Longer Dreams = Lower Stroke Risk

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Volume 1: Issue #117 Left untreated it can lead to strokes, heart failure and death. Yet atrial fibrillation (AF) -- the most common form of irregular heartbeat -- is forecast to grow to epidemic proportions within the next decade or two as the population ages. One of the risk factors [...]

A Fun Way to Reduce the Risk of Stroke

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Volume 1: Issue #116 In Finland, they start taking them in childhood. That's because many families have a unit in their homes. In fact, even with a population of only 5½ million, there are at least one million saunas in use, with most Finns taking at least one bath a [...]

Doctors Say EVERYONE Should Eat This Food Once a Day

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Volume 1: Issue #115 It's "my idea of a superfood," says Dr. Adam Cunliffe, associate professor in human nutrition at London South Bank University. "Everyone should eat it at least once daily." His sentiments are echoed by Peter Whorwell, professor in medicine and gastroenterology at the University Hospital of South [...]

Is Living Alone the Next National Health Crisis?

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Volume 1: Issue #114 When you wake up in the morning or when you come home at night, is there anybody with you? Is anyone waiting to greet you? Chances are the answer is no, because single-person households are the fastest-growing category in the United States. More than 34% of [...]

These Surprising Foods Make Weight Loss Easier

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Volume 1: Issue #113 We’ve known for a while now that our bodies need healthy fats. They improve our cholesterol and keep our brain healthy. They also relieve moodiness and depression. And plenty of research now proves eating healthy fat even helps people lose weight. So which fats are healthy? [...]

Antibiotics Can Stop Your Body from Healing

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  Volume 1: Issue #109 Many doctors seem to dole out antibiotics without much thought about their harmful side effects. Unfortunately, the potential side effects of these drugs can be as bad or worse than the original health complaints that prompted the prescriptions. They can lead to life-threatening complications. So [...]

What Fast Food Secretly Does to Your Body

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Volume 1: Issue #108 When you eat fast food, your taste buds may be happy, but you probably realize you’re expanding your waistline. Pretty much everyone knows that. But gaining weight may be the least of the troubles these processed foods cause. The real danger? What they do to your [...]

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