Uh-Oh! We're Sorry...

Our inventory clearance of Fast Acting Turmeric was so successful, we have now sold every last bottle! The good news is, we’ve made room in our warehouse for our brand-new formula, 5X Joint Relief, and it is available now for ordering. See below for more details on this exciting, new, all-natural breakthrough in relief!

5X Joint Relief

Jewel Vine + Advanced Curcuminoid + Boron Complex

Introducing 5X Joint Relief - the same fast relief as Fast Acting Turmeric, but now with Jewel Vine, a breakthrough, all-natural painkiller shown to reduce pain by 73% in just 7 Days!

According to research at the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Thailand, Jewel Vine contains six new, previously unknown isoflavones which have a complex influence on pain and the inflammatory process.

This anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory powerhouse has been used in Thailand for centuries to remedy muscle, bone, and joint pain, and now it’s been added to our most effective, fastest-working pain formula for even more relief, quicker than ever before!

5X Joint Relief contains a balanced formula of Jewel Vine, Turmeric, Curcuminoids, Boron, and Piperine and is finally available in the US through Green Valley Natural Solutions.


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