At Green Valley Natural Solutions, your health is our top priority

That’s why we spend years researching our formulations and sourcing our ingredients—making sure that the ingredients we choose to support your health are backed by rigorous scientific research.

It’s why we also spend thousands of dollars a year on quality control standards, protocols, and processes that meet or exceed even the strictest of federal and local government standards.

But really, we put this kind of effort into quality to meet a far higher and more important standard…YOURS.

Every ingredient in every pill, tablet and capsule we produce is fully traceable from the source of the raw material to the bottles on the shelves in our warehouse…and in your medicine cabinet.

And they’re triple-tested for authenticity, potency and purity before they ever reach your mailbox:

  1. Every batch of every ingredient is tested for identity, purity and potency—guaranteed to meet or exceed specifications for heavy metals, molds, and other toxins.
  2. The finished product is tested once again to ensure authenticity and potency—we make sure that what’s on the label is EXACTLY what’s in every single pill, tablet or capsule inside of it. We also check, once again, for microbes and heavy metals to ensure you’re receiving a safe product.
  3. Then, periodically throughout the year, we select random bottles, from each batch of each product, and send them to an independent, third-party facility where our products are re-tested to make sure they’re still as pure and potent as the day they were first bottled.

We take your trust very seriously. So, if any of our products aren’t pure and potent enough to deliver the health benefits you’re paying for, it gets taken off the shelf and destroyed.

But then…we take our quality testing one step further.

Each production batch is tested for disintegration. That means we make sure it will dissolve and absorb quickly in your body. So many supplement manufacturers skip this step, but it’s SO important.

If your body can’t dissolve and absorb the hand-chosen, research-based array of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, extracts and botanicals in our products, then why bother taking them? You would be wasting your money and we simply won’t stand for it.

The “where” matters just as much as the “what”.

Of course, not only are we meticulous about what goes into our products, we’re just as strict about where they’re produced. We only work with US-based manufacturing facilities that are cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant and FDA inspected.

Once a batch has been bottled and labeled, it is sent directly to our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse, right here in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. And we ship it directly to your doorstep – we don’t share warehouse space and we don’t trust a third party to send out your order.

In other words, we have nearly 100% control of every aspect of the formulation, production and order fulfillment process. And there’s a reason we do it this way.

When it comes to managing your health, we know you have a lot of options.

So, when you choose Green Valley Natural Solutions, we go out of our way—sparing no expense, and cutting no corners—to make sure every health decision you make us a part of, is the best decision you can make.

If you’re ever less that satisfied with one of our products, at any time and for any reason, we will go equally out of our way to make it right. Simply give us a call, , at 1-800-893-1694, and one of our US-based customer service professionals will make sure your problem is resolved.

We are 100% committed to providing quality products, because your health is our top priority. Thank you once again for choosing Green Valley Natural Solutions.