The scary truth
About Your Shrinking Brain

Scientists have discovered that a withering of brain tissue underlies most cases of memory loss… plus a new way you can stop, even reverse this “shrinking brain syndrome.”

Dear Friend,

It seemed all but hopeless.

Mary, a 70-year-old woman, lay in her bed drifting in and out of consciousness. Her brain had been shrunken and ravaged by years of mental decline.

As her husband held her hand, Mary barely knew who he was. She had virtually no remaining memory. Her once-vibrant personality had dimmed almost completely.

It was as if someone had turned off the lights in her once bright and sharp mind.

Mary’s husband began preparing himself for the worst

In spite of this dark hopelessness, the doctors treating Mary at a prestigious hospital in Sweden saw a ray of light. They thought Mary might respond to a bold, new neurological treatment based on a Nobel Prize-winning discovery.

The surgeons inserted a catheter in Mary’s skull. Through the catheter they slowly dripped a liquid solution into her brain tissue. The solution contained a powerful substance naturally produced in the human brain… one that Mary was perilously low on.

For three weeks the doctors bathed Mary’s brain with this newly discovered molecule while she lay in bed. Nothing happened. But then…

Suddenly it was as if someone turned the lights back on in Mary’s brain!

One day, the doctors noticed Mary’s facial expression looked a little brighter.

She gradually became more aware of her surroundings. Finally she began to speak.

Once Mary started talking, the memories came flooding back. A few days later when her husband was nearby, she talked quietly to him about their life together. Her husband wept.

What was this powerful molecule that turned the lights back on in Mary’s brain?

It’s called nerve growth factor.

Nerve growth factor stimulates brain cells to grow new tree-like branches the cells must have to send and receive messages. Mary’s doctors believed it might revive enough of her brain cells and connections to bring her mind back to life.

It turned out her doctors were right… although for Mary, it only worked as long as the solution containing nerve growth factor was dripped into her brain. Without it, her mental decline would slowly return.

But what if there was a way to get the same brain-boosting, memory-restoring benefit of nerve growth factor… without dripping it through a hole in your head?

Ever since two scientists won the Nobel Prize back in 1986 for the discovery of nerve growth factor, top doctors and researchers have searched for ways to put this breakthrough to work more easily and permanently in aging brains.

And now, they believe a 2,000-year old Chinese medicinal plant may hold the key…

What’s really causing your poor memory and what to do about it

My name is Dr. Russ Canfield—and I’m a practicing M.D., board-certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine.

Over the years I’ve seen many tragic cases like Mary’s where a loved one’s mind slowly declines. All too often, family members are told there’s little that can be done to stop it.

I’ve also had many healthy patients who, as they get up in years, become concerned about normal, age-related problems with their memory, alertness, and focus. They want to feel sharper and more “on the ball”… and maintain their brainpower and independence as they age.

The more your brain shrinks, the worse your memory gets!

Often, these patients are shocked to learn there’s a common cause behind their declining memory and brainpower. It’s the fact that their brains are gradually shrinking!

Just a small amount of brain shrinkage can make it difficult if not impossible to recall someone’s name, learn new information, stay focused on a task, or juggle multiple tasks at once.

And this brain shrinkage is much more common than you may think.

The more your brain shrinks, the more your memory declines!

Research shows your brain shrinks by as much as 8.2% a year once you hit “old age”.  Even a normal, healthy brain shrinks by 3.8% a year on average. That may not seem like a lot, but add it up over a decade and you’re looking at losing at least a third or more of your brain!

The more your brain shrinks, the more your memory and thinking starts to decline. It’s why you may find it harder to remember something you did yesterday—but have no problem recalling something that happened 10 or 20 years ago.

This is due to the decline of your “working” memory, the key area of your brain where most of the short-term remembering and recalling happens. It’s what’s most impacted by brain cell shrinkage and atrophy.

It’s also why so many of us begin to notice problems with memory, focus, and alertness starting in our 40s. A study involving more than 7,000 people published in the British Medical Journal confirms it.

That's because mental function declines by an average of 3.6% a year starting in your mid-forties… and the decline speeds up to 8.5% a year on average once you hit your late 60s.

But this brain shrinkage isn’t simply due to brain cells dying off. You may have heard you start losing 10,000 or more brain cells each day once you hit age 20. That’s not what’s really happening.

According to a top researcher whose work has been published by the National Academy of Sciences, very few brain cells are lost with age. An actual count of the cells in the key thinking area of your brain shows this is true.

What’s really happening is your brain goes into a state of cerebral atrophy as you get older. In other words, you don’t actually have fewer brain cells—but the brain cells you do have start to shrivel up. You start out with nice, fresh grapes… and end up with raisins!

Over time this causes your brain to shrink in size. And the brain cells most dramatically affected are the ones that act like air traffic controllers in your brain.

“Withered” brain cells come back to life!

These “traffic controller” brain cells located deep in the frontal cortex are in charge of the flow of information. They also make important brain chemicals needed for proper function. Yet these brain cells are the ones most likely to shrink and stop functioning as you age.

But now scientists know nerve growth factor can plump up these shrunken brain cells. And this Nobel Prize-winning discovery can restore your brain to youthful vigor once more.

It all started with a team of researchers experimenting with monkeys. The researchers, who were from the University of California at San Diego, looked at a group of monkeys whose average age was 23. That’s equivalent to humans in their late 60s to 70s.

The researchers measured the monkeys’ brains at the beginning of the study. They found that 60% of the aged monkeys’ brain cells in the frontal cortex had shrunk in size by at least 10%. They couldn’t even detect the other 40% of these brain cells.

But that wasn’t because these brain cells were dead, the researchers discovered. These cells were there… but they were significantly shriveled up and “withered”.

Then something miraculous happened. By inserting nerve growth factor into the aged monkeys’ brains, the researchers were able to quickly revive these withered brain cells… and restore them nearly completely!

An astounding discovery that plumps up and restores shrunken brain cells

‘‘We restored the number of cells we could detect to about 92 percent of normal for a young monkey,’’ the lead researcher reported. It was as if the researchers were able to make these aged monkeys’ brains “young” again!

It’s the same therapy that worked to turn the light back on in Mary’s brain. And it can work wonders for your memory, too.

That’s because new research shows an ancient Chinese medicinal plant may well be the next best thing to injecting nerve growth factor directly into your brain!

As you can see, researchers have known for years that increasing levels of nerve growth factor in the brain can reverse memory problems and rejuvenate brain function. But the question of how to do it… aside from injecting it into the brain… has stumped them for years.

That’s what makes the findings on an ancient Chinese medicinal plant so exciting. This revered plant is a type of medicinal mushroom called Lion’s Mane. Its bearded cascade of long “spines” gives it the appearance of a lion’s mane, hence its name.

In China, it’s said that Lion’s Mane gives you “nerves of steel and the memory of a lion.” A closer look at what scientists have discovered about this powerful mushroom reveals why…

Quickly replenishes the nerve growth factor that’s gone missing!

Lion’s Mane contains two potent nutrients that stimulate the production of nerve growth factor. These naturally-occurring nutrients are called hericenones and erinacines.

If these names sound “science-y”, that’s because they are. In fact, scientists have been studying these two breakthrough nutrients for a few decades now.

And these natural nutrients have been shown to possess powerful health-promoting properties—from protecting your brain and enhancing cognitive function to easing anxiety and depression. They even support your heart, blood pressure and blood sugar, and proper response to inflammation.

Your body is able to put these powerful nutrients to work right away—giving you noticeable results quickly. That’s because unlike other naturally-occurring sources of nerve growth factor, these nutrients are able to pass through the blood-brain barrier.

You see, nature provides us with many sources of nerve growth factor, but most of them cannot pass through the blood-brain barrier. But these two naturally-occurring nutrients possess a unique advantage: they can pass through this barrier and bring your brain cells back to life!

“The new study of 156 patients, by researchers from Oxford University, found that the shrinkage was in fact reduced by 90 per cent in particular areas of the brain which are most vulnerable in [severe mental decline] patients.”

—The Telegraph, May 20, 2013

Once inside your brain, these nutrients stimulate your body’s production of nerve growth factor and provide the raw materials needed. So they’re able to transform and revitalize the shrunken, withered brain cells and connections in your working memory and other key areas of your brain.

In no time, shrunken, withered brain cells and connections because plumper, rejuvenated, and “young again”! It’s why taking Lion’s Mane does all of this and more:

  • Keeps your brain firing on all cylinders, so you can think clearly, remember easily, and learn quickly.
  • Dramatically enhances your memory and brainpower, so you experience fewer “senior moments” and feel more “on the ball”.
  • Restores shrunken and poorly-functioning brain cells and connections and keeps them healthy, so you can stay mentally sharp and independent as you age.
  • Promotes a feeling of calmness and well-being, and improves your mood. Studies suggest Lion’s Mane can ease anxiety and depression… which also makes it easier to concentrate.
  • Repairs damaged nerves throughout your body. Just as Lion’s Mane repairs damaged brain cells and connections in your brain, it can do the same in other areas of your body.
  • Supports improved digestive function, increases energy, promotes a healthy heart and blood pressure, boosts immune response, balances blood sugar levels, and much more!

Studies prove Lion’s Mane can work miracles for your memory!

While the science about Lion’s Mane is in its infancy, dozens of studies already point to incredible brain-protecting and memory-boosting effects of this ancient Chinese remedy. Just take a look at the results from one Japanese study.

Researchers took a group of men and women between the ages of 50 and 80 with mild cognitive impairment. This means they suffered from problems with memory, language, thinking, and judgment that were greater than you might normally associate with aging.

The researchers put all of the participants through a series of cognitive tests to evaluate their condition at the beginning of the study. They then gave everyone a tablet to take daily for 16 weeks. Half of them took a tablet containing dried Lion’s Mane extract, while the other half took a placebo. 

All of the participants were evaluated again after 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks. At each point in the study, the group taking the dried Lion’s Mane extract showed significantly better scores on cognitive function then the group taking the placebo.

But when the participants were evaluated again after the study ended, those who stopped taking Lion’s Mane extract saw their cognitive scores decline. That’s more proof it was the Lion’s Mane that was boosting their memory and brainpower.

Dramatic improvements seen even with severe memory loss!

Another study on Lion’s Mane found that people suffering from severe memory loss experienced dramatic effects when given a dried extract of this medicinal mushroom in soup.

After just six months of eating this soup every day, more than 85% of the patients improved their memory, comprehension, and communication skills. And all of them improved their ability to eat, walk, and dress independently!

Research shows Lion’s Mane can even combat anxiety and depression. In one recent study, researchers took a group of post-menopausal women struggling with these issues. They gave half of the women a dried extract of Lion’s Mane each day and the other half a placebo.

Four weeks later, the women were evaluated. Those taking Lion’s Mane dramatically reduced their depression and anxiety. What’s more, they found it easier to concentrate and think clearly!

Why hasn’t this incredible brain breakthrough gone “mainstream” yet?

When you think about how “hopeless” many cases of mental decline are… and how few treatments seem to be available… you might wonder why this breakthrough isn’t more widely known. That’s because Lion’s Mane comes from a natural source—medicinal mushrooms—and can’t be patented by Big Pharma and sold for huge profits.

Yet it’s been a time-honored treatment in Chinese Medicine and a staple of the traditional Japanese diet for hundreds if not thousands of years. And with good reason.

No other naturally-occurring compound has been found to stimulate nerve growth factor like the two you get in Lion’s Mane. And none is able to act as quickly and effectively, since both compounds are able to pass through the blood-brain barrier.

Although it’s still not as widely-known, you can find Lion’s Mane extract in some supplements. However, it’s not always in the same high-quality form used in studies. And there are other nutrients you can take with Lion’s Mane to further enhance its effects and provide an all-around solution to protect and enhance your memory and brainpower as you age.

That’s why I’m so excited about a new breakthrough supplement that gives you not only the highest-quality extract of Lion’s Mane, but also 7 other brain-boosting nutrients…

Now you can easily enjoy the amazing brain-boosting power of Lion’s Mane

This new breakthrough solution is called Maximum Memory Support. It’s now my #1 recommendation for anyone who wants to sharpen their memory and stay mentally sharp and independent as they age.

Maximum Memory Support gives you a high-quality, full-spectrum extract of Lion’s Mane. That means it includes some of the actual fruit body of this medicinal mushroom, along with the dried extract standardized to a 14:1 ratio for maximum purity and potency. So you can see for yourself the same dramatic benefits I just told you about.

Forgetfulness is GONE!

“Thanks to Maximum Memory Support, I don’t have the forgetfulness that I was experiencing.”

—Fred S., Oregon

Imagine waking up your shrunken, withered brain cells and connections and within weeks noticing you’re feeling sharper and more alert… remembering names and where you put your car keys more easily… and enjoying all of the head-to-toe support this time-honored Chinese remedy can bring you!

That’s what Maximum Memory Support can do for you—and more. That’s because this breakthrough solution also gives you another powerful brain booster that can work wonders for your memory and thinking…

Hidden cause of “fuzzy” thinking as you age—and how to reverse it

I just explained how your brain cells and connections in the key area of your brain begin to shrink, causing your memory and mental function to decline. But there’s another problem that happens as you age that affects your brainpower. What is it?

A build-up of toxins and other waste products in your brain.

The ravages of free radicals over time—as well as chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and other environmental toxins—can take a huge toll on your memory and thinking. Scientists now link them to the “fuzzy” thinking and senior moments so many of us experience as we age.

But the good news is, we now know how to clear away this toxic build-up in your brain. Even better, studies show this brain-boosting secret can actually make your mind work as if you were 12 years younger!

Eliminates toxic invaders so you feel sharper and more focused

This brain-boosting secret is a nutrient called phosphatidylserine, or PS for short. It’s a “good” brain fat that’s essential for maintaining healthy cell membranes.

Cell membranes are important because they clear away waste products like free radicals and toxins. These waste products make your brain cells less efficient because they make it harder for messages to get sent from one cell to another.

As you age, you’re saddled with more and more of this toxic build-up that slows down your brain. This is why you may often suffer from “brain fog” and forgetfulness.

In order to think more clearly, you need PS more than ever before to keep your cell membranes healthy. Yet your body makes less of this brain-boosting compound as you age!

That’s why Maximum Memory Support also includes PS… to give your cell membranes the greatest support possible. The healthier your cell membranes are, the better they can eliminate toxic invaders and improve cell-to-cell communication.

Feel sharper!

“Since using Maximum Memory Support I am sharper. I am able to recall details of meetings, etc. I feel more energized because I don’t have brain fog to deal with.”

—Sally B., Florida

It’s why taking PS can actually speed up your brain response time so you feel sharper and more focused!

Study shows 9 in 10 people notice a dramatic improvement fast

PS is one of the most thoroughly researched and proven nutrients in the whole science of brain health. At least 62 clinical trials and 2,800 research papers prove PS can dramatically enhance your memory, concentration, and attention span.

What’s more, it works fast for almost everyone who tries it! One study at a top Israeli university found nearly 9 in 10 people with memory problems who took PS noticed a dramatic difference in just six weeks. That’s pretty impressive!

Other research shows PS can produce a major improvement in as little as 3 weeks. In one double-blind study, researchers looked at 72 older adults who were experiencing memory problems. They gave half of them PS and the other half a placebo. After just 3 weeks, those taking PS scored much higher in tests of memory and learning!

“Phosphatidylserine improved performance related to learning and memory tasks of everyday life!“

—Stanford University and Vanderbilt University Schools of Medicine

But that’s not all. After nine weeks, the researchers tested the participants again. They found the people taking PS had a much easier time recalling telephone numbers, concentrating, and paying attention than people who didn’t take it. But here’s what’s really astounding…

Shaves 12 years off your “brain age”!

Even though the people taking PS had an average age of 64, their “brain age” tested at 52. This means taking PS made their brains work as if they were 12 years younger!

Think what life would be like if your brain starting working again as if you were 12 years younger.  No more forgetting people’s names or where you parked the car.

No more frustrating, time-consuming searches for something you misplaced. And no more feeling left out of conversations because you can’t keep up.

Less “brain fog”!

“Maximum Memory Support has made a decided difference in diminishing my ‘brain fog’ problems.  Thank you!”

—S. B., Ohio

All of this—and more—is possible when you take Maximum Memory Support and give your brain the PS it needs for optimum function. In fact, no matter how bad your memory is now, Maximum Memory Support can help you improve it! Even studies on patients who’ve suffered serious mental decline show those taking PS enjoy better memory and mental function.

Now let me tell you about another way Maximum Memory Support can help you keep your brain and memory as sharp as it was decades ago…

The secret to performing mentally like you did in your 20s and 30s

As I’ve explained so far, restoring shrunken brain cells and clearing away toxins are both essential for preserving peak memory as you age. But another crucial step to keeping your brain “young” is something called neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity has to do with the wiring of your brain. It’s the ability of your brain to constantly restructure itself by building new “highways and byways”. This makes it easier for brain cells to send and receive messages, improving your ability to learn and recall information.  

Helping my memory!

“I am convinced Maximum Memory Support is definitely helping my memory, especially short-term. I am grateful, and will continue to take it. God bless!”

—Don B., Indiana

A healthy brain is constantly forming new synapses or connections… while adapting existing synapses to new circumstances you face daily. The more nimble your brain is at doing these things, the more neuroplastic it is, and the sharper your mental performance.

Like everything as you age, your brain slows down, too. This makes it less able to form new synapses or adapt existing ones. But now researchers have unearthed a potent plant extract that makes your brain more neuroplastic, so it’s able to perform just as well as it did decades ago.

This natural plant extract is Mulberry fruit extract, and it’s included in Maximum Memory Support. New research shows when this potent extract is taken orally, it helps remodel your brain to increase its neuroplasticity.

Restructures your brain to make it “young” again!

Studies show taking Mulberry increases the formation of synapses… makes brain cells work better… expands neural pathways so messages can be sent more efficiently… and boosts the production of acetylcholine, a crucial brain chemical needed for proper mental function.

But here’s what’s really exciting about Mulberry. It works hand-in-hand with the Lion’s Mane extract you get in Maximum Memory Support to revive shrunken brain cells and connections… and boost and protect your brainpower.

That’s because Mulberry helps increase the release of nerve growth factor once it’s produced. So it makes Lion’s Mane extract even more powerful and effective when taken together.

Fewer “tip-of-the-tongue” moments!

“Since taking Maximum Memory Support, my word retrieval has very noticeably improved. When a word slips my mind I can usually retrieve it within a few minutes. Before it could take hours.”

—G. C., California

This combination of Mulberry with Lion’s Mane and other nutrients is one of the key advantages of taking a carefully-formulated, synergistic formula like Maximum Memory Support. Not only do you get the most powerful, brain-boosting nutrients in the best forms and amounts, you get them combined in a way that gives you greater benefits faster!

A total memory solution that gives you fast, noticeable benefits

You deserve a total solution to keep your mind sharp and extend your independence and enjoyment of life as long as possible. And that’s exactly what Maximum Memory Support gives you.

That’s because in addition to Lion’s Mane, Phosphatidylserine (PS), and Mulberry, this breakthrough supplement also gives you…

  • Vitamin B12: Many people over age 50 develop a vitamin B12 deficiency because they’re not able to absorb it well from their diets.  But you need B12 so your brain cells can communicate. Without it, your brain can’t recall information or complete a thought.
  • Folate (from folic acid): Research shows higher amounts of folate than most people get from their diets can dramatically improve memory and speed of thinking. One study found increased folate intake gave older adults memory scores comparable to people 5.5 years younger… and helped them perform on tests on cognitive speed as well as people 1.9 years younger!

    Bonus: When you take vitamin B12 and folate together like you do with Maximum Memory Support, you get even more benefits. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, older adults who took these two nutrients enjoyed improved memory and cognitive function over a two-year period. And they continued to get better over time!

  • “… Long-term daily supplementation of folic acid and vitamin B-12 promotes performance on immediate and delayed memory.“

    —American Journal of
    Clinical Nutrition

  • Vitamin B6—This important vitamin is needed for you to produce brain chemicals that let you concentrate and stay alert. Without it, you may notice feeling spacey and unfocused.

    Bonus: New research out of Oxford University shows something incredible happens when you combine vitamin B6 with vitamin B12 and folic acid—the same combination you get in Maximum Memory Support. This nutrient trio has been shown to reduce brain shrinkage by as much as 90%!

  • Vitamin D—An estimated three-quarters of adults are deficient in vitamin D, the so-called “sunshine” vitamin. Older adults are even more likely to suffer from a deficiency. But vitamin D isn’t just needed for strong bones. It’s crucial for keeping your mind sharp, too. A recent study looked at more than 5,500 adults with an average age of 80. Those who had higher vitamin D levels were far less likely to suffer from cognitive impairment than those with lower levels.
  • Thiamine—Also known as vitamin B1, thiamine is crucial for producing energy in your brain. Your brain uses glucose as energy fuel, but it can’t break it down and use it without enough thiamine. It’s also used to make important brain chemicals and to keep nerves healthy. Without enough thiamine, your brain not only slows down and gets sluggish, it can lead to nerve damage and death of brain cells. That’s why thiamine is crucial for keeping your brain “young”!

Immediate improvements in memory and focus!

“Thanks to Maximum Memory Support, I have noticed immediate improvement in my focus and my memory span throughout the day. I find it much easier to recall memories of events that happened weeks ago as well. Overall, this has been a very positive experience for me!”

—Nathaniel F., Maryland

Put the power of 8 to work to keep your mind sharp for life!

You can see how the 8 brain-boosting nutrients you get in Maximum Memory Support work together to boost and protect your brainpower. Best of all, in just a few weeks or even days you’ll likely notice you…

  • Think more clearly… You’ll find it easier to recall that word that’s on the “tip of your tongue” and avoid other mental glitches, letting your true hard-won wisdom shine through.
  • Feel more alert… No more waiting hours for your brain to wake up or feeling like a “zombie”. Your mind will feel alive and energized all day long!
  • Have less trouble remembering names or details… You’re able to avoid awkward moments because a name suddenly escapes you… you don’t forget what you meant to buy at the store or walked into a room to get… and you don’t have to put up with other embarrassing or frustrating occurrences.
  • Recall new information more easily… You’ll find it easier to learn new things, and recall your newfound knowledge with ease—whether it’s remembering the name of someone you just met or how to perform a new task.
  • Find it easier to focus… No more “fuzzy” thinking as you concentrate on work, reading, household tasks, keeping up with conversations, and more. You’ll feel sharper than ever!
  • Feel more upbeat and less stressed. As your memory and thinking get better, you’ll also notice your outlook improves. You’ll feel more on top of things and less stressed, even when you’re juggling multiple tasks.

The future you’ve always dreamed of is waiting for you

Think how much better your day-to-day life will be when you’re able to enjoy these benefits. And you won’t have to wait long. Some people who’ve used Maximum Memory Support say they see many of these changes almost immediately!

But while you’re noticing these dramatic improvements in your memory and brainpower, at the same time you’ll be supporting the long-term health of your brain.

You’ll be taking steps to prevent, even reverse, brain shrinkage and atrophy… eliminate dangerous toxic invaders… and improve your brain’s neuroplasticity to keep it healthy and youthful.

That means you can enjoy an active, fulfilling future and see your grandchildren get their diplomas… or walk down the wedding aisle.

It means you can travel to those places still on your “bucket list”… or simply share a joke or a smile with someone you love.

Most important of all, it means you can preserve your dignity and independence as you age.

That’s why I want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to give your mind and memory the advanced, total support you need to stay sharp for decades to come.

So I’m making you a unique, totally risk-free “Try Now—Pay Later” offer…


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  • Fats that hurt, fats that heal. You probably already know many saturated fats are bad for your heart—but they damage your brain, too. Meanwhile, these two satisfying fats that taste like you’re “cheating” are good for you—and make your brain work faster and more efficiently!
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Prescription Drugs That Steal Your Memory

If you take prescription or even over-the-counter drugs, you may be hurting your memory without realizing it. In fact, experts say side effects linked to some of the most widely-used drugs—not advancing age—are often the hidden cause behind memory loss. You need to know which drugs are most likely to cause your problems with memory and focus—and that’s exactly what this eye-opening report reveals. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll discover:

  • Why the elderly are particularly vulnerable to drug side effects… and may experience them more severely than younger people!
  • How where you live can raise your risk of a memory-destroying drug side effect. People in these regions of the country are up to 20% more likely to be prescribed these dangerous medications! Based on Brown University study of 6 million Medicare recipients.
  • The startling effect that taking multiple drugs has on your body—and how it may be contributing to your apparent mental decline. This is essential reading for anyone taking three or more prescription drugs!
  • And much more!

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