Dear friend,

Here’s a scary fact. And no one ever talks about it.

Your doctor won’t mention it…it hasn’t made the major news headlines…and since there’s no drug to fix it, Big Pharma won’t be investing in any campaigns on the topic.

But scary or not, you deserve to know—you NEED to know.

Because timing is a major factor to halting and reversing this scary, dangerous process.

Starting around age 45, our brains start to get smaller by about 3.8% a year…but they can shrink by as much as 8.2%.

3.8% doesn’t sound like a lot…but, at that rate, in just 10 years, you’ve lost about 30% of your brain size.

That’s nearly a third of your brain—shriveled away like a raisin!

And that’s a big deal. A really big deal.

Every time you walk into a room and forget why…when you introduce your spouse to a friend or a coworker and forget their name…when you stumble over the word you’re looking for…

That’s your brain getting smaller.

At first it’s easy to dismiss the symptoms. We call them cute things like brain hiccups and senior moments.

We like to think it’s just a normal part of aging.

But it’s not—not at all!  

Over time, brain shrinkage can rob you of your confidence and independence.

You start forgetting familiar people and places—even your family, your spouse.

You may find yourself lost and disoriented on a road you’ve driven every day for years.

They’re no longer senior moments,
they’re terrifying episodes of mental decline

And unless you do something NOW, those seemingly innocent, occasional senior moments can be the first signs of something far, FAR worse.

You don’t want to take even one step down the slippery slope of memory loss.

Because, when it comes to brain power, size really does matter. A British Medical Journal study proves it. In fact the numbers for brain size and brain power line up almost identically.

Just as we lose about 3.8% of our brain size, a study of 7,000 people showed that brain function declines by about 3.6% each year starting in our mid-forties.

And it speeds up to about 8.5% once we hit our late 60s.

Experts used to think brain cells just die as we got older, and that was the cause of age-related mental decline. But it turns out that’s not quite true.

Our brains literally shrivel up inside our skulls!

Scary as this sounds, it provides a unique opportunity to reverse the process.

Because, while nothing on God’s green earth can reverse cell death, we can reverse brain shrinkage.

And, Nature has a perfect solution, backed by Nobel prize-winning research, shown to help…

“Re-inflate” your brain, boosting brain size
and restoring function starting in just 30 minutes!

Hi, my name is Dr. Russ Canfield.

I’ve been a practicing M.D., board-certified in family medicine and integrative holistic medicine, for more than ten years.

I can’t tell you how many desperate, heart-broken patients and families have walked into my office with memory problems and a whole lot of fear and worry—every one of them looking for something more than dismissive condolences.

I don’t have a magic bullet—nobody does. But I’m happy to report that nearly every one of them walked out of my office with a lot more hope than they came in with. 

And I’m writing today to give you the same kind of hope and relief.

Whether you’re worried about occasional memory lapses and the future of your mental health, or you’re already struggling with worse…

What you’re about to discover defies everything
you’ve heard about supporting your brain health
and hanging on to your memory…

Part of the reason no one ever talks about brain shrinkage is because there was no way to stop it, let alone reverse it.

But a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Rita Levi-Montalcini, discovered that the tiniest drop of a very unique chemical makes nerve cells grow like crazy.1

Just check out the image below.

On the left is a nerve cell lying dormant…and on the right is that same cell just 30 seconds after a fraction of a fraction of the tiniest drop of this chemical was added to it.

I’m talking about 1/100,000th of a milligram.2 That’s how powerful this stuff is.

Each one of the tiny fibers growing out of that cell is built to send and receive messages to other nerve cells.

Now imagine bathing your brain in it.

As your shriveled brain “re-inflates”, this amazing chemical can help create billions of new connections, sending and receiving the electrical signals that carry thoughts, memories, and calculations—remembers directions, recalls names and faces.

All of a sudden your memory, focus, concentration,
and your ability to learn and recall are optimized
and at the top of their game!

This miraculous chemical is called nerve growth factor or NGF. And not only does it create healthy new brain connections, but it works like magic to reverse brain shrinkage.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, looked at the brains of monkeys who were the human age-equivalent of their late 60s.

More than half of their brain cells had shrunk by at least 10%. But the remaining brain cells had shrunk so much, they were barely visible at all—withered away like tiny deflated balloons.

But when the researchers injected NGF into the monkeys’ brains, the withered cells “re-inflated” and sprang to life. In fact, the researchers were able to detect more than 90% of what would be considered normal for a much younger monkey.

In other words, they were able to “re-inflate” a shrunken brain, restoring youthful function and enhanced memory storage and recall, thinking, learning, concentration and more.

The only hold-up is…who wants anything injected into their brains?

If it sounds risky, painful and expensive, that’s because it is.

But this fierce-looking, ancient Chinese mushroom
works better AND faster than pure NGF

The scientists call it Hericium erinaceus and it’s been a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.

The Chinese call the mushroom lion’s mane for its shaggy mane-like appearance.

But the fruiting body of the mushroom is, ironically enough, called monkey head.3

I say it’s ironic because this monkey head mushroom contains two potent chemicals shown to stimulate the production of NGF better AND faster than the pure NGF injected into the monkey brains I mentioned just a moment ago.

Researchers were amazed!

Its efficacy was found to be higher than those from known nerve growth factors such as Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain-Derived Nerve Factor (BDNF)…It was also confirmed that the [extract] reacted with the nerve cells within 30 minutes after adding the sample, compared to 80 minutes in adding two other growth factors.4

No side effects, no risk, no pain, no needles …

This mushroom extract grew new neurons
AND improved the efficiency of those neurons
90% FASTER than pure NGF

But what makes this discovery even more important is that you don’t need an injection to get its neuron-restoring, memory-enhancing benefits.

The unique chemicals in this powerful mushroom extract are among the few that can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Just consuming this extract, in a supplement, is all you need to feel its power.

That’s why Lion’s Mane is the keystone ingredient in a ground-breaking, memory-restoring formula called
Maximum Memory Support

Part of a three-pronged natural assault on brain fog, memory misfires, sluggish thinking, senior moments, and dementia, Maximum Memory Support provides your brain with everything you need to halt and reverse brain shrinkage, restoring…

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s just a tiny sampling of the letters I’ve received.

People who were once terrified of the direction their brain health was headed are now elated to feel sharper, calmer and more focused.

“Thanks to Maximum Memory Support, I don’t have the forgetfulness I was experiencing.”

—Fred S., Oregon

“Since using Maximum Memory Support, I am sharper. I am able to recall details of meetings, etc. I feel more energized because I don’t have brain fog to deal with.”

— Sally B., Florida

“Maximum Memory Support has made a decided difference in diminishing my ‘brain fog’ problems. Thank you!”

— S.B., Ohio

These are folks who truly believed nothing could be done to halt their mental decline, to lift their “brain fog” and reverse brain shrinkage.

They were convinced by the hamstrung mainstream perspective that, not only is mental decline normal, but irreversible.

And as the days and weeks pass—as your neurons re-inflate, grow, branch out, and create healthy new connections you’ll actually feel the difference.

You’ll feel your brain power increasing—improving,
sharpening, and focusing so you can…

Plus, you’ll enjoy the relief that comes with knowing—with feeling absolutely confident—that your mind and memory will kick back into high gear and stay finely tuned from this day forward.

If you take nothing else away from this letter, please know that you don’t have to accept mental decline as normal.

Thanks to the powerful, natural, brain-healing, memory-supporting nutrients in Maximum Memory Support, you can halt, prevent and reverse it.

And in just another minute I’ll tell you how you can claim a two-bottle trial supply—and pay nothing today except shipping and handling!

But first I want to tell you about another powerful ingredient in Maximum Memory Support that can heal and restore…

The power outage that’s stealing your
memory and threatening your independence

We tend to think of the brain as one organ. A single entity—the super-computer in charge of everything we think, know and do.

But it’s actually a very intricately woven network of tiny wires called neurons. Roughly 100 billion of them.5

Think about this.

There are 7.6 billion people in the world. You have 13 times as many “wires” in your brain as there are people on the planet.

And 24 hours a day, 7 days a week these “wires” are a flurry of electrical activity—a veritable lightning storm of non-stop electrical impulses.

Every thought you have, every decision you make, every move you make, every word you speak, everything you learn and every new memory you store is converted into an electrical signal sent or stored across the “wires” in your brain.

But what happens when your “wires” get old and brittle— what happens when the power goes out?

It starts out small—like “shorts” and “brown-outs”. You start stumbling over words. Forgetting names. Losing your train of thought.

Having that many “wires” coursing through your brain means you have to protect and nourish them at all times—it means you have 100 billion chances that something can go wrong.

Think about the wires on your lamp or your iron, at home. You know how their wires have that insulating outer coating?

Well, the wires in your brain have insulation too, only it’s not plastic. It’s a fatty coating called myelin.

Myelin protects your nerves from “shorting out” when they come into contact with one another.

Myelin also helps boost the speed of the electrical messages from one part of the brain and body to another.

Those electrical impulses move so fast, you don’t even have to think about thinking, it just happens.

You don’t tell your arm to move, you just move it—you don’t think about laughing, you just laugh.        
But if the protective coating on your computer plug got cracked and brittle, you might get electrocuted by the exposed copper wire.

It might start acting strangely…or it might stop working altogether. Well…

Shocking new research confirms this kind of
cracking and corrosion happens to your neurons…

It’s like having a power outage in your brain,
and it’s another top cause of memory lapses,
mental decline and dementia!

It’s what happens when your myelin cracks away and exposes a delicate neuron…your electrical signals can’t get to their destination.

When you get to the bottom of the page and forget everything you just read…when you’re typing an email and the word you need is right on the tip of your mind—you just can’t seem to type it…when you run to the store for one item and it’s the one item you forgot to grab while you were there.

That’s a little electrical impulse that got lost on its way from your mind to your body.

It’s like switching on a lamp, not realizing it’s unplugged. Or, perhaps more accurately, its wire has lost its insulation and become frayed.

The electricity is coming from the outlet…but it never makes it to the bulb.

Just like that person’s name…it was right on the tip of your tongue…

But here’s the thing, when the power cord on your appliance goes bad, you can just replace it. Or wrap some black electrical tape around the damaged part.

While there’s no replacing your brain, you don’t have to accept these power outages as a “normal”.

I’m going to introduce you to an amazing natural substance that can…

Make your mind work like you were 12 years
younger—in as little as 12 weeks6

I’ve spent countless hours researching a powerful, natural substance that I can only describe as “Nature’s electrical tape”. Or NET for short.

The scientists call it phosphatidylserine, but that’s a lot to say. So I call it “Nature’s electrical tape” because, in essence, it heals, protects and supports your myelin coating — making sure your “wires” are safely insulated—halting those memory-stalling misfires and making sure you continue to enjoy lightning fast brain function for…

NET has also been shown to help your brain produce the “feel good” chemical dopamine and the “memory-storing” chemical, acetylcholine.

It’s backed by no less than 62 clinical trials and 2,800 research papers.

9 out of 10 people who try it notice a tremendous
improvement in as little as 6 weeks

Here’s the thing: not only does your brain already make NET, but when we’re young and healthy, NET makes up roughly 70% of your nerve tissue.7

In other words, it’s a completely natural part of your body.

And study after study shows that when you supplement your diet with additional NET, amazing things happen.

In just weeks you’ll feel the fog lift…your memories sharpen and brighten…focus and concentration get easier…you’ll feel more confident, positive and engaged.

And the research proves it.

In a study conducted in Italy, senile patients saw tremendous improvements in attention, concentration and short-term memory after just 60 days, compared to the placebo group.8

They also became more independent and self-sufficient.9

In an exciting Belgian study, dementia patients received either NET or a placebo—this time for six weeks.

Researchers used three different evaluation scales measuring 49 items related to daily living.

I’m not talking about just memory scores or words on a screen. They looked at things that really matter in everyday life, like dressing and feeding yourself, bowel and bladder control, interpersonal relationships and verbal expression.

The participants who took NET showed huge improvements in all categories—measurable improvements that they maintained even three weeks after the clinical trial was over.10

But in one of the most exciting studies, U.S. scientists at the Memory Assessment Clinics in Bethesda, MD gave study subjects either NET or a placebo for 12 weeks.

These were men and women aged 50 to 75 with age-related memory problems. And they were evaluated at 3, 6, 9 and 12 weeks…then again four weeks after the study was over.

What the researchers found was jaw-dropping!

The authors reported that one of the subgroups in the study, “improved to a point that their brains returned to a much younger cognitive age, resembling the mind of a 52-year-old rather than someone who is 64.”11

In other words, their brains grew
12 years younger in just 12 weeks

Imagine a safe, natural substance that can actually help your brain age one year in reverse every week…for 12 weeks!

After all these exciting studies, you can bet mainstream medicine is looking into NET as a dementia treatment. And if they get it approved as a drug, the price will likely go through the roof!

So, don’t wait around while mainstream drug makers figure out how to get their greedy hands on this natural memory-protecting wonder.

Because, as NET infuses your body, it helps strengthen and revive the myelin coating around each and every neuron—super-charging the speed of every thought, every impulse, every message that your brain sends out to your mind and body.

In a matter of weeks you can reverse the misfiring electrical signals and repair the power outage in your brain

Before you know it, you could feel smarter, sharper and more focused.

You could learn more easily and remember more confidently.

But, most importantly, you can help preserve your cognitive health, your security and your independence for years—even decades.

That’s why it was a clear no-brainer to include NET in Maximum Memory Support.

Dozens of others have tried it—many of them with healthy skepticism.

Only to report that, today, they couldn’t be happier…

“I am convinced Maximum Memory Support is definitely helping my memory, especially short term. I am grateful and will continue to take it. God bless!”

— Don B., Indiana

“Since taking Maximum Memory Support, my word retrieval has very noticeably improved. When a word slips my mind, I can usually retrieve it within a few minutes. Before, it could take hours.”

— G.C., California

“Thanks to Maximum Memory Support, I have noticed immediate improvement in my focus and my memory span throughout the day. I find it much easier to recall memories of events that happened weeks ago as well. Overall this has been a very positive experience for me.”

— Nathaniel F., Maryland

Are you ready to feel the Maximum Memory Support difference for yourself?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ll show you how to activate your free trial and claim
TWO BOTTLES of Maximum Memory Support

But there’s one more thing I want to show you: The third prong of this triple-action solution to age-related memory decline.

The unassuming mulberry looks a lot like a blackberry, only a bit longer in length. The mulberry tree can grow just about anywhere warm, but they love southern Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Beyond their starring role in delicious jellies, jams, sherbets and desserts, it turns out mulberries are also packed with incredible antioxidant and memory-protecting powers.

In a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, mulberry fruit extract was shown to improve memory by stimulating NGF production.12

So you get to reap the benefits of a one-two, memory-boosting power punch when you combine them with the NGF stimulating effects of lion’s mane mushroom!

But the mulberry story goes on.

Mulberries have also been shown to help enhance memory storage by stimulating production of acetylcholine, your number one, most important memory-storing brain chemical.

They’ve also been shown to protect brain cells, even in the face of vascular damage.

In a mouse study, researchers intentionally cut off a portion of the circulation to the mice’s brains, simulating vascular dementia, one of the leading causes of dementia in humans.

But the mice who got the mulberry fruit extract showed considerably better memory, more acetylcholine, less brain cell death and more resistance to free radical damage.13

That means mulberry fruit can offer powerful protection against impaired blood circulation to the brain, while producing neuron-growing NGF, memory-storing acetylcholine, and protecting your delicate neurons from free radical damage.14

Plus, mulberry’s antioxidant power can help protect your brain and your entire body from the dangers of chronic inflammation.

Maximum Memory Support is the most
comprehensive memory solution available today

And I want to send you TWO BOTTLES
to try for the next 30 days

In study after study and poll after poll, seniors report that losing independence is their single biggest fear.15, 16, 17

More than cancer, more than heart attack or stroke—even more than dying.

Keeping a sharp mind and clear thinking are absolutely crucial to maintaining your independence.

And Maximum Memory Support was formulated to help you do exactly that.

This unique, one-of-a-kind combination of lion’s mane, phosphatidylserine (“Nature’s electrical tape”), and mulberry fruit extract give your brain the fuel it needs to grow healthy new neurons, improve the connections in your brain, halt and reverse your power outage, and protect your mind and memory from the effects of aging. 

With added vitamin B12 and folate to ensure healthy nerve function and brain speed, you simply won’t find a more comprehensive brain-health solution.

Just ask Andy A., from New York…not only has his memory improved, but he’s sleeping better.

“Maximum Memory Support is an excellent product for one’s memory. Another plus is that I have found that I sleep better at night.”

J.M. from Florida used to stumble over finding the right word… now she can recall them with ease.

“I have been taking Maximum Memory Support for a few months now, and I do think that my memory is improved…occasionally I would not be able to bring to mind the word or name I was looking for. Since taking this product, these moments are less frequent.”

And G.J. from Texas sums up the power of Maximum Memory Support perfectly.

“I sensed increased clarity the first week I used Maximum Memory Support and have continued taking it ever recall seemed back to the familiar normal. I consider Maximum Memory Support an essential part of my daily regimen. Thanks!”

But what’s most important is that Maximum Memory Support works for YOU.

That’s why I want to send you two bottles of Maximum Memory Support—that’s a 60 day trial supply—to try for the next 30 days, WITHOUT ASKING FOR A DIME.  You pay nothing today except $9.95 shipping & handling.

You don’t pay for the product until you’ve tried it—and proven to yourself that it works.

Why would I make such a bold and generous offer?

Because I am 100% convinced that you’ll feel
the difference in a matter of weeks

There is no doubt in my mind that you will fall instantly in love with your renewed sense of focus and clarity.

I have no doubt that you will choose to make Maximum Memory Support an essential part of your daily regimen…starting today.

But if you’re not completely amazed with the memory-enhancing power of Maximum Memory Support, just give us a call within the next 30 days and you won’t be charged another penny.

It’s that simple.

And, if you love it, do nothing. In 30 days we’ll charge your credit card and you’ll continue to enjoy…

Of course, even after 30 days, if you’re not 100% satisfied, just return any unused bottles and we’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.

You have nothing at all to lose—not a single penny.

Click here to try Maximum Memory Support
without risking a penny!

So why wait another minute? Just click the button below to claim your NO-RISK two-month trial supply. We’ll get your order processed and out the door the next business day.

Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed—order now!

Yours in healthy mind and body,

Dr. Russell Canfield

The statements on this web page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

P.S. I challenge you to find a more comprehensive memory solution than Maximum Memory Support. The research couldn’t be more solid and the letters you’ve read are proof positive that it’s already changing lives. But just to make sure there’s nothing to stop you from trying it, I want to send you a two-bottle trial supply—you pay nothing today except a shipping and handling expense of just $9.95. If you’re not completely satisfied, just give us a call in the next 30 days and we won’t charge you a red cent. You risk nothing. So why wait? Order now.

P.P.S. An extra layer of protection for you:  You can ALWAYS claim a full refund on any unused bottles, just by returning them to us. Anytime.

Click here to try Maximum Memory Support
without risking a penny!


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