Shocking new findings from medical researchers and gastroenterologists reveal that even if you have a bowel movement every day, if you still have gas, bloating, and other digestive problems, then you most likely have...

“Hidden Constipation

A recent study reports that more than HALF of patients— 62 percent—have colons plugged up with layers of filthy, Find out what researchers did to END it and get rid of this fecal build-up once and for all!decayed, crusty fecal matter...

...even though over 80 percent had bowel movements every day without straining!

And get this: Studies show laxatives don't work for most seniors!

Colon autopsies show it and now studies prove that—even if you have a regular, daily bowel movement—you may possibly have 10-12 lbs. of hardened, toxic, bacteria-laden fecal matter stuck in your intestines

Breakthrough study results from the prestigious Department of Organ Surgery and Gastroenterological Clinic in Elsinore, Denmark reveal that millions of people unknowingly have these large “fecal reservoirs” which back up your entire colon, anus and rectum with solid feces.

This causes “bloating, abdominal pressure, diarrhea, and gastric discomfort...”

These layers of dried up, dirty fecal matter are the REAL cause of your digestive nightmares, and no synthetic laxatives or enema can get this toxic, rotting mess out of you!

Keep reading and find out what researchers did to END it and get rid of this fecal build-up once and for all!

Colon autopsies show it...
Colon studies prove it!

Layers and layers of decayed fecal matter packed into your colon walls cause hidden constipation, gas, bloating, fatigue, abdominal pain, and even worse health problems you never suspected were related!

Frightening new reports show how this toxic mess stored for years inside your colon leaks out and poisons your cells and other organs!

I’ve got an urgent warning for you if you are experiencing any of the following…

If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, then it’s vital that you clean out your colon now!

Colon doctors and researchers now reveal that even if you have regular, daily bowel movements, you most likely have decades worth—often up to 10-12 pounds—of putrid, rotten waste matter buildup on the inside of your colon, causing digestive problems. This toxic mess can seriously impact your health down the road.

If you’re thinking, “That’s not me… I have a bowel movement every day,” then you’ll be shocked to know…

An astonishing new study shocked medical researchers at the Department of Organ Surgery and Gastroenterological Clinic at the renowned Elsinore Hospital in Denmark. It showed that out of 251 men and women with various digestive issues, ranging in age from 26-89, a whopping 62 percent of the patients in the study had built-up, dirty fecal reservoirs in their right-sided colon and their rectums. And the real shocker was that over 80 percent of these people had defecated once normally every day—without straining!

Researchers were so stunned at their findings they actually called this condition a new name: "fully developed Hidden Constipation Syndrome." Doctor notes state that when examining patients in the study they could feel a fecal mass when examining patients, especially on the right side.

This mass was verified using several medical techniques including abdominal ultrasound, digital rectal exams, biochemical tests, and ano-rectoscopy without cleansing so that they could really see what was built up inside patient colons.

To make doubly sure, doctors also used colon barium enemas to identify polyps or other pathology that could be mistaken as lumped fecal matter.

It’s hard to shock medical researchers, but these scientists were speechless!  The real danger of Hidden Constipation Syndrome, doctors warn, is that because people have daily bowel movements, neither patients nor their physicians ever suspect that symptoms like bloating, tenderness, diarrhea, or abdominal pain, or smelly gas are related!

Hidden Constipation Syndrome actually remains for years undetected! 

It’s no wonder they say, “death begins in the colon!”

Alarming reports like these have convinced many doctors—without a doubt—that detoxifying and purifying your colon is more important than ever. Just look at…

How Danish researchers
finally got RID of the problem…

 When doctors gave patients they diagnosed with Hidden Constipation Syndrome a treatment that included a high quality soluble fiber called Psyllium, they saw the patients’ abdominal mass fall from 42% to 17%…and ano-rectal constipation reduced from 62% to 19%! Patients were thrilled to report easier bowel movements, along with less bloating, pressure and gas, too. 

Based on this research, a new formula has emerged with ingredients that can help detoxify and purify your colon.  It’s called Colon Ultra Cleanse and it contains the same kind of soluble fiber source used to treat people successfully in the Danish study along with five MORE ingredients that rid your colon of impurities and promote good bowel movement…in most cases in just days or weeks!

Keep reading this Special Report to discover how Colon Ultra Cleanse will work for you. You pay nothing but shipping & handling now - and you never pay another cent if you decide Colon Ultra Cleanse is not eveyrthing you expect, and more! So you can try it absolutely RISK-FREE. It's urgent you DO try it because....

“Autopsies show colons swollen
to twice their size!”

…and most colons are plugged up with old, rotting waste material, becoming a nasty breeding ground for dangerous bacteria!

Autopsy reports even show that the longer the waste stays in your colon, the more toxic it becomes. These poisonous toxins leak out of your colon through tiny blood vessels and poison the rest of your organs.

Prof. Arnold Ehret of Berlin—the father of colon autopsy research and colon health—first warned the world about the dangers of this toxic build-up in your colon in his famous book, The Definitive Cure of Chronic Constipation.

In his shocking reports on colon autopsies, Prof. Ehret states, “…out of 284 cases of autopsy held, only 28 colons were found to be free from hardened feces…The others were to an extent encrusted with hardened, rotten, rejected food material. Many were distended to twice their natural size!”

Here’s how the toxins take over...

Believe it or not, your toilet is probably cleaner than your colon right now!

If there’s one thing to glean from this special report, it’s this: You’ll never be truly healthy…you’ll never have regular bowel movements…and you’ll never have a flat stomach again UNTIL YOU CLEAN OUT YOUR COLON. To understand why, it’s critical that you first discover…

The simple toxin-flushing secret of healthy people:
See and feel the Colon Ultra Cleanse difference…
…and get back to having regular bowel movements!

What happens when food rots in your colon
for months, years and even decades!

Your colon’s main job is to squeeze water and nutrients out of your food as it’s digested to keep your body hydrated and provide nourishment. When you don’t drink enough water, the food inside your colon dries out too much and gets squeezed into tiny balls of fecal matter. Your colon packs it down so hard that these tiny balls become too hard to pass…and you become constipated! And when you do go - it's like trying to pass boulders.

That’s when your real trouble starts, because when your colon becomes overloaded, that rotting fecal matter has to go somewhere! Bad things start to happen in your body, such as…

Gradually your tissues, glands and organs suffer the consequences, impacting your overall health and well-being!

The first thing you really need to purify your body
and finally get “regular”

Food goes through your stomach and enters your small intestines as a semi-liquid mixture of undigested food, fiber, enzymes, and things your body can’t use, which turn into waste. This mixture is called chyme (pronounced “kime”). It’s moved through your intestines by muscle contractions called peristalsis

Did you know it takes you about 100 hours to digest a meal? That means your intestines hold about eight meals at a time. The meal you eat today pushes out a meal you ate several days ago.

Normal peristalsis happens only if you have enough thick, voluminous chyme to trigger your colon muscles to push the waste materials along toward your rectum and out your anus

And guess what makes your chyme build enough volume to do this?  FIBER! Yep, fiber bulks up your chyme—giving it the volume it needs—to “push the “on button” of peristalsis and begin to move the food through and the waste out!

But when you eat food that lacks fiber—over weeks, years, even decades—your volume of chyme drops dramatically. There’s less and less volume in your intestines to stimulate the muscles so your natural peristalsis motion that moves out the poop at a normal rate now slows down to a crawl!

How your stool gets crusty, hard

Now working at a slow crawl, your colon struggles daily to keep on doing its job.  It moves your chyme through super slowly and only gets a little fecal matter out of your body at a time. That’s because the longer the chyme stays in your colon, the more dried-out and rock-hard your poop gets! It’s like a big truck getting stuck in the mud: it just sits there, unable to move backwards or forwards.

By the time you strain and struggle and finally do have a bowel movement, you’re actually evacuating a meal you ate that’s really old…even weeks or months old!

Even worse, these fecal “rocks” make your colon walls rigid, make your stomach stick out, and stop your nutrients from being absorbed. The longer they stay in there, the more of this toxic mess leaks out into the rest of your body, making you feel weak, sluggish and exhausted every morning.

Now let’s be clear here:

When your colon gets to this backed-up state, adding an apple or a bowl of bran cereal to your diet is not going to do the job! To detoxify and purify your colon and your whole body, after years of neglect, you need to bring in the big guns: Colon Ultra Cleanse is the answer.

People rely on the high-quality fiber blend in Colon Ultra Cleanse because it’s designed specifically to get rid of this toxic fecal load. The pysllium and other fiber in Colon Ultra Cleanse does this by actually expanding in your colon to naturally bulk you up and gently stimulate your colon back into peristalsis action!

A harsh stimulant laxative relieves constipation only temporarily…but Colon Ultra Cleanse also tones and helps your colon walls get healthy so your natural peristalsis can start up again and keep on working!

The Simple Toxin-Flushing Secret that Finally Cleans Out the Fecal Waste Buildup!

Colon Ultra Cleanse is the scientifically-formulated, total detoxifying and purifying remedy that really works…the first time you take it!

This breakthrough goes beyond synthetic, store-bought laxatives, fiber drinks, probiotics, and even drastic enemas to solve all kinds of annoying health problems, including:

What’s the difference between
Colon Ultra Cleanse
and other colon cleanses?

If you’ve ever read about colon cleanses – or even tried one – you know they can be very harsh. They clean you out, alright, but it can be a nasty business! What’s more, they aren’t considered safe for long-term use. You “do the cleanse” for a few days or a week – but then you have to get off it (and you’ll probably want to!)

And after the cleanse is over. . .Hidden Constipation Syndrome returns!

In other words, most colon cleanses aren’t a permanent fix. They’re a Band-Aid solution.

Colon Ultra Cleanse is different. It’s not harsh and it’s designed to be safe for long-term use. It’s a cleanse for life – not just for a week or two.

When you get your first bottle of Colon Ultra Cleanse, you’ll see the pills are small. Most people only need one or two a day. But you can safely take up to six a day if that’s what you need to get things moving.

And after you’ve got yourself cleaned out, you can cut back to a maintenance dose that’s right for you – and stay on it for as long as needed.

I’m so sure Colon Ultra Cleanse will help you feel energized, lighter, thinner and just plain happier, that I’ll let you try it for 30 days risk-free! Here’s my "no strings attached" offer to you...

Try Colon Ultra Cleanse for 30 days risk-free. Just pay $9.95 shipping and handling and we'll send you a 60-day supply of Colon Ultra Cleanse. If you’re not utterly delighted with your results by day 30, just call or email us, then send back the unused portion to us -- and we will never charge you another cent.

This is a 100% ironclad guarantee, so you can’t possibly lose.

PLUS we’ll send you four free gifts valued at nearly $70 just for trying Colon Ultra Cleanse. They’re yours to keep even if you’re not satisfied.

I have enough confidence in Colon Ultra Cleanse to take a chance and send you two bottles now for nothing but shipping & handling.  You’ll see why I’m so sure when you try it.  And it’s very important you do try it.  Just think about this. . .

If you left food out on the table for a week… would you still eat it? How about a month…or even years?

Of course not! You know that food starts to decay and become dangerous after just hours sitting out. But you may not realize it…or even want to believe it…but this same thing is happening inside your colon every day!

It can take about 100 hours to process a single meal, so your colon holds about eight meals’ worth of food at a time. And every time a new meal goes in, you should be pushing one out from a few days ago. So if you eat three times a day, you should be having at least one bowel movement a day - and many colon health experts say you should have two or three i.e. one after every meal!

If you’re like most people, eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) that lacks high amounts of fiber and enough fluids, you’ve most likely got weeks, months, or even years’ worth of festering, decayed bits and lumps of food rotting in your colon right now!

If you doubt that you have this problem, you’ll want to check these…

8 Hidden Signs of an Overloaded, Toxic Colon:

Passing hard stool infrequently or while straining is only the first sign of a problem. Your colon is packed with layers of old, crusted fecal matter IF YOUR STOOL…

  1. Sinks Quickly:
    “Fast sinkers” mean you’re not eating enough fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains, or drinking enough water. These stools are often dark because they’ve been sitting in your intestines for a prolonged time. It should drop in, then slowly descend.
  2. Floats or Sticks to the Sides of the Toilet Bowl:
    If it’s smeared to the sides of the bowl and sticks, floats, or is hard to flush down, then you’ve got too much fat in your stool.
  3. Is Shaped Like a Pencil:
    This pencil-thin stool is a sign of a spleen deficiency and happens when a bowel movement is difficult to end. Stress and overwork trigger this, as well as too much fried or greasy food, dairy foods, raw fruits and vegetables, and even too many cold drinks! A bowel obstruction can be the cause, too.
  4. Comes in Ball-Shaped Pellets:
    Small, round balls like pellets that drop one at a time are the result of liver stagnation, stress and a lack of exercise, all of which slow down the process of emptying the colon.
  5. Is Yellow, Green, or Grey:
    Greenish stool means that the food passed through your intestines faster than normally, before it could change to brown. Diarrhea is a good example of this.  Yellowish means food is moving through your digestive tract too quickly. Grey, pale-looking stool might also be shiny or greasy, might float, and might be foul-smelling, due to undigested fat in the stool or to excessive use of antacids containing aluminum hydroxide.
  6. Is Soft or Very Smelly:
    A sure sign that your stool contains too many fats in your small intestine. The cause is chronic stress, diabetes, immune deficiency, inadequate fiber, and use of oral contraceptives and other drugs.
  7. Contains White Mucus:
    Whitish mucus in your stool might indicate your intestines are not functioning at peak efficiency. Either constipation or diarrhea can cause you to see mucus.
  8. Is Loose Like Diarrhea:
    Loose stools and abdominal bloating can be signs of a condition known in Chinese medicine as “spleen qi deficiency.” It’s linked to tiredness and weak digestion brought on by stress and poor diet.

What an ideal bowel movement should look like…

Your stool should come out of you FAST—within seconds—easily, without straining or discomfort. It should be a medium-brown color, like a cardboard box.  To come out quickly and easily, it should have the consistency of toothpaste.

It should be shaped like a banana and be about 4 to 8 inches long. Your stool should enter the water smoothly and, once there, descend slowly—not sink like a stone, or float!

There should be little gas or odor. And you should only have to wipe once, not keeping wiping more blobs!  

Rule of thumb: If you’re in the bathroom longer than a few minutes total or if you have time to read there…then it’s time to give your digestive system a break with Colon Ultra Cleanse!

The best way to stop the cycle of constipation, gas, bloating and other digestive problems is to detoxify and purify your colon the natural, gentle way with Colon Ultra Cleanse.

Here's what folks—just like you—are saying about this remarkable formula...

Melanie G.

"It really worked!"

"Before trying Colon Ultra Cleanse™, I had serious problems going to the bathroom. So I was a little skeptical at first about your promise. But, I am pleasantly happy to report that it really worked for me!"

"I took 2 pills a day—and that was enough to get me moving. My poop came out like it was supposed to! After a few weeks of being regular, I only need to take 1 pill a day. I would recommend Colon Ultra Cleanse™ to anyone who wants to be regular or has issues going."

—Melanie G., Silver Spring, MD *

I. Germain

"I'm finally REGULAR!"

"Colon Ultra Cleanse™ may be the BEST cleanser I've ever tried! No cramps. Very natural. "Smooth delivery"—I know, TMI—right? But I can't help it, I'm so happy with my results! I am finally REGULAR! Thank you!"

—I. Germain, Homestead, FL *


"I do believe your Ultra Colon Cleanse™
saved my life!"

"I'm 76—have COPD. For over a year-and-a-half I had such gas that it affected my breathing the minute I ate anything... I saw a gastro-enterologist—endoscopy—colonoscopy—waste of time. Still same complaints. I've tried some other colon cleansers—nil. Decided to try yours when the brochure arrived in the mail. I was desperate. Best thing I ever did. I cannot believe that after two or three weeks I am still going—3 to 5 times daily... I feel so good lately. Thanks ever so much. Your product is GREAT."

—P.D., Florida

*Results not typical

You'll want it for sure after you read about this next chamber of horrors!

Laxatives – Your Colon’s WORST enemy!

They rip through your colon, causing you more pain,
and eventually disable your colon muscles so they
don't work like they're supposed to!

Till now, most doctors thought constipation was a minor little annoyance that you could solve with a laxative. That’s because laxative companies produce more than 700 laxative products and spend multi-millions promoting them as a quick fix. So, for lack of a better solution, doctors keep on recommending them.

But recently, the esteemed Mayo Clinic announced that long-term use of stimulant laxatives is downright dangerous to your colon!  Doctors at Mayo warned, “If you frequently use certain laxatives over a period of weeks or months, they can decrease your colon's natural ability to contract and actually worsen constipation. In severe cases, overuse of laxatives can damage nerves, muscles and tissues of the large intestine.”

Study shows laxatives don’t work for people over 65!

Doctors Petticrew, Watt and Sheldon were shocked at their own research results in a study done of the effectiveness of synthetic, over-the-counter laxatives on elderly people, which appeared in Health Technology Assessment.

Studying only people age 65 or older, the doctors concluded that they couldn’t recommend any laxatives as the most effective, and that in three trials people got no benefit at all from using store-bought laxatives to prevent or relieve constipation!

Some people use suppositories or even get regular enemas, but those only clean out about eight inches of the very end of your colon. But your colon is FIVE FEET LONG, so an enema leaves you with more than four feet of backed-up mess it can’t get to! 

And neither of these remedies can restore your colon to health or keep the toxins from invading the rest of your body.  But the ingredients in Colon Ultra Cleanse can do all that and more! Colon Ultra Cleanse contains herbs that act like gentle laxatives with natural stimulants that clean out the toxins while restoring your colon walls back to health. This way your colon gets back to functioning at a normal pace for regular bowel movements

You won’t believe what comes out of you…
till you see it for yourself!

The most surprising thing to most people who try Colon Ultra Cleanse is what a relief it is when their body starts releasing the pounds of old caked-on stuff! Often there are dark blobs, or lumps or strings of brown or gray stuff covered with mucus, even parasites! Sometimes your excrement will be disc-shaped, molded like the inside of your colon walls, because it’s been packed in for so long.

Many people report that they expel so much that their stomach appears flatter.  People ask them if they lost weight! And suddenly they can wear a belt again, or pants that were too tight. When you get results this spectacular, it’s such a great feeling!

No matter what comes out, you’ll be so happy your colon is finally free and clear of this putrid, dangerous mess!

Just look at how these amazing ingredients in Colon Ultra Cleanse work to help you detoxify and purify your body at last…

Colon Ultra Cleanse’s
Triple-Action Formula
does what others can’t

Here’s why Colon Ultra Cleanse beats all the rest: Colon Ultra Cleanse is the only herbal cleansing formula that can do ALL of this for you at the same time!  Starting the very first day you take it, Colon Ultra Cleanse’s advanced soluble fiber formula actually begins to work its triple-action magic to get you feeling great fast…

The result? You start feeling great fast…and in as little as a few days you wake up feeling better than you have in years, or even decades!

6 specially targeted nutrients working synergistically
to enhance bowel health...protect your colon...
and help you enjoy the “go”!

After extensive study – the research team at Green Valley Natural Solutions specially selected 6 potent and scientifically tested nutrients that help you:

And they’ve created an easy-to-take formula that works FAST!

In fact - most folks experience a healthy bowel movement the very first time they take this amazing formula!

And as you continue to take Colon Ultra Cleanse™ - you safely remove years of encrusted fecal matter lining the walls of your colon...

... And you stay regular and enjoy the “go”!

In every serving of Colon Ultra Cleanse™ - you can:

Scientific research now shows Senna is high in sennosides – which induce muscle contractions in the colon to promote healthy bowel movements! What’s more...

... This potent herb contains anthraquinone glycosides – potent herbal chemicals that work gently with your body to create optimum stool consistency and softness. But that’s not all...

... Senna works fast – usually in just a few hours! That’s why most folks can “go” after the first dose!

To make sure every single capsule contains the same dose - Colon Ultra Cleanse™ includes a standardized extract of this priceless herbal laxative.

Even the FDA gives the stamp of approval to senna as a safe, effective, natural laxative!


Goldenseal has been used for centuries in Europe as an all-purpose herb. But scientists have recently discovered it’s a virtual powerhouse nutrient for bowel health. Here’s why...

... Goldenseal can help restore the health of your colon’s damaged mucuous membranes... scrub and clean out debris from the walls of your bowels... and return your colon to a state of regularity again! What’s more...

... this remarkable herb contains hydrastine and berberine – 2 powerful nutrients that fight inflammation and constipation. This makes goldenseal an optimal soothing herb for constipated colons!

 And don’t be surprised if you notice your hemorrhoids start to shrink! That’s right...

... Goldenseal has been shown to tone the veins of the anus and enhance circulation - so nothing leaks out!

... psyllium is also a godsend if you experience occasional diarrhea! That’s because psyllium also soaks up extra water to keep your stool firm as it makes its way out of your colon!

... Fennel powder relaxes the irritated nerves in your colon – to reduce cramping as your food moves through your digestive tract! Most people notice a significant improvement in bloating the very first time they use Colon Ultra Cleanse™!


When your body is under stress – you produce cortisol – known as the “stress hormone”. Research shows elevated cortisol levels act to suppress the parasympathetic nervous system – which is responsible for digestion and absorption. That’s why you can develop indigestion... cramping... and poor bowel health when you’re under stress! But ginger powder works as a watchdog to monitor your cortisol levels – so you can maintain healthy digestion and bowel function!

NAC also helps protect your colon from abnormal cell growth. In fact, one preliminary double-blind, placebo-controlled study performed biopsies on polyps removed from the colon. The patients taking NAC showed more normal cells in the biopsied tissue as compared to the placebo group* .

With these 6 potent nutrients – working together synergistically – you can help restore optimum bowel health ... remove decades of fecal matter lining your colon... and enjoy it when you “go”!

All this power in one simple formula!

Combining these powerful herbs and nutrients in one formula whose ingredients all work together is critical because it provides everything you need to makes true detoxifying possible by breaking down and scouring away the built-up, crusty layers of decayed fecal matter and harmful toxins.

Colon Ultra Cleanse carefully and quickly restores your colon back to a normal state of peristalsis to give you the gift of regular bowel movements again!

Having all the right ingredients in one remedy is a relief, too, because with Colon Ultra Cleanse you can take it once a day and you’re done! You don’t have to mix or measure anything, keep track of several bottles, or worry that you might’ve forgotten a dosage that day. With Colon Ultra Cleanse you know you’re getting the best detoxification and purification ingredients together in one daily dose. 

Now here’s an unexpected thing about Colon Ultra Cleanse you’re really going to like…

You feel SO GOOD so fast!
Enjoy the extra, unexpected benefits
of Colon Ultra Cleanse…

Doctors agree that Colon Ultra Cleanse is an exceptional colon cleanser and total body detoxifier.  But once customers started using cleansing their colons on a regular basis, an amazing thing happened…

Phone calls and letters started to roll in from people telling stories of other great health benefits they got from it! Unforeseen “happy side effects” came as a very pleasant surprise once people got their digestive problems straightened out. Just look!

Colon Ultra Cleanse makes you feel
more energetic and uplifted

When you detoxify, one of the first things you notice is that your ENERGY comes back and that old sluggishness no longer drags you down! You might find you have more energy to work longer, exercise more, get things done around the house, do volunteer work, or just have more fun in your life!           

Colon Ultra Cleanse believers swear they’ll never go without their Colon Ultra Cleanse again, mainly because it gives them an overall feeling of well-being that they haven’t enjoyed in a long time. Getting the toxic load out makes you feel like you’re walking on air and gives you instant emotional energy!

For instance, Ginger Root has been shown to counteract stress and support deficient adrenal glands that cause fatigue. Ginger Root fights adrenal exhaustion and helps regulate your cortisol, which, when out of whack, depletes your energy level! And Fennel ups your energy level, too.

These added extra, surprise benefits of Colon Ultra Cleanse make total sense, because when you clean out your colon, everything else in your body feels it’s back to “normal” again…and nothing in the world feels better than that!  You can surely see that it’s worth it to give Colon Ultra Cleanse a try.

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Colon Ultra Cleanse invites you
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When you start using Colon Ultra Cleanse, it’s a truly amazing experience.  You can literally feel your insides start calming down after only a day or two.  And because there are NO fasting diets, NO colonics, NO icky liquids, and NO harsh stimulants that make you uncomfortable, all you feel is the purifying effects that lead to good health. 

You feel lighter, thinner, relieved and just plain happier. You’ll feel your body thanking you for finally letting go of the gunk! That’s how good you feel every day after you eliminate the toxins with Colon Ultra Cleanse! So…

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Rest assured…

We use only high-quality ingredients
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Colon Ultra Cleanse uses tried-and-true ingredients that are proven to gently cleanse your body, and support healthy digestion and elimination. Our ingredients come from only the best, well-known suppliers and growers of natural ingredients and we insist on only the highest quality available.

Colon Ultra Cleanse is produced in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) licensed facility, using top of the line equipment and meticulous manufacturing standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Every step of the process, including manufacturing, machine cleaning and testing, is monitored and documented to make certain that every Colon Ultra Cleanse capsule you take is free from contamination. This ensures that you receive only the highest quality product when you order Colon Ultra Cleanse.

Scientifically formulated Colon Ultra Cleanse
promises superior detoxification and much, much more
than other formulas can give you:

Your body gets the full benefits of…

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Detox Secrets from Colon Experts Around the World

Discover even more simple secrets for optimum health from scientists and doctors around the globe, including:

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What You Need to Know (and Gastroenterologists Don’t Know!) Before Your Next Colonoscopy

Before you make your next appointment, you’ll want to read this new special report filled with life-saving information and advice from top colon experts. You’ll discover:

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Finally, someone’s talking about it: How stress, anxiety, depression—and even normal everyday things in your life like weddings, work, finances, children and more—are connected to weight gain.  Now learn the best secrets for making the pounds melt away and your stress level drop, too!  Inside this new Special Report you’ll discover:

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It’s the most annoying digestive problem, one that nobody likes to discuss. But now you’ll discover everything you always wanted to know about gas…but were afraid to ask! In this new Special Report you’ll find dozens of ways to make it go away for good, including:


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