About Green Valley Natural Solutions

Not every supplement on the market is made equal.

That’s why our product development team spends years researching and sourcing our formulations and ingredients – if it means a better product, we’ll take as long as we need to. And you’ll never find any fillers or synthetic colorants in our supplements – only the natural herbs and plant extracts your body needs.

All Green Valley Natural Solutions supplements are manufactured with care in GMP compliant facilities, and stored and shipped direct from our temperature-controlled warehouse right here in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

About our founder, Lee Euler

In 2014, Lee Euler embarked on what he calls “one of the most exciting projects of my life” – bringing little-known or newly discovered healing herbs and plant extracts to people like you.

As a result, Green Valley Natural Solutions was born.

Lee has been an authority on natural health options for more than 20 years – as a writer, publisher, and health freedom advocate. His books and articles have been read by millions.

He is the Executive Producer of the acclaimed documentary series, Awakening from Alzheimer’s, editor and publisher of 3 newsletters, Cancer Defeated, Healthy Perspectives, and Brain Health Breakthroughs, as well as many books on natural health.