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Every cell in your body needs this nutrient

Volume 1: Issue #74 There’s a nutrient needed by every cell in the body. It’s even known as the “everywhere” nutrient. And its benefits are so powerful and well-established that I think just about everybody should be taking it as a supplement. The nutrient I’m talking about – CoQ10. Helping cellular energy production CoQ10 is […]

This herb is used for more than 30 health conditions

Volume 1: Issue #73 Silybum marianum is an herb that’s best known for its ability to treat liver and biliary disorders. Healers have used it for this purpose for more than 2000 years. Now, new research shows it is useful for much more than this. It has tremendous value in many other conditions including diabetes, […]

Want to Know Your Health Future? Look in the Mirror at This Body Part

Volume 1: Issue #72 If you want to know whether or not you’re likely to get cancer, heart disease, memory problems, rheumatoid arthritis and other life-threatening illnesses, a glance in the mirror might give you a good clue. Research conclusively shows that the condition of a certain part of your body reflects the current health […]

Supplements may not be best choice for probiotics

Volume 1: Issue #71 Weighing two to four pounds, the “friendly” microbes in your colon are considered so important, some of the best scientists in America have been enrolled by the National Institutes of Health to explore their association with health and disease. They affect us in multiple ways including production of vitamins, neurotransmitters and […]

Proven pain-killing power in this ancient herb

Volume 1: Issue #70 Mainstream doctors often criticize the use of complementary remedies for lack of high quality research. “Show me the studies” is a line I hear often (as though I have a photographic memory for thousands of studies). The published studies, of course, are available at the touch of a finger on a […]

More evidence that carbs, not fats, are killing us

Volume 1: Issue #69 For over 40 years we have been nagged and bullied into cutting back on butter, cheese, eggs and meat. These foods are all high in fat — especially saturated fat — and cholesterol. Over the decades, right up to the present day, we have been bombarded with advice about the need […]

Read this if you’re tired of paying for supplements

Volume 1: Issue #68 Fed Up with Expensive Supplements? This Cheap Food May be the Best “Supplement” You’ll Ever Buy! If it sometimes seems like supplements are too expensive – and there are too many you “should” take – I can sympathize. I take something like 30 or 35 pills and capsules every morning. So […]

“Secret” ingredients in these foods help you lose weight

Volume 1: Issue #67 These Foods Have Hidden Natural Nutrients that Help You Lose Weight If you’re one of the millions of Americans trying to shed a few pounds, you’ll be happy to hear about this new food discovery. A little-known class of natural chemicals found in certain foods may help you keep your weight […]

Go green this way and live a lot longer

Volume 1: Issue #66 My Favorite Way of Being “Green” is to Eat These Merryl Streep ended up in the Emergency Department. And she’s not the only one. The problem is considered so serious that the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons wants to see warning labels on this….fruit. The problem they have […]

Alarming new reason to fear sugar

Volume 1: Issue #65 A Brand New (and Alarming) Reason to Fear Sugar If you take an active interest in eating healthy food, you’ve no doubt heard a steady stream of advice about why you should eat little or no sugar. Sugar generates so many health problems, I almost don’t know where to start in […]

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