Dear friend,

Old age isn’t natural anymore.

Science says we can extend our “youth span” to age 90, 100 and beyond. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky research going on in the labs. It’s happening here and now. . .for people who are in the know.

As a leading UK newspaper puts it, “Research reveals we can control our ‘inner’ age to increase our life expectancy...”

And David Sinclair, a professor at Harvard Medical School, declares, “Over the last ten years, my lab and many others around the world have shown that it’s not just possible to delay aging, but to reverse aspects of it…”

This may be the most explosive scientific development in history. Millions of people will live decades longer than any of us thought possible. . .

And those years will be “good years” – not struggling to get around with a walker but full of energy, life and health. . .

So each and every one of us has to ask ourselves a question. . .

How YOUNG will you be at age 70, 85 or 100?

And here’s the thing: We can’t dodge this question – because everything we need to do it is now available.

The only question is:  Are you going to take advantage of it?

You see, it’s never too late to live decades younger than your biological age.

You can be 70 and look like you’re 45 or 50.  Thousands of people have already done this. I’ve seen the real-life results and they’re amazing.

How on earth do they do it?

There are basically two ways to live
until age 90 and beyond. . .

The HARD way:  Worry about everything – your weight, your blood pressure, your cholesterol, your alcohol intake, how much stress you’re under….

Or the EASY waySupercharge the fundamental youth molecule that’s inside every cell in your body. How?  Take two capsules of a remarkable new formula each morning.

Now, I don’t knock healthy eating and all the other healthy lifestyle habits. They’re all important. And as an M.D., I want you to do all these things as much as you can.

But the fact is, science now shows you can do a simple tweak to one of the key molecules inside your body. . .

And add years to your life – far beyond what you ever thought possible.

And you can reap these benefits no matter how old you are now or what kind of shape you’re in.

Just listen to Marie K. from Ohio:  “Amazingly, within the first 2 hours of taking it I felt more rejuvenated.  I sleep better and feel energized all day long!”

This ONE step is more important than eating right,
healthy blood pressure, not smoking, avoiding stress. . .

We hear about these important lifestyle choices all the time.  We all know we “should” be doing these things.

But guess what?  According to a recent study at the University of Michigan, none of these is as important as one, profoundly simple step. . .

I’m talking about boosting your body’s supply of a molecule called glutathione.

What exactly IS glutathione?

The billion-year-old “spark” of life on Earth

In a study1 conducted at the prestigious Carnegie Institute for Science in Washington, D.C., scientists were searching for the billion-year-old trigger that turned a lifeless planet into the vast garden of life we know today.

They tried dozens of substances with no luck. Then, all of a sudden, when they exposed a glutathione mix to UV light, they were stunned with the results.

“Strikingly similar” to the design of living cells

Within minutes, the glutathione mix suddenly reorganized itself into a biological-style matrix.

In other words... LIFE.

It’s true. The building blocks for all life on Earth were recreated in a lab—using glutathione as a fundamental trigger.

That’s just one reason many scientists call glutathione...

The “God Molecule”

Right now, as you read this report, every cell in your body is virtually swimming in a sea of youth-generating, life-giving glutathione.

And it’s a scientific fact— supported by more than 59,000 studies—that the more glutathione you have, the younger you are.

Look at it this way...

Have you ever met someone who looks and acts 20 or even 30 years younger than their
calendar age?

They’re not complaining about illnesses, their prescriptions, or upcoming surgeries. They’re out in the world doing the things they love...with the people they love.

Like strolling on a tropical beach. Playing golf or tennis with friends. Traveling the world. And just plain enjoying every minute of every day.

What’s their secret?

Is it good genes? A vegetarian diet? Sweaty exercise?  Meditation? Or bending their bodies into pretzels in a Yoga class?

Not at all.

It turns out the #1 trigger for that youthful glow is the amount of glutathione in their systems.

More is better.

More keeps you young.

In a study published in the world-famous Indian Journal of Medical Sciences2, the researchers concluded that healthy older people had a stunning 11 times more glutathione than older people suffering from poor health.

And, in a recent Harper’s Bazaar interview3 with one of America’s top anti-aging M.D.s, the message was clear...

“It’s now time to lift the curtain on this life-saving molecule that delivers incredible benefits and even helps slow the aging process.”

That’s a great idea. And it’s exactly what we’re doing in the pages of this report.

The short course? Young people are bursting with glutathione.

It practically flows from their bodies like a fountain. That’s why they have that “glow” in their eyes, their skin, their energy levels, and their whole outlook on life.

But then, once you hit age 45, the well starts to run dry. Your glutathione levels literally fall off a cliff.

You can see and feel it happen.

The youthful glow begins to fade. Your energy levels plummet. Your skin shows the first signs of aging.

You need reading glasses for the first time. It’s harder and harder to stay fit. And you don’t feel as mentally sharp.

Bottom line: You just feel older. The simple truth is that you need more glutathione circulating in your system— if you want to feel decades younger.

Which of these 80-YEAR-OLDS has
more glutathione in his system?

Common symptoms of HIGH glutathione levels:

Common symptoms of LOW glutathione levels:

But this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to glutathione! Glutathione molecules are your mighty army . . .

Every single one of your cells is attacked
10,000 times a day by toxins and pollutants4

The stress on your liver and kidneys can be catastrophic.

Glutathione acts like a powerwash for your cells —flushing the toxins from your organs and tissues.

Think about the toxins you’re exposed to every day.

Air pollution enters your lungs and goes straight to your bloodstream.

Manufactured foods are filled with chemicals you can’t even pronounce. You couldn’t avoid them all if you tried.

Meats and poultry are often filled with antibiotics or hormones to help the animals grow faster. Fish and shellfish can flood your system with mercury, heavy metals, or PCBs.

Vegetables and fruits are often sprayed with pesticides and anti-mildew agents. Even organic versions can have “natural” pesticides that can be toxic to your cells.

Prescription drugs contain chemicals that can have dozens of negative effects on your cellular health.

Even the water you drink can be filled with chemicals.

Then you have to consider the toxic impact of stress, lack of exercise, or even a lack of sunlight in some cases.

Every last one of these toxic events generates an assault force of free radicals. This toxic assault can have a devastating effect on your health and longevity.

Your liver and kidneys can literally become clogged with toxic junk from our modern lifestyle.

So what’s the solution?

Glutathione of course.

Glutathione is the most profoundly
powerful detoxifier on Earth

It’s 5,000 times more powerful than any other antioxidant known to science.

You encounter more than 500 chemicals and toxins every day. You’ve got more than 200 toxins in your body right now. Glutathione grabs these toxins so they’re flushed down the toilet.

Even more remarkable, glutathione is an intracellular detoxifier. That means it works to clean up and rejuvenate your body at the cellular level.

When most people think of a detoxifier, they think of a colon cleanse or something similar.  Glutathione goes a million miles beyond that. Here’s how it works...

When a toxin-triggered free radical encounters glutathione, the two are magnetically bound together.

As a result, the free radical is rendered instantly harmless.

Then your body simply flushes away the toxin once and for all. And your liver, kidneys, organs, and whole darn body breathe a giant sigh of relief.

There’s just one problem.

Glutathione molecules act like “Kamikazes”, sacrificing their lives to defend your cells.

So your precious supply of glutathione goes down with every free radical attack. Then, after age 45, your glutathione production plummets.

Scientists believe it’s this constant assault of free radicals and falling glutathione levels that are the primary triggers for illness and decline as you age.

So why not just take a glutathione supplement?
If only you could. . .

Any Google search will find dozens of brands of glutathione on the market, but they all share one serious problem.

You could swallow ordinary glutathione supplements by the handful with almost ZERO benefits.


Because glutathione is a very small protein molecule that’s easily digested by the stomach.  Any glutathione that manages to survive your stomach acid is almost completely lost in the digestive tract.

There is, however, a breakthrough you need to know about.

In a minute, I’ll tell you about a special, advanced form of glutathione that actually does survive your digestive tract. But meanwhile you may be wondering. . .

Is it possible to boost your glutathione levels
naturally with food?

One way to raise your glutathione level is to eat a lot more cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, watercress, and mustard greens.

Garlic and onions are good, too.

The problem is most of us never get enough of these foods to make a real impact.

By all means, you should eat more vegetables, that goes without saying.  But there’s another option.

It’s simpler. More consistent. And it takes 10 seconds a day.

The breakthrough, a glutathione booster called VITAL FORCE, is a next-generation, anti-aging supplement, formulated by the experts at Green Valley Natural Solutions.

Vital Force’s exclusive formula provides your body with the natural “building blocks” you need to create your own fresh supply of youth-restoring glutathione.

The result is the rapid and noticeable de-aging of every cell in your body.

Some cells actually respond within minutes. In a matter of days, you can feel 20 or even 30 years younger.

That means you feel...

Even more remarkable...

Vital Force helps switch ON the inner light of youth in your body. Everyone will want to know your secret!

Our satisfied customers confirm it...

“I’m already sleeping much better, feel calmer, and definitely more energetic. I stay active and take care of my grandkids. This really helps!” — Sylvia A., AZ

“I feel like I can remember things better and focus more... it helps give me that needed edge.” — Bruce S., MD

“Vital Force gives  me the added energy I need. I feel alert and fresh.”
Ann H., Washington, D.C.

And today I’m making you a special offer: You pay nothing today except shipping & handling. Vital Force MUST work for you, or it’s FREE.

That’s right, you’re invited to try Vital Force completely free of risk or obligation.

If it doesn’t help you feel decades younger in a matter of days... it’s FREE.

Completely and utterly FREE.

But don’t decide just yet.  Take a look at this University of Louisville study on super-young women age 60-103...

Is Glutathione THE Secret of the Kentucky
Wonder Women?

In a landmark study of “super-ager” women who were in extraordinary shape both mentally and physically, researchers discovered that they all had really high levels of glutathione.

Five years later, the women were evaluated again. They were still remarkably young, and still had off-the-charts glutathione levels.

The scientists concluded that “...high-blood glutathione concentrations are characteristic of long-lived women.”

Like I said before, when it comes to glutathione. . .

More is better.

More keeps you young.

To get the same youth-boosting glutathione
you get from Vital Force,
you’d have to eat 454 apples. . .

...or 164 servings of broccoli or cauliflower. 188 grapefruit. 122 servings of cooked spinach. 189 raw carrots...

Or how about “enjoying” 600 Brussels sprouts every day?

You’d have to eat a ton of fruits and veggies to get the same glutathione boost as two capsules of Vital Force.

Plus there’s this:  the boost you get from Vital Force happens in MINUTES.

The problem is that you just can’t eat enough of the healthy foods to get a serious boost in your glutathione levels.

A study published in the medical journal Nutrition and Cancer5 proves the point.  The researchers did an extensive evaluation of the glutathione you get from dozens of the foods Americans eat every day.

The results were stunning.

The researchers discovered that the glutathione boost from some of the healthiest foods on Earth was significant but rather small.

And when you compare that boost to what you get from Vital Force, the numbers will make your eyes pop.

To get the same glutathione boost as two capsules of Vital Force you’d have to eat...

They also found that you get a 6X bigger glutathione boost from a fried hamburger than a sweet potato!

But before you fire up the grill, just know that you’d need to eat over 85 hamburgers to get the same glutathione boost you get from two capsules of Vital Force.

How is it possible that Vital Force is so powerful?

Vital Force’s exclusive formula contains seven
of the world’s top glutathione boosters

We call them G-boosters

YOU can benefit from this life-changing discovery. Let me explain the astonishing science behind Vital Force.

The G-Boosters in our formula are specially selected glutathione-boosting nutrients that help your body produce a flood of youth-restoring glutathione.

Let’s look at them all right now, starting with...

Vital Force G-Booster #1:
N-acetyl cysteine or NAC

Glutathione, for all the wonders it does for your body and brain, is actually a very simple molecule. It‘s composed of only three building blocks: cysteine, glycine, and glutamine.

If your body doesn’t have enough of these three nutrients, it can’t produce enough glutathione to protect you.

What’s more, as you age, these three building blocks have to come from outside your body— through diet.


Because our bodies evolved over 40,000 years ago when there were virtually ZERO environmental or dietary toxins. So natural foods supplied all the building blocks you needed.

Things are a little different now.

In modern industrial countries, your body is assaulted by over 59,000 chemicals, toxins and pollutants.

As a result, each cell in your body is attacked thousands of times from free radicals generated by these toxins.

Your liver, kidney, lungs, and every cell in your body deploy a vast SWAT team of glutathione molecules to save you.

And they do a wonderful job... at a steep price.

By age 45, your SWAT team is almost non-existent. The free radicals start to win the battles. And you start to feel and look...OLD.

That’s where NAC comes to the rescue.

Remember, cysteine is a fundamental building block for glutathione. So N-acetyl CYSTEINE is the perfect way to help boost your natural supply!

Even a small dose of NAC boosts glutathione production in clinical testing.

In a study6 published in the journal Redox Biology, the authors found that supplementing with 200 mg of NAC a day was theoretically sufficient to raise glutathione levels in blood plasma by 600 mg a day.

Vital Force delivers a healthy NAC dose of 500 mg a day.

The result is a potential glutathione boost up to 1,500 mg.

And we know that when it comes to glutathione, more is definitely better.

Even more remarkable...


Supplementation has been clinically shown to deliver measurable boosts in glutathione in a matter of MINUTES.

In another study7 conducted at the University of Edinburgh Medical School, scientists measured how quickly oral NAC supplements delivered measurable increases in blood plasma glutathione levels.

The results were rapid and conclusive.

The glutathione boost appeared in only 10 seconds.

It’s true. But this is only a glimpse at what NAC can do for you.

Over 50,000 studies have confirmed the direct connection between NAC and your glutathione levels and...

Over 33 gold-standard, placebo-controlled clinical trials have demonstrated that NAC is the single most powerful glutathione-booster on Earth.

According to researchers at Stanford University8, nearly 7 out of 10 studies with orally administered NAC have...

1. Boosted the body’s natural glutathione levels and successfully treated a “wide range” of health problems.

2. Dramatically improved the test subjects’ overall “quality of life and wellbeing.”

NAC is particularly critical for the health of your liver.

When you realize that your liver is literally the Great Wall protecting your body from the toxic world we live in, you begin to understand how important it is to take care of it as you age.

NAC is critical for liver health.

Look at it like this...

In the battle for your health and longevity, your liver is the front line. And the soldiers manning that line are billions of glutathione molecules.

And whenever they encounter a toxin, they instantly neutralize it...and vanish in the process.

The toxin is then flushed out with your body’s wastes.

That means NAC is the critical supply chain your liver needs to keep replenishing its internal army of glutathione molecules.

NAC is SO effective at detoxification, hospitals
keep it on hand in emergency rooms.

If a patient shows up with an overdose of an acetaminophen painkiller, they are often given a large dose of NAC intravenously to save their lives.

Why? Because acetaminophen can destroy the liver’s ability to manufacture glutathione. This popular painkiller is the number one cause of liver failure in the United States.

And just recently, scientists decided to review over 69 studies on the benefits of NAC for your liver.

Nearly 9 out of 10 studies demonstrate that NAC is fantastic for your liver.

The researchers evaluated all these studies and found that 85% of them showed marked improvements in liver function.

And there’s still more...

NAC is great for breathing and lung health

In a human study9 of patients with lung or breathing issues, a daily dose of NAC helped boost the levels of glutathione in their lungs in less than three hours.

When you think about the pollutants you breathe in every day, it’s absolutely essential to keep the glutathione levels nice and HIGH in your lungs.

NAC also helps thin mucus in your sinuses and airways for easier breathing.

Research has revealed that NAC has the unique ability to actually thin out stubborn mucus – so nasal passages open and breathing is much easier.10

NAC may also help keep your blood sugar levels nice and healthy.

Healthy glutathione levels are critical for insulin resistance, healthy blood sugar, and avoiding complications.

In a 2013 study that evaluated glutathione levels of patients with blood sugar problems, researchers discovered that patients with the highest levels of glutathione had far fewer complications.

In the results summary, the researchers made the unusual analysis that the results were “of great significance” to people concerned about blood sugar.11

NAC is great for immunity when everyone around you is sneezing, coughing and miserable.

In a study of 262 elderly test subjects, those who took NAC were more than three times more resistant to the bugs that felled the placebo group.12

NAC is great for your HEART and CIRCULATION too.

If your doctor has ever warned you about your homocysteine levels, then you know how important they are.  Many scientists now believe homocysteine levels may even be more important than your cholesterol levels.

One study found that heart patients given NAC experienced an average 25% drop in their homocysteine levels in just two months.13

NAC helps build lean muscle and fight muscle fatigue.

Several studies have demonstrated the benefits of NAC for burning fat, building lean muscle, and even reducing muscle fatigue as much as 23% in training athletes.14

NAC also helps protect your cells from the effects of ionizing radiation from medical tests and flying.

By boosting your master antioxidant glutathione, NAC is also a great idea if you’re a frequent flyer or are being exposed to medical radiation. Frequent flyers are bombarded with massive amounts of radiation.

The constant exposure to radiation can generate free radicals and potentially damage your DNA.

The solution is to defend against this damage with the NAC in Vital Force.

But there’s still so much more…

Remember, NAC is only one of seven
proven G-boosters in Vital Force

Here’s G-Booster #2: Schisandra. . .

In ancient Chinese medical texts, this humble fruit is called Glow Berry because it ignites the inner light of youth at any age. Modern research has just confirmed it…

According to a rave review published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology. . .

“A huge body of experimental evidence has shown that schisandra B can enhance
mitochondrial glutathione...”

But let’s back up a few thousand years. . .

Because that’s  how long the concept of a “life force” or Qi (pronounced chee) has been at the center of Chinese herbal medicine.

But what exactly is Qi?

The dictionary defines it as the “circulating life force” within our bodies.

And although Chinese scientists have debated the true source of your Qi for years, I’d like to cast my vote...and then back it up with two landmark studies.

You see, I think that glutathione is the closest thing I know of to the life force within your body.

Let me explain...

One of the most famous ancient medical texts is called the Dongui Bogam. It was first published in 1613 and it was compiled by the royal physician Heo Jun.

The “Rosetta Stone” of ancient herbal medicine

What’s so remarkable about this text is that it’s a compilation of ancient cures from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean medical traditions.

Just as the Rosetta Stone gave us a rich understanding of ancient languages...the Domgui Bogam is a single source filled with the vast knowledge of three healing traditions that stretch back thousands of years.

Perhaps most remarkable of all, the text identifies no less than 924 anti-aging herbs.

Modern scientists recently evaluated ALL 924 to determine their anti-aging potential.

Guess what happened?

The list was rapidly trimmed to 94 herbs that showed scientific promise.  Then the list was crosschecked with Western medicinal research.

The results?

Schisandra—also called glow berry—was perhaps the most exciting of all.

It’s no surprise, really.

A Chinese symbol for immortality

This beautiful berry has long been a symbol of youth, longevity, and even immortality in Chinese art.

The ancient Chinese goddess of beauty and eternal youth is often portrayed serving Schisandra berries to her immortal friends.

As a medicinal herb, Schisandra can be used to improve...

In a 2015 study of the effects of schisandra on glutathione levels and your mitochondria (cellular energy factories), the conclusion was clear and dramatic.16

As the scientists noted: “Mitochondrial decay is a major cause of aging...”

And guess what? Schisandra B helped slow the aging process inside the mitochondria at the cellular level.

What’s more, the medical community has noticed in a big way. In an article reviewing the latest research17 and benefits of schisandra for your mitochondria, the author noted...

“Impressively, schisandra has been shown to significantly enhance glutathione protection within mitochondria…

 “...most other strategies to enhance glutathione only affect glutathione levels within cells, but not in the critical mitochondrial glutathione levels...

“...the potential for schisandra to enhance antioxidant protection, and protect from age-related free radical damage, is very unique and beneficial.”

So schisandra is not only fantastic for boosting glutathione inside your cells, it has the critical ability to boost glutathione INSIDE your mitochondria.

Why is that so important?

Because your mitochondria are the fundamental energy factories inside your cells.

Even more remarkable, the number of mitochondria within your cells varies according to your needs. The average muscle in your bicep has only a few hundred mitochondria in each cell.

Your HEART, however, has over 5,000 mitochondria in each cell.

Why? Because your heart muscle needs the extra energy to pump 24/7 for a lifetime!

Are you beginning to see why schisandra is such an important nutritional breakthrough?

During the Cold War, this natural wonder even piqued the interest of the Soviet Union...

Is Schisandra the Secret of the
Soviet Union’s Super Soldiers?

The schisandra berry in our exclusive formula was extensively researched in the 1940s and during the Cold War as a way to BOOST human performance.

As a result, schisandra berry is still listed in the Russian Pharmacopoeia for its remarkable ability to...

What’s more, the Russians tested a weak schisandra extract. The schisandra in Vital Force is more than four times more potent.

And there’s a reason for that. . .

Here at Green Valley Natural Solutions, we create formulas based on real science.  That’s why we have an extraordinary number of repeat customers—many of whom have been with us for years. Our products make a profound, positive improvement in people’s lives.

You can be next. And your no-risk trial comes with this guarantee:  Vital Force must work for you, or it’s FREE. You only pay for it when and if it works for you.

For additional proof, let me tell you about Vital Force G-Booster #3. . .


Today, we are willingly exposing ourselves to
record levels of radiation.
Have we forgotten the lessons of
Hiroshima, Chernobyl, and Fukushima?

Radiation:  We’re pounded with it everywhere.  Medical imaging, CT scans, X-Rays, cell phones, WiFi, MRIs, even flying...

“Thanks to the radiation risk of flying, the CDC classifies airline crew members as radiation workers,” says the Sunday Express.

And get this: “Americans receive more than 85 million CT scans each year, compared with 3 million per year in the 1980s,” according to The Washington Post.

Radiation is now impossible to avoid.

Is there anything you can do? Yes!

Vital Force now includes the same “shield” doctors and radiology workers have used to protect themselves.

Now all of us need it.

Every time you use your cell phone or say yes to a CT scan you should be worried a little bit.

The voice inside your head says “Yikes...that’s a lot of radiation.”  So you ask your doctor point blank, “Is the radiation from my CT scan safe?”

“Sure,” he says, “It’s a million-to-one risk. No worries.” Well, the risk is low.

And I would never recommend that anyone cancel any potentially life-saving diagnostic imaging.

But I do think you should also do everything you can to protect yourself.

After all, according to an article in The Washington Post, “...about 29,000 — of the 1.7 million cancers diagnosed in the United States in 2007 — were caused by CT scans.”

That’s still a very small chance, but it’s NOT a “million-to-one” by any means.

And that was back in 2007. Today, our potential for radiation exposure is soaring. It’s everywhere.

So maybe that CT scan is not a risk at itself.

But when you add in the cumulative radiation exposure in our modern lives, you should be concerned enough to take a few simple steps to protect yourself and the ones you love.

You can’t avoid all radiation these days. So you’ve got to be really smart.

That brings us to...

Vital Force G-Booster #3: Lemon Balm
to protect your DNA from radiation damage

Oddly enough, lemon balm has traditionally been used to lift your mood, ease anxiety, and help you cope with excess stress.

But now we know it’s got a powerful alter-ego that helps protect every cell in your body from radiation.

Lemon Balm is used by medical workers in imaging labs for protection.

It’s well-known that medical workers are constantly exposed to low levels of radiation every day.

Over time, that’s a real concern.

So a recent medical worker study18 tested the benefits of lemon balm for boosting
glutathione levels, and helping to mitigate some of the potential DNA damage.

The participants were asked to drink lemon balm tea every day for 30 days. Then they were tested for both glutathione levels AND the health of the DNA in their blood plasma.

The results? Their glutathione levels were UP...and the DNA damage to their cells was reduced.

So here’s a question: Do you think the radiology staff is still drinking lemon balm tea today?

Do we have to ask?

That’s why we included a full dose of lemon balm in Vital Force. Isn’t it nice to know you have that extra layer of protection in our radiation-filled world?  Of course it is.

Vital Force G-Booster #4: Setria

How Vital Force helps block invading pathogens
from making you sick

Earlier in this report, I explained that taking “glutathione” supplements usually doesn’t work.


Because ordinary glutathione is a simple protein molecule that’s easily destroyed in your upper digestive tract.

As a result, most of the glutathione is lost long before it can be absorbed into your blood.

So I have always been on the lookout for a breakthrough that might allow supplemental glutathione to bypass the acid barrier in your stomach and actually be absorbed directly into your cells.

And I believe I’ve found it. It’s an advanced and highly modified form of glutathione called Setria®, and it comes with a proven track record for absorption, boosting glutathione levels and boosting immunity, too!

It’s a brilliant breakthrough that can benefit millions worldwide.

Here’s how it works: The scientists behind Setria® created a special fermentation process that alters the molecular structure of the glutathione.

As a result, the glutathione SURVIVES the acid-barrier in your stomach and delivers
a tsunami of youth-boosting glutathione to every cell in your body.

But there’s more: Setria® also generates a harmless protective barrier inside the digestive tract—where up to 80% of your immune cells live.

This layer then blocks any incoming toxins and gives the glutathione the time it needs to be fully absorbed into your system.

Does it really work? The research is undeniable.

A study in the European Journal of Nutrition confirms the results for both glutathione and immunity.

The study evaluated 54 healthy adults 28–72 years old. The group that took Setria® showed rapid results.

Why is that SO important?

Because natural killer (NK) cells seek out and destroy invading viruses and bacteria.

In medical terms, these are remarkable breakthroughs.  The kind that can have real meaning in your life.

So it was an absolute no-brainer to add Setria® to the Vital Force formula.

Next, you’ll see how we’ve added two more G-Boosters designed to carry
the N-acetyl cysteine into your cells where you need it most...

Vital Force G-Boosters #5 & #6:
Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Glycine

Here’s the ‘transport system’ that helps deliver
the building blocks for glutathione
exactly where they need to be

The main reason we included N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) in our Vital Force formula is that it’s an absolutely essential building block for glutathione.

But to make sure that every last bit of that NAC is converted into youth-generating glutathione, we also added alpha-lipoic acid.

A scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory reported that alpha-lipoic acid is the “missing link” in raising glutathione inside your cells.

The scientists theorize that alpha-lipoic acid acts like a transport system (like an express train!) that delivers the NAC where it needs to be.

You also get a full dose of glycine as an extra precursor nutrient to stimulate glutathione production deep inside your cells. Remember – glycine, along with cysteine and glutamine, is one of the three building blocks of glutathione.

Vital Force G-Booster #7:
A Powerful B-Vitamin Complex

Did you know that your brain’s frontal lobe shrinks 24% by age 80?

And it begins shrinking at age 40!

According to the National Institutes of Health, your brain starts shrinking 5% per decade after age 40. The actual rate of decline increases after you hit 70.

Yikes! What good is living to age 100 if your brain is approaching the size of a

The good news is that Vital Force includes a balanced B-complex designed to help lower your homocysteine levels.

That’s because a high level of homocysteine is one of the primary triggers for brain shrinkage and mental decline.

In one study, people who took B12, B6, and folic acid had 53% less brain shrinkage.

In other words. . .

Brain shrinkage was cut MORE than half!

And you reap an extra benefit: B vitamins are famous for giving a natural energy boost.

It’s not like the caffeine jitters from coffee. The energy boost you get from B vitamins is a steady, healthy hum of all-day energy.

It’s the kind of energy you had 30 years ago...and it’s back.

When you agree to just try the Vital Force formula, you’ll start to reap the benefits of all 7 glutathione boosters. . .

Give This 1.5 Billion-Year-Old Molecule a Chance to Help You Live YOUNG to Age 100

Researchers at Oregon State University have recently confirmed the profound importance of keeping your glutathione levels nice and high.

In an interview with Science Daily, the researchers finally “connected the dots” between glutathione and biological (not calendar) age.

“In young animal cells, stress doesn’t cause such a rapid loss of glutathione. The cells from older animals, on the other hand, were quickly depleted of glutathione and died twice as fast when subjected to stress.

“But pretreatment with NAC [a key ingredient in Vital Force] increased glutathione
levels in the older cells and largely helped offset that level of cell death.”

The researchers revealed that glutathione dates back as much as 1.5 billion years—long before the age of dinosaurs— to the single “spark” when oxygen-supported life began on Earth.

NAC, the researchers noted, is a significant solution for counteracting the aging
effects of our environment.

In other words, it’s a great way to live younger LONGER than Nature intended.

Vital Force delivers the TOP 7
Glutathione Boosters You Need To
Stay Young for 100 Years

Over 59,000 studies CONFIRM it.

The research is conclusive and undeniable: Your calendar age is old news.

It’s your biological age that really matters. And a lot of that depends on the glutathione levels in every cell of your body.

Centenarians and “superagers” have up to 11 times more glutathione than people who age rapidly.

When it comes to glutathione, this is all you have to remember:  MORE = YOUNG. LESS = OLD.

That’s why Vital Force delivers all 7 of the top glutathione-boosters in one dose that takes 10 seconds a day. You get...

1: A research-level dosage of N-acetyl csyteine (NAC).
It’s an absolutely essential “building block” for glutathione. Similar doses are proven to help trigger 1,500 mg of extra glutathione production —in as little as 60 minutes!

2: Schisandra or “Glow Berry:”
In a review of 924 anti-aging herbs, schisandra rose to the top because it helps boost glutathione inside your mitochondria (cellular energy factories) and helps improve...

3: Lemon Balm.
The traditional “mood lifter” that we now know can help protect your DNA from the thousand-and-one radiation sources that are making you grow old before your time.

4: Setria, the highly-refined form of glutathione.
It’s the only form of direct glutathione that’s known to survive your digestive tract and in clinical studies it...

5 & 6: Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Glycine:
The “missing link” nutrients that help generate and then transport the new glutathione molecules inside your cells.

7: A Potent Blend of B-Vitamins for your homocysteine levels and brain health.
Homocysteine is a critical inflammatory marker for your heart and whole body. You need to keep homocysteine at a low level.

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The science is as solid as Mount Everest. I’ve seen the research. I believe this clinically-proven combination of nutrients will boost your glutathione levels…and prolong your years. And I want to make it easy for you to try it. Click here to order now – and experience this amazing life-extending formula for yourself.

P.P.S. In clinical studies of “superagers” who seem immune from aging, scientists have discovered that the more glutathione in your blood plasma, the younger you are.

Vital Force’s star ingredients BOOSTED blood plasma glutathione in as little as 10 seconds.

You simply take two in the morning and you’re set for the day. No more LOW-G for you.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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