When to worry? Top Signs that Your Headache Isn’t Normal

By |April 28th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

In this stress-filled world, it’s common to suffer from an occasional headache. Relief arrives quickly for most of us, often with the help of food, water, coffee, relaxation techniques, a short nap, or an OTC pain-killer if needed. With that said, sometime you may find yourself with headaches that just don’t feel normal somehow. How [...]

Improper Breathing Makes Many People Seriously Ill

By |April 21st, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Lots of new health books and fitness class instructors claim proper breathing is the foundation of good health. Startling news? Not at all. Dr. Sheldon Saul Hendler was saying this three decades ago. He based it on his experience treating even the most debilitated patients. He witnessed "remarkable progress" and "miraculous benefits" from correcting the [...]

Physicians Test an Unorthodox Remedy for Colds and Flu

By |April 14th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Superbugs are on the march. No longer fazed by antibiotics, they kill 700,000 people globally every year. By 2050 this is expected to rise to 10 million. The United Nations has called it a global health emergency. Resistance to antibiotics has been induced mainly by their overuse in agriculture, but doctors also misuse them by [...]

Does This Popular Drug Damage Your Eyes? . . .And Other Surprising Eye News

By |April 7th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Your eyes are crucial for your well-being. Losing your sight usually means losing your independence – and much of what makes life rewarding and worthwhile to those of us blessed with sight. That’s why in surveys about how people feel about their sensory perception, the ability to see is rated as the most important of [...]

The Sweet Treat That’s Good for You

By |April 1st, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

I don’t know about you, but I always welcome news that something I like is good for me. Much of the advice you get from alternative health experts is in line with the famous quip, “Anything in life that’s any fun is either illegal, immoral or fattening.” So I rejoice to report there’s a growing [...]

This Common, Dirt-Cheap Mineral Slashes Your Risk of Stroke

By |March 24th, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

According to the American Heart Association, stroke is the third leading cause of death in American women. In the United States, each year sees another 795,000 people have a stroke. Because women live longer than men, their chances of suffering from a stroke are increased. But this sobering news has a silver lining as women, [...]

This Yucky Treatment May be Worth Considering

By |March 17th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Ge Hong, a fourth century Chinese doctor, had an unusual method for treating food poisoning and diarrhea. He gave the patient some nourishing "yellow soup." I doubt the broth was very tasty because it was prepared from the dried or fermented feces of a healthy person. Ge Hong turned out to be an unlikely pioneer. [...]

Shocking New Discovery on What Eggs Do to Your Heart

By |March 10th, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

"I eat eggs most mornings," writes UK bestselling author and science journalist Dr. Michael Mosley. "Not so long ago," he continues, "this was considered nutritional suicide." The prevailing medical view for decades was that foods high in cholesterol would inevitably lead to clogged arteries. And eggs are VERY high in cholesterol. Today this fear, Mosley [...]

Four Ways Not to Treat a Cold and One Way to Treat It

By |March 3rd, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

I rarely get a cold, but when I do, my one and only thought is to get rid of it as soon as possible. For a minor illness, it really is amazing how miserable a cold can make you feel. Experts say the common cold may linger for two to ten days on average. I [...]

How to Keep This Important Part of Your Immune System from Pooping Out on You

By |February 24th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Right beneath your breast bone, at the same level as your heart, is a rarely mentioned gland that will keep you from getting sick – if you treat it right.. It’s the thymus gland -- the birthplace of the immune system’s T-cells. Your thymus releases these disease-fighting cells into your body to fight invaders. Because [...]

Eat the Meal that Keeps Your Weight Down

By |February 17th, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

While skipping a meal might seem like a good way to keep your food intake under control, research actually shows it can hurt your efforts at weight control. And breakfast is the one meal you should always eat if you're trying to keep a reasonable waistline. Here’s the scoop... Researchers at the University of Bath [...]

Our Bodies are Polluted by This Modern Scourge

By |February 10th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Tiny particles of plastic are easy to find in fish, shellfish, whales, birds, and flying insects. It's no surprise they’ve now been found in people for the first time. To be specific, in human feces. Where is it coming from? Well, practically everywhere. Plastic is found in the oceans, in freshwater supplies and even in [...]

Surprise! These High-Carb Foods are Good for You

By |February 3rd, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

These days it seems carbohydrates are the Rodney Dangerfield of the food world – they get no respect. They don’t deserve much. Carbs are largely to blame for our country’s obesity epidemic and the many health problems that swim in its wake: high blood sugar, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more. But here’s the thing, [...]

Nine out of Ten Americans Flunk This Health Test – How Do You Measure Up?

By |January 27th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

An epidemic is overtaking the world – and it’s probably threatening your well-being. The widespread problem: High blood sugar. This condition potentially destroys the function and health of all your organs. Our modern lifestyle is condemning us to miss out on “metabolic health.” This means that our eating, sleeping, exercise and other habits have warped [...]

I Bet You’d Never Expect Stress to Do This To Your Body

By |January 20th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Bruce Lipton, the renowned cell biologist, tells us 95 percent of all illness and disease is related to stress. Many health authorities agree with him. That doesn’t mean it’s the only cause, but it’s a cause. So we shouldn't be surprised by the findings of a landmark study that looked into the effects of stress [...]

This is the Easiest, Tastiest Way to Improve Your Heart Health

By |January 13th, 2019|Categories: Natural Health|

Keeping your heart and arteries working properly may be the most important thing you can do to stay healthy – and to survive. Despite advances in treatment, heart disease is still the leading cause of death for both men and women. About 1,700 people every day in the US die of heart-related problems – more [...]

Nature Outperforms the Best Pharmaceutical for Lyme Disease

By |January 6th, 2019|Categories: Nutrition|

In this newsletter I try to select topics that interest as many readers as possible. Lyme disease probably would have been considered an odd choice just a few years ago. Many doctors even questioned whether it existed. Not anymore. Lyme is an epidemic, and a great many people now take it seriously. Recently I saw [...]

Blinded by the Light: How Modern Devices Affect Eyesight

By |December 30th, 2018|Categories: Natural Health|

There’s no escaping it: we live in a device-driven society. Indeed, we can be slaves to our devices. I see people looking at their phones as they walk down the street, fiddling with the phone while they’re driving, looking at their phones during dinner instead of talking to their loved ones. I guess some people [...]

Don’t Let the 24/7 News Cycle Make You Sick

By |December 23rd, 2018|Categories: Lifestyle|

At this writing, the 2018 mid-term elections – and the quarrels and disputes that followed for weeks afterward -- have come and gone. And the Kavanaugh hearings have come and gone, thank heaven. But all you have to do is tune into or log onto a newscast and you’ll find plenty of new things to [...]

This Supplement Offers New Hope for Chronic Pain

By |December 16th, 2018|Categories: Natural Health|

Pain that never quite goes away – chronic pain – can ruin your life. It’s hard to enjoy life when everything you do hurts. Sadly, while the pain-fighting medications offered by conventional doctors may blunt pain for a time, they can cause devastating side effects – mainly intestinal bleeding – that result in something like [...]

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