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This is what not drinking enough water can do to you

Volume 1: Issue #64 Are You Dehydrated Without Knowing It? On July 13th former President Jimmy Carter was rushed to a hospital suffering from dehydration. Of course, not many 92-year-olds spend over an hour laboring in sweltering conditions using a handsaw to cut wood for Habitat for Humanity. A spokesperson said the President “encourages everyone […]

A newly discovered health benefit of tea

Volume 1: Issue #63 The Refreshing Sip that That Gives Bad Health the Slip Ordinary tea is anything but ordinary when you take a look at how it helps the body. Researchers are finding remarkable benefits in tea – including black tea, green tea and herbal teas. When you consider that tea is the most widely-used […]

Want to live a long time? Try this. . .

Volume 1: Issue #62 Want to Live a Long Time? Turn Off the TV and Go to Bed If you’re like me, your main concern about sleep usually is getting enough so that you don’t feel tired the next day. But how much sleep you get, I’ve come to find out, is only one concern […]

Mainstream doctors are in the dark about sunshine’s benefits

Volume 1: Issue #61 The Medical Establishment Is in the Dark on the Benefits of Sunlight Sometimes I get fed up with mainstream doctors’ obsession about keeping us out of the sun. If you followed their advice, you’d lather on sunscreen first thing in the morning, reapply it throughout the day and never let a […]

This fruit juice is a good medicine

Volume 1: Issue #60 This Juice Puts the Squeeze on Arthritis, High Blood Pressure and More If you were a musician whose arthritic fingers hurt so much you could barely finger your instrument anymore, what would you do? Well, the commercials on TV would advise you to go on painkillers. But I know a guitar […]

A very strange health benefit to having a dog

Volume 1: Issue #59 The Probiotic Supplement on Four Legs A dog is not only man (and woman’s) best friend. It’s also an important helper for your immune system. And soon, one researcher says, pharmaceutical companies may try to get you to buy and take a dog-germ pill. My first reaction is, “Yew!” But this […]

Can salt actually lower your blood pressure?

Volume 1: Issue #58 Guidelines on Salt Could Be Putting Your Health at Risk Salt and hypertension have been linked in the public mind for decades. Over the past 50 years, hundreds of thousands of doctors have pounded on millions of patients to stop eating salt. Yet growing evidence suggests that for people with normal […]

“Pink noise” is good for your health

Volume 1: Issue #57 This Type of Noise May Improve Sleep, Health and Memory I know a few people who can’t fall asleep without the white noise of a fan in the room. The easiest way to define white noise is that it combines a large number of frequencies together into one sound. And while […]

This miracle food ingredient fights heart disease, cancer, arthritis and more

Volume 1: Issue #56 This Miracle Food Ingredient Fights Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Osteoporosis – and More! It almost sounds too good to be true. But a broad swath of medical research shows that one food ingredient can help protect you from a long list of diseases. It’s not a vitamin or mineral, or a […]

Can vitamin E supplements be dangerous?

Volume 1: Issue #55 Is There Anything to Those Stories About the Dangers of Vitamin E? An overdose can kill. Too much will cause prostate cancer. It raises the risk of premature death. The findings of several studies in recent years have given rise to alarming headlines alerting us to the perils of taking vitamin […]

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