorine and fluoride in tap water… tobacco use… emotional stress… plus prescription drugs, including painkillers, antibiotics, steroids, and vaccinations 6… and, of course, the aging process. (People over 50 tend to have lower levels of good bacteria.7

This also help explains why chronic constipation increases with advancing age, particularly in seniors. Several studies found the rate to be 30% and higher.8

Antibiotics are especially destructive to your beneficial bacteria – and this includes those in milk and other dairy products… conventionally-raised (non-organic) meats… plus “farmed” fish and seafoods.

Add to this the absence of foods in our modern diet that “feed” probiotic bacteria (called prebiotics) and help them flourish, such as fiber-rich grains, including barley, oats and flaxseed… fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickles and kimchee… and non-commercial yogurt.

You need only glance at the rising levels of gut-related diseases and inflammation-driven medical conditions – plus the rising incidence of constipation – to see that the bad guy bacteria are winning the battle for our guts today.

So, what can you do about all this?

Obviously, you can’t avoid all these factors all the time.

That’s why it’s important to take ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula every day to replace and restore the beneficial bacteria that are being destroyed by our modern diet and lifestyle!

Why? Because your body does not manufacture friendly, probiotic bacteria – they must be introduced from the outside!

And you can’t count on other products to get the job done because ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula is the only probiotic supplement available in the US that contains The Poopmaker bacterium, in combination with 6 additional highly-beneficial strains.

When the bad bacteria win, you suffer! Here’s why…

Your good bacteria (probiotics) are able to keep the bad bacteria (pathogens) under control by crowding them out – or directly killing them.

But it’s becoming very common these days for the bad guys to gain the upper hand in your gut. And that’s when trouble can start with your digestion, nutrient absorption, or waste elimination – or all 3!

You see, when the numbers of your good guy bacteria drop off, the bad guys start to multiply and take their place. When this happens, you can suffer from…

Constipation. According to research published in the journal Nature, constipation is a sign that your gut has much higher levels of bad bacteria and lower levels of good bacteria.

If you’re constipated, you may have up to 1,000 times more bad bacteria and 10 times more Candida (an ugly yeast infection) compared to non-constipated people.

Why so many bad guys in your gut?  Because a backed-up bowel provides the ideal conditions for bad bacteria to multiply.

This army of bad guys can easily overwhelm and destroy your good guy bacteria such as The Poopmaker and other Bifidobacteria – the very ones you need in order to stay regular!

Even worse, it’s easy for these pathogenic bacteria to poke holes in the walls of your intestines and escape into your bloodstream where they can cause serious health problems.

Bloating. When your bowels aren’t moving, undigested food can rot in your bowel which creates painful gas bubbles composed of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane.

Chronic Farts. When your bowel is filled with backed-up fecal matter, it produces stinky methane gas which can escape uncontrollably – often at embarrassing times.

Inflammation. When backed-up feces and pathogenic bacteria are in contact with the delicate inner wall of your intestines, painful irritation can result. It’s certainly not healthy to have rotting food and old fecal matter sitting around in your bowels!

Auto-Putrefaction. This is a fancy word for “sickened from the inside.”  Some doctors believe this happens when bad bacteria and fecal matter pass through the intestinal walls and enter the bloodstream.

These problems are your gut’s
“call for reinforcements!”

To put an end to these problems, your good guy bacteria need your help to get the upper hand again – by sending in an army of “probiotic reinforcements” with ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula.  

Each daily capsule provides 2 billion CFUs of the constipation-busting Poopmaker bacterium(Bifidobacterium longum BB536) – plus 6 additional probiotic strains that are clinically-proven to improve your digestion and healthy bowel function (including Bifidobacteria Lactis… Bifidobacteria Breve… Bifidobacteria Longum… and Bifidobacteria Bifidum).

ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula also includes two Lactobacillus strains (Acidophilus and Plantarum), which enhance your immune health… help you better digest dairy foods… and suppress pathogenic bacteria in your digestive tract.

The health benefits of these 7 VIP (Very Important Probiotic) strains of beneficial bacteria are documented by more than 120 clinical studies ranging from cholesterol control… to immunity improvement… to tumor-suppression.

Unfortunately, these are the same bacteria strains that are usually depleted as you age – which is why reinforcing their presence in your gut can be vital to your overall health and wellness.

What’s missing from other
probiotic products? PLENTY!

Unless your probiotic has all 7 of these VIP strains, you’re wasting your time and money.

You see, the human gut contains more than 400 species of beneficial bacteria that help digest your food, strengthen your immunity, and destroy disease-causing pathogens, viruses, and yeasts.

But only a small number of gut bacterial strains (less than 20) do most of this good work – with these 7 VIP strains performing the most important functions.

These are the very same VIP bacteria you’ll find in ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formulaand no other probiotic product available in the US has them all! 

Each easy-to- swallow capsule delivers… 

27 billion new probiotic good guys every day
for top-to-bottom protection for
every inch of your gut and bowel!

These good guy bacteria multiply in your intestines, 24/7 – destroying nasty pathogens, viruses and yeasts…

…and enabling you to have perfect poops. Every day. Every time.

That’s why we use 7 different strains of VIP bacteria in ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula. Because each individual strain has a unique job to do – and a specific area of your digestive system to defend.

For example, the Bifido bacteria strains – especially The Poopmaker – work best in your large intestine, while Lactobacillus is most effective in the small intestine.

And that’s the reason products with only one or two strains are inferior – and a waste of your money.

But more isn’t necessarily better. Some products boast of having a long list of probiotic strains. This may sound impressive, but the average-size capsule can’t possible contain enough of each strain to be effective.

Regardless of what their labels say, these products can’t possibly help you if their beneficial bacteria aren’t alive. And a shocking study has recently discovered that the probiotics in many of the products sold today aren’t!

One-third of all probiotic products
contain less than 1% of the
“live” bacteria their labels claim!

When Consumer Lab, an independent testing agency, examined the 25 most popular probiotic products9, its researchers made a stunning discovery:

One-third of all the products they tested contained less than 1% of the “live” bacteria promised on their labels!

This happens because the CFUs for these products are calculated at the time they are manufactured, not when you take them.

This means there’s really no telling how many CFUs you’re actually getting!

Another problem:  many products require refrigeration to keep their bacteria alive.  So, they can perish while being shipped or as they sit on store shelves…

…which can completely destroy their potency – and waste your money!

That could be the real reason why many dissatisfied customers complain: “It didn’t work for me!”

But this won’t happen with ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula because…

…our live bacteria stay “live” – without refrigeration! – thanks to the unique way ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility dedicated solely to probiotics. This is important because probiotics have precise requirements for remaining “live” until they reach their ultimate destination: your digestive tract!

Our unique Stability Shield™ bottle
keeps our 7 VIP probiotics alive and well!

That’s why we developed a patented Stability Shield™ bottle for keeping our VIP bacteria alive and well. This is important because the 2 greatest threats that can kill probiotics are (1.) moisture/humidity... and (2.) heat.

You see, moisture is “death” to probiotic bacteria – and bottles made of amber-colored glass or plastic can’t keep it out. But our patented Stability Shield™ bottle provides 6 times greater protection from moisture than either type of bottle. Here’s how…

Most probiotic capsules are bottled along with a small packet of tiny desiccant pebbles which are there to absorb any atmospheric moisture that gets inside the bottle when you open it. But this is hardly sufficient protection.

That’s why our Stability Shield bottle includes an uninterrupted layer of desiccant around the entire inside bottle to eliminate moisture. (This inner layer also protects the probiotic bacteria from destructive heat.)

No other probiotic product available in the US comes in a protective bottle like this – and careful laboratory tests (see the chart at right) actually prove this extra protection really works.

These test results are your guarantee that the CFUs on our label accurately represent the amount of beneficial probiotic bacteria you’re actually getting!

And ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula contains another superior ingredient you won’t find in typical probiotic products…

Zinc – for Teflon-strong intestinal walls!

Not just any zinc, either. We added a special form of zinc (bisglycinate chelate) to ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula to provide you with some very important benefits. Specifically…

This type of zinc helps strengthen your colon walls so they resist “leaking.”  The walls of your intestines are a crucial barrier to the toxic substances generated by pathogenic bacteria and decaying feces. If you don’t have enough of this form of zinc, the results can be catastrophic. (Zinc also helps the good guy bacteria in your gut and controls the bad guys.)

Unfortunately, research shows that nearly half of adults aged 60+ are zinc-deficient.

To better protect you, we added zinc bisglycinate chelate to our ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula because studies show that it is absorbed 43% better and faster than the most common form of zinc (gluconate). So, by adding it, the Green Valley scientists have created…


“The best probiotic supplement on earth!”

By combining The Poopmaker (Bifidobacterium longum BB536)… with the 6 VIP beneficial guy bacterial strains… along with zinc bisglycinate chelate, ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula is the world’s most effective “super-probiotic” supplement that’s clinically proven to give you perfect poops. Every day and every time. And to end your constipation and digestive problems. Fast and forever.

What’s more, our patented Stability Shield™ bottle guarantees that the amount of beneficial “live” bacteria listed on our label is the amount you’ll actually be receiving!

Your gut bacteria need extra help after 50:

The older you get, the more your beneficial gut bacteria need a helping hand – and that’s exactly what Green Valley’s ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula provides. Let me explain…

If you’re over 50, the population of beneficial bacteria in your gut and bowels has been significantly reduced – and this allows trouble-making pathogens, viruses and yeasts to gain the upper hand.

That’s why you need to start “sending in” reinforcements of beneficial bacteria – especially when you reach middle-age.

Remember: your body doesn’t manufacture these friendly, health-supporting probiotics, so you must get them from a top-quality “outside” source such as ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula.

Each easy-to-swallow capsule contains over 27 billion of these hard-working good guys, including all 7 VIP strains of beneficial bacteria to restore law and order throughout your entire digestive tract.

These tiny helpers get right to work, getting rid of the gunk… the smelly gas… the bloated sensation… and that miserable “can’t go” feeling.

One capsule every morning and you’ll be “going” like clockwork before you know it. You’ll feel “emptied.” And you’ll be pooping better than you ever have in your adult life – whether you’re at home or on the road, because ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula is also…

“A traveler’s best friend”

How many times have you enjoyed lunch or dinner at a restaurant – and hours later suffered an upset stomach, painful cramps or diarrhea?

More often than not, the cause is pathogenic bacteria that breed on food left unrefrigerated or from unsanitary conditions in the kitchen.

You can’t control restaurant hygiene, but you can make sure your digestive tract contains plenty of “good guy” probiotic bacteria to fight-off these bad guys when they invade your gut. It’s your best defense against “restaurant revenge!”

That’s just another reason to take ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula every day!

It contains all the 7 VIP beneficial bacteria that keep your digestive system running smoothly – even when you’re travelling in a foreign country! It’s like “traveler’s insurance” for your digestive tract.

And because these live bacteria are protected from moisture and heat by our patented Stability Shield™ bottle, travelling with ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula is a cinch.

A great day starts with a
“good poo!”

That’s because a healthy bowel movement signals that everything is working smoothly down there.

“Good health begins in the gut,” as Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, stated over 2000 years ago. And this wisdom is just as true today – and maybe more so.

You see, digestive troubles and constipation can be one of the early warning signs that you’re not as healthy as you should be.

And bacterial overgrowth in your bowels could be the underlying cause.

When bad poops happen to good people…

Constipation occurs when the bad bacteria outnumber the friendly ones in your digestive tract.  Other symptoms may include:  excessive gas... belly bloating... diarrhea or constipation... and abdominal pain.

How can you tell if the bad bacteria are winning the battle for your gut?

Well, you definitely feel it! You can also see it in your stool.

In fact, your daily stool can reveal a lot about what’s happening with your health. Here are some telltale signs to look for before you flush the toilet:

Which type of pooper are you?

Infrequent. If you’re not pooping once or twice a day, waste products are sitting in your bowels too long.  This ups the chance toxins could leak through your intestinal walls and into your bloodstream.

Undigested. If you’re seeing undigested food bits in your stool, it could indicate a food intolerance… insufficient stomach acid… or that you’re not chewing enough.

Pencil-thin. Indicates high stress and perhaps excessive sugar in your diet. This creates an acidic environment in your bowel which encourages the growth of bad bacteria.

Loose and runny. Your body is trying to rid itself of something toxic inside of you – perhaps bad bacteria from spoiled or infected food.

Rabbit pellets. This is a sure sign your gut flora may be out of balance – and that you need more probiotic bacteria.

Hard lumps. This indicates wastes are sitting in your colon for too long. The large diameter of these poops can cause straining, pain, and bleeding as they exit.

Floaters. These are usually lighter in color and float to the surface, a sign that stools are passing too quickly. Possibly a result of undigested fats or insufficient bile.

Stinky sinkers. These are dark and foul-smelling – a dead giveaway of bacterial overgrowth. Usually caused by too many processed foods, toxins or prescription drugs.

If your bathroom habits fit any of these descriptions, I invite you to give ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula a 30-Day No-Risk Trial.

Here’s our promise to you:

“You must feel better – and poop better! – after only a few days, or its free!

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to give ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula a no-risk, no obligation trial for a full 30 days absolutely free. Here’s our offer:

1. Simply click here and we will rush 2 bottles to you (a 60-day supply).  You pay nothing today except a small charge for shipping & handling.  (This barely covers our costs.)

2. If ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula isn’t everything I’ve promised, simply call or email me within 30 days, and your credit card will not be charged for the product.  You have a full 30 days to try it and decide for yourself. 

You only pay if it works for you!

Why such an incredibly generous offer?  Because we are so confident that ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula can put an end to your constipation troubles and help you enjoy a perfect poop. Every day and every time.

I told you this was your lucky day, didn’t I?

It’s time to put an end to constipation… erratic and irregular poops… hard stools… plus all that straining and pushing to get relief.

Yes, it’s time to get as regular as clockwork. To rid yourself of those nasty pathogenic bacteria and toxins in your gut.  And to help your probiotic good guys get – and keep! – the healthy advantage in your gut.

It takes just 5 seconds a day!

And it’s as easy as 1-2-3…

1. Just pluck one small capsule of ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula from our protective Stability Shield™ bottle every morning.

2. Place it in your mouth and prepare to swallow.

3. Wash it down with a mouthful of water or juice.

That’s it – and you’re covered for the day!

In minutes, 27 billion VIP beneficial bacteria will spread through your digestive system and begin multiplying their numbers.

As all 7 VIP varieties of Nature’s most beneficial probiotic bacteria begin to colonize your bowels, your digestion will improve… your stool will soften, become bulkier and easier to pass… the bad bacteria “down there” will be destroyed and replaced by billions of beneficial good guys… you’ll absorb the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your food much better… and you’ll be eliminating toxins and wastes from your body much faster and better.

Before you know it, you’ll be passing “perfect poops” as soon as you sit on the toilet. Every day. Every time!

No more straining. No more grunting. No more sitting and waiting forever. You’ll enjoy a “smooth move” every time with ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula – or its free!

Start pooping perfectly again!

Please, don’t hesitate to claim your 2 bottles of ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula for this 30-Day Risk-Free Trial. You pay just $9.95 shipping & handling now.

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So, please take a moment to order your trial supply with this 100% risk-free offer today.  You’ll be glad you did as you beat the three worst constipation problems at once: (1) Rock-hard stools… (2) Infrequent and irregular bowel movements… and (3) Overgrowth of bad bacteria and toxins in your gut…safely, naturally and gently.

Don’t suffer from being “backed up” with constipation one more day. Get the very best relief on earth – with ComfortPro.

Yours truly,

Lee Euler, President
Green Valley Natural Solutions


P.S. Remember, you’ll get two FREE Gifts when you request your two bottles of ComfortPro Premium Probiotic Formula for just $9.95 shipping & handling. They’re yours to keep forever just for giving this constipation relief breakthrough a try! You’ll have plenty of time to know if it’s working for you. Studies show dramatic results in as little as 14 days.  Before you know it, you can be “regular” again. So, what are you waiting for?

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