Today there are so many wonderful examples of people who have remained physically strong, energetic and mentally sharp into their 80’s, 90’s and beyond. Whether it’s due to great genes, a healthy lifestyle—or both—these people look and act years younger than their true age.

Now, the latest research is pinpointing at least one thing that many of these folks have in common: strong, capable muscles.

When I talk about muscles, I’m not talking about the extreme muscular obsessions of bodybuilding. Instead, I’m talking about maintaining youthful muscle strength that provides enough power to carry out day-to-day tasks on your own, avoid disastrous falls and dodge other physical issues that can ruin your independence as you get older.

The fact is losing large amounts of muscle can be a common and very serious consequence of aging. And sadly, the process begins in your 30’s! So, the sooner you start doing something about muscle loss the better.

Fortunately, the latest research has uncovered nutrients that can help you stay clear of both muscle atrophy and wasting which lead to frailty that limits the activities of more than 30 million older Americans.

Scientists say that along with some exercises like light weightlifting, getting these nutrients into your meals may help you stay fit for longer, and may even increase your longevity.

The Muscle-Saving Power of Tomatidine and Ursolic Acid

A nutrient called tomatidine, found in unripe, green tomatoes, and a natural chemical called ursolic acid, found in apples, can help you stop or at least slow down the withering of muscle tissue.

According to researchers at the University of Iowa, one of the molecular villains in the aging process that reduces muscle is a “transcription factor” (a protein that affects gene behavior) called ATF4. This factor has an epigenetic effect – altering DNA activity – that causes cells in muscle fibers to assemble fewer muscle proteins so that muscle strength and size shrink.1

However, the Iowa researchers have discovered that both ursolic acid and tomatidine push back against this shrinking process and counteract the muscle-wasting effects of ATF4.

As a matter of fact, in their lab tests on animals, researchers found that the compounds can make old muscles behave like young muscles, increasing muscle size by ten percent and boosting muscle strength by a whopping 30 percent.2 Those are numbers that might make Popeye switch from spinach to apples and green tomatoes!

Making Mitochondria Mightier

Another benefit to these natural chemicals is the way they improve the function of mitochondria, the energy-producing organelles in muscle tissue.

Tests in Asia show that ursolic acid stimulates the addition of new mitochondria in muscle, and, in so doing, helps improve both muscle power and endurance.3 Added to that, research in Scandinavia in conjunction with the U.S. National Institute on Aging shows that tomatidine enhances the removal of malfunctioning mitochondria in a process called mitophagy. As a result, tomatidine improves muscle function, strength and stamina.4

Other potential benefits still being studied include:

  • Helping weight loss and improving nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD): Lab tests in Taiwan show that tomatidine may reduce body fat and lower weight while removing harmful, inflammatory fat from the liver. Right now it is estimated that 25 percent of Americans have NAFLD. It is the most common chronic liver disease.5 
  • Reducing joint damage from osteoarthritis: Lab tests show tomatidine may protect cartilage and limit the inflammation that develops during osteoarthritis.6 
  • Lowering the risk of bone cancer: Studies show that tomatidine may keep osteosarcoma, the most common type of bone cancer, from spreading in the body. It appears to do this by altering the chemical signals released by the cancer cells.7 

Muscle Loss is an Urgent Problem

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According to researchers, if you don’t start adressing muscle loss early in the aging game, your muscles will make their move – and leave permanently. In fact, from age 30 to 60, most people lose up to five percent of their muscle mass every decade. Then, muscle loss only gets worse as you enter your 60’s.

The message? Undertake a regular exercise program and consume these muscle building nutrients regularly.

Although red, ripe tomatoes also contain a bit of tomatidine, it isn’t nearly the same amount that green, unripe tomatoes provide. And while the most well-known preparation of green tomatoes is frying, you can actually eat them the same way you eat red tomatoes – put them on sandwiches or cook them in spaghetti sauce. As for ursolic acid in apples, most of it is in the peels. So don’t peel those apples!