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A Spicy New Solution to Macular Degeneration

  Volume 1: Issue #95 Many people experience reduced eyesight as they get older. Problems with driving at night, blurry vision and losing the ability to enjoy reading a good book are often chalked up to old age. Don’t be complacent. The culprit behind these symptoms could be macular degeneration. This condition threatens you with […]

Your Vitamin D is Largely a Waste of Time if You Lack This Mineral

Volume 1: Issue #94 There’s one mineral that’s so important for health and so lacking in the foods Americans eat that medical researchers from around the country recently attended a workshop in Massachusetts just to discuss this single nutrient. The folks at the workshop, which included academics from Northwestern, the University of Minnesota, Indiana University […]

Did You Take the World’s Most Dangerous Drug Today?

Volume 1: Issue #93 There’s a common, over-the-counter drug that most people think is safe, but which some medical researchers believe is actually one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. More than 100 Americans a day are hospitalized because of the effects of this painkiller – which you can buy in any drug […]

This May be the Only Nutrient That Can Heal the Damage of Heart Disease

Volume 1: Issue #92 When heart disease damages your arteries or blocks the heart’s blood supply, cardiologists have tools designed to stop the harm and restore blood flow. But do any of these treatments actually fix the damage? Don’t count on it. Mainstream medicine is at a loss to heal deteriorating blood vessels or heart […]

When High Blood Pressure Isn’t Really High at All

Volume 1: Issue #91 On Monday, November 13, 2017 something quite startling happened. The previous day, 72 million American adults were classified as having high blood pressure. On Monday this soared to 103 million. It’s not that 31 million people suddenly developed a medical condition over the weekend. What happened was that Big Medicine change […]

Two out of Three Americans Affected by a Condition Doctors Say Doesn’t Exist

It’s becoming an epidemic. So says an expert in this potentially devastating health condition. And yet his medical colleagues do not even recognize its existence. That leaves millions of people with nowhere to turn for help. The problem centers on glands that play a crucial role in handling stress – the adrenals. Our stressed-out lifestyles […]

Scientists Discover that Placebos Can be Powerful Medicine

  Volume 1: Issue #89 A friend of mind once said it’s too bad we can’t bottle the placebo effect and sell it. In tests against pharmaceutical drugs – and other treatments, too – the placebo (usually a sugar pill) often performs better. Now the idea of using placebos as a therapy is starting to […]

Benefits of sunshine you never heard of

Volume 1: Issue #88 Medical researchers are finally beginning to recognize the benefits of a health “secret” that natural health practitioners have recommended for thousands of years. It even precedes the era of the Greek physician Hippocrates, often called the first doctor. This “secret” – it’s called “sunshine” – is easily available and free of […]

Shocker: Is coconut oil harmful?

Volume 1: Issue #87 Because it’s nearly 90% saturated fat, you should limit your intake of coconut oil to very small amounts — or avoid it altogether. Why? Because it increases the risk of heart disease. That’s not my advice. That’s the advice given by prestigious organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA), the Academy […]

New test on the way for early detection of arthritis

Volume 1: Issue #86 It usually develops slowly and gradually gets worse. In time, the pain, stiffness and swelling of the joint is diagnosed as osteoarthritis. Or just plain arthritis, as most of us call it. Early detection – before symptoms appear – could have made a considerable difference to the 30 million US adults […]

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